Public Events and Dogs All the Tips to Ensure a Happy and Safe Trip

Every committed dog lover wants their furry friend to be with them at all times. If we are going to a public event that has a dog-friendly policy, why not take our dog with us? In theory, it sounds like a good idea, a wonderful idea in fact. Unfortunately, bringing your dog to a public event and having a good time may be two very different things.

To guarantee a happy day for both you and your dog, here at Pet Comments we’ll give you all the tips needed to ensure a safe and fun trip.

Know your dog

Pretty much like people, dogs have different personalities and temperaments. Some dog breeds are known to be friendlier than other dog breeds. For example, golden retrievers are very approachable, a Doberman, on the other hand, may not be so welcoming. And even if the dog breed is known to be social or indifferent, your dog may be the exception to the rule.

dog licks teenage boy's face at festival

Knowing your dog’s disposition will save you many problems. Ask yourself these questions related to you and your dog:

  • Is your dog likely to behave aggressively at the event?
  • Does it bark at everything and everyone?
  • Will your dog enjoy a place filled with people and noise or will it feel stressed?
  • Is your dog too old or too young to go to the event?
  • Have you made all of the necessary preparations to guarantee your dog’s comfort and wellbeing at the event?

The answers to these questions will tell you if it is safe to bring your dog to the event and how to prepare you and your dog for the occasion.

Train your dog to behave outside

Not everyone is a dog person, therefore, you must train your dog to behave and not bother anyone whenever you take him out. A persistent, yet gentle training can help you eliminate unwanted behavior from your dog.

Train your dog to be on a leash

This is one of the most important factors to take into consideration before you take your dog to an event. If your dog is not trained to walk on a leash and that makes him difficult to control, it is better to leave him safely at home. Cesar Millan, famous dog trainer, recommends to use a short leash to walk your dog. A good harness will give you more control over the doggy than a regular collar.

dog walks in color frenzy fun run

Train your dog to not jump on people

Dogs jump on people for different reasons, mostly to get attention and affection. While this is cute, their behavior can be a problem if you have an oversized dog that could jump on a small child or an elderly person. Even if that is not the case, not every person likes to have a dog jumping on them.


Pups are easier to train to not jump on people, but with persistence and firm training, you can also train an adult dog to not jump on others. If your dog often aggressively jumps on people, is best if you leave it at home and find a dog trainer to deal with this unwanted behavior.

Train your dog to not bark in excess

To say a dog will never bark is unreasonable, all dogs bark and they will do it their entire life. However, when a dog barks in excess it can be a problem. A dog can bark for many different reasons, to seek attention, to play, when they are anxious or scared, etc. Observe your dog to know the reason behind their bark, that way you may be able to correct it.

Barking collars are a valuable help in this task, as they are designed to help you stop your dog’s excessive barking. However, if your dog cannot help but to bark at everything and everyone he sees when he is out, it may be better to leave him back at home.

Train your dog to not be aggressive towards people or other dogs

Some dog breeds tend to be more aggressive than other breeds, while others are aggressive because of the treatment they received as they were growing. Either way, an aggressive dog is a huge NO at a public event.

To train your dog to not be aggressive, you must understand the reason behind your dog’s behavior. For example, many dogs can be aggressive towards other dogs to establish leadership. A method that helps is presenting yourself, the owner, as the pack leader. If you have two dogs in your home, they won’t fight over leadership because they will be aware that the Alfa in the pack is you.

two dogs greeting each other by sniffing

Always be prepared to satisfy your dog needs

If your dog is the best behaved in the world (good boy!). You must still be prepared for being in the outdoors with your dog for a reasonable amount of time. Take with you anything you consider important for your dog.

Carry enough water for your dog

Summer is the warmest season of the year, but even if you are not in summer, always carry enough water for your dog. This is especially important if you are going to walk a long distance with your pet. Happily, there are water dispensers designed for traveling with your dog.

Use a dog carrier sling

Small breed dog owners face a particular challenge when taking their dog to a public place. Because of their small size, people fail to notice small dogs in their way and often step on them or accidentally kick them. The number of people gathered at a public event can also startle your small dog. To keep your dog secure, use dog carriers designed to keep your dog safe and comfortable.

traveling with a dog at a train station
Have a cooling mat at hand

The weather can be tough for your dog. If you are going to stay at the event for a long period, take a cooling mat with you if the weather is too warm. Your dog will be grateful to you and comfortable during the entire event.

Take an umbrella with you

Inform yourself about the location of the event, so if there will be no places for your pet to rest under a nice shade, take an umbrella with you. Dogs, especially furry breeds, can overheat easily. Besides, you will also want to be under a nice shade with your dog.

Going out with your dog is like going out with a child, you must be prepared for EVERYTHING. Keep all these considerations in mind before taking your pet to the event. If you do so, both you and your pet will have a wonderful time.


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