Best Cockatiel Cage A Happy Place for Your ‘Tiel

Cockatiels are among those species of birds that are as companionable as a dog. Their gentle disposition and loving nature make them quite popular as pets; not just for avian enthusiasts, but for families as well. A Cockatiel is a bird that can perch on your shoulder without giving you a nip!

However, how you keep your Tiel can have a dramatic impact on its behavior. You can’t expect your Tiel to maintain his sunny disposition if he doesn’t live in a comfy place that he can call his own.

best cockatiel cage

That is why you need to find the best cockatiel cage for your avian friend. So, we prepared a list of the 10 best-selling cockatiel cages in the market. Otherwise, you will be choosing among a sea of products! Our picks are based on several key factors including size, construction, and customer feedback – ensuring that your birdie lives a happy long life with you!

Important Factors to Consider


There are a few types of bird cages in our list. These are as follows:

  • Flight – usually large and wide enough for hosting multiple birds; provides flight opportunities
  • Playtop – offers a play section on the roof where your bird can interact with his humans without having to leave the safety of his enclosure
  • Classic – similar to flight cages but only smaller


Your winged friend will be spending most of his life in an enclosure, so you might as well get the largest cage you can afford. But if you want numbers, the Center for Animal Rehab suggests 20” x 20” x 24” for each Cockatiel. Don’t forget that is only the minimum guideline. A large enclosure ensures your Tiel can freely move around, stretch his wings, and have a great time playing with his toys; even when you’re absent. With a big cage, you can hang walking logs, climbing apparatuses, etc. All of these are barely possible if you choose a small crummy cage. Not to mention that you need to furnish the cage with several key components such as a watering station and a feeding area.

cockatiel cage

Cage Shape

A majority of us still have this outdated assumption that a rounded cage is the best cage shape for our pet birds. However, a rounded cage can only chafe your bird’s feathers due to the constant contact with the metal bars. That is why rectangular cages are more preferable.

Horizontal Space

Horizontal space matters more to birds than vertical space. They fly forward and back, not up and down like a helicopter. Having said that, you need an enclosure that is longer rather than higher. However, a combination of the two would be best.

Orientation and Bar Spacing

Cockatiels enjoy climbing up the sides of their cage using their beak and claws. That being said, a cage with horizontal bars will be more ideal as they appear ladder-like. Likewise, consider the correct bar spacing for the cage. For Cockatiels, we recommend nothing bigger than 0.6”.

Ease of Use

Maintaining a Cockatiel cage is not a pleasant task, especially if the cage is poorly designed. You will be topping off the food and water regularly; thus, you need a cage that has a built-in feeding door for quicker and much safer food and water deposits. The more access doors a cage has, the better.

The cage must have at least one opening that your bird will fit through. Of course, the door must have a locking mechanism to make sure your pet won’t break away from his cage in the middle of the night.

Lastly, choose a cage with a removable floor to make cleaning a lot easier.

cockatiel in cage


Some Cockatiel cages are equipped with stands that have pivoting wheels for portability. If you want your birds to live in a massive cage, it would be wise if the cage comes with casters just in case you might need to transfer it from one room to another. But if you are looking for something smaller, a cage with a top handle would be ideal.

Materials Used

Some Cockatiels are part-mouse and they will start biting into their cage. So, if you have a cage that is made with harmful substances, then your pets could be in danger. The best cage is made of stainless steel, but it is not often used because it is too expensive. A great alternative is a cage made with wrought iron finished with powder-coated paint. A cage made with wrought iron is "roughed up" through either sandblasting or an acid wash, followed by a powder type paint to give it a very long-lasting, durable finish. Toxic substances include brass and galvanized steel due to the presence of lead and zinc.

10 Best Cockatiel Cages


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