10 Most Popular Pet Parrot Choices

Bird fanatics love to contemplate them in their natural habitat, but some love them enough to have them become part of the family. With a graceful appearance, a variety of colors, shades, and personality. Some parrot species can make wonderful companion pets.

If you are considering the idea of a winged new friend, informing yourself about the changes and preparations you would need to make is not only clever but necessary.

Before taking a step to the pet store (or aviary), here at Pet Comments we encourage you to meet the differences and joys of the ten most popular parrot species for pets.

10 Most Popular Parrot Pets:

1. African Gray Parrot

African Gray Parrot


These are an incredibly intelligent parrot species and one of the most popular pet parrot choices. They are about 13 inches long and weigh an average of 14 ounces. The gray parrot is the most intelligent of the parrot species; they are very sociable and like to interact with their owners. It has the ability, like many other parrots, to mimic human speech; they can learn many words and commands if they are trained.

An important thing to consider, is that the Gray parrot craves for interaction and stimulation. A lonely gray parrot is a sad parrot; therefore, if you are considering the African gray parrot as your future pet, have in mind that you will need to share some time with your parrot every day. Also, the Gray parrot can live up to sixty years in captivity, so preparations for a very long stay in your home is a must!

2. Parrotlet


These fellas are the smallest of their kind, and they are a very popular pet choice in South America. In general, they have a friendly personality, but if it is left alone for too long it loses some of this friendliness. On the other side, if Parrotlets are kept in pairs they will deeply bond with each other, but not with the owner. So, sharing time with your Parrotlet from the very beginning is the way to go. They have a warm, playful personality; but when angry, this little parrot forgets its size and makes its discomfort known. Like other parrots, parrotlets have a long life; they can live till 30 years old if you take proper care of them.

3. Macaw



Macaws are part of the family of the Psittacidae, the true parrots. These large parrots have vibrant colors and combinations; they are originally from South America. Their length can be from 20 inches to 50 inches depending on the species, so there is quite a variety to choose from. Macaws’ lifespan is from 30 to 50 years, plenty of time for it to be part of your family.

As mesmerizing as their beauty may be, Macaws are not for everyone. A common trait of the Macaws is that they are incredibly noisy. A person that lives in an apartment, in a home full of people making noise (children for example), or is a person that prefers the quiet would probably like to stay away from a Macaw.

4. Cockatiel


Cockatiels are a member of the cockatoo family, is one of the most popular parrots in the United States, and is perfect for the first time parrot owner. Cockatiels can be from 12 to 13 inches, the smallest from the cockatoo’s family. A distinctive trait of them is their erectile crest. By watching the cockatiel’s crest we can learn their emotional state; a completely erect crest means your cockatiel is startled or excited, while a completely flat crest means the animal is angry or defensive.

This parrot species can live from 16 to 25 years with good care from their owners. As pets, Cockatiels are social and like to spend time and cuddle with their lovely owners. They can learn a few words, but don’t “talk” as other parrot species do. What cockatiels love to do the most is to whistle; they whistle at their favorite toy, their reflection or you! If your cockatiel pet whistles for you, you should feel honored.


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5. Senegal Parrot

Senegal Parrot

This parrot species is rather unknown, and is originally from the west of Africa. This little buddy is a popular pet choice in its area for a good reason, they are a quiet and calm parrot species.

Is only 9.1 inches long, so they fit comfortably in a small cage; despite this, give them enough space and toys to exercise their wings and beaks.

They can live up to 50 years in captivity, but wild Senegal parrots don't get to be good pets as they are not easy to tame; therefore, acquire a Senegal parrot born in captivity.

6. Burrowing Parrot

Burrowing Parrot

The Burrowing parrot is very affectionate and docile, which makes it a wonderful choice as a pet! They are capable of mimicking short words. Something that differentiates them from others parrot species is that they have the ability to bond to a whole family and not only a person; as many pet parrots do. An adult Burrowing parrot can reach 18 inches long and live up to 30 years. They can typically be found in Argentina, Uruguay and some parts of Chile.

A peculiar quality this parrot has is that they are monogamous. Genetic testing has shown that this parrot species are almost always loyal to their social partners. An ability they maintain with their human companions.

7. Conure Parrot

Conure Parrot

Conure parrots are usually 20 inches long, depending on the Conure species. This parrot is a native of South America, where many of the True parrots are from and can live up to 30 years with good and proper care. Because the Conure is a very active parrot, they must be kept in a spacious cage.

Conures are energetic, curious, sociable and loud. People that live in apartments or prefer quiet and solicitude might want to consider that before choosing this cuddly thing. Their cage must be where the noise, the people and the activities are for them to feel happy and in the company of their human family.

8. Parakeet Parrot

Parakeet Parrot

Parakeet parrots, also known as Budgies, are by far the most popular on the list! First-time bird owners usually go for a Budgie. This parrot can live up to 17 years, they are the smallest of the parrot species measuring 8 to 9 inches long and is native to Australia.

One of the factors that make them popular is that you can keep a happy Budgie in a small space, so if you live in an apartment they can be happy there too. They are smart and love to learn tricks.

9. Caique Parrot

Caique Parrot

Caiques Parrots are 9 to 10 inches long, typical from the Amazon basin in South America. They can live up to 40 years and he is a stocky bird with strong and firm legs. They are not so good at flying, as a method of transportation, as they rather prefer to climb and jump, than to fly; and when they do fly, it is for a short distance.

As pets they are extremely active and sociable, they love to play and do tricks. In comparison to other species, the Caique parrot truly shines away for its personality, they can mimic talking, but not as much as other parrots.

10. Pionus Parrot

Pionus Parrot

The Pionus parrot is naturally from Central and South America, is from 9 to 10 inches long, and it can live up to 30 years in captivity.

This little parrot has quite a temperament, but it can also be lovie dovie with their owners. A peculiar thing about their behavior is that they can become quiet around people they don't know and trust, but be a drama attention seeking queen with their owners!

The equilibrated parrot fan will love to have a Pionus parrot since they have all the good about the parrots, but not too much to drain their owners.

The Verdicts

Like everything, every parrot species has its own personality and quirks, so love them for what they are. These were just an example of different parrot species for you to choose as a pet. There are many others we didn’t mention that are worth a shot. Some species are more social than others and some are definitely louder or more energetic and so on. Before picking one, have in mind that most parrots have long life spans. If you get one, be sure that you will care for it as long as you live, they will give you joy, companionship and funny moments.

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