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Best Anti Bark Collar for Dog

Certain dogs' behavior cannot simply be altered by using trial and error training or operant conditioning. A good owner will always want to make his dog behave in a good manner when around other people or other dogs. This is also the reason his owner must spend a lot of time training him to respond to basic commands and to stand still when he absolutely needs to. There are many techniques to make this happen but none of them seem to work as well as a bark collar.

Opinions are divided when it comes to this collar because people are uncertain whether it’s the proper way to make your dog behave. It’s up to the owner to weigh out its pros and cons and to decide whether using one is a good idea. A bark collar usually creates a sensation that feels like a static electrical shock. A dog can induce this shock by passing an invisible boundary like an electric fence which can usually be purchased along with the collar, or it can sense a vibration from the dog’s throat. It usually warns the dog before the shock is administered and it is a common tool for all dog trainers.

SportDOG Brand NoBark 10R Collar
Large/Small Dogs
Static Impulse
PetSafe Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar
Dogtek Electronic BC-60 Bark Control Collar
Large/Small Dogs
Static Impulse/Sound Beeps
PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar PBC-102
Large Dogs
Static Impulse

Bark Collar Buyer’s Guide

Common Uses

One would think that a “bark collar” would only be used to prevent dogs from barking too much. However, that was its original function and manufacturers have found ways to use this collar as a method for various other functions. Let’s mention them!

Controlling Barking and Behavior – The collar's original function was to prevent dogs' barking using various methods. First, the collar registers and recognizes the barking by using sound or vibration sensors implemented in its design. Usually, after that, a warning beeping sounds precedes the punishment which comes in various forms. If the dog collar is high-quality, it will use dual sensors to prevent the accidental activation of the collar, which can confuse the dog and fail to make him realize what causes the sensation. Some collars come with a remote control which can be used in order to train the dog for other activities by using trial and error learning.

Limiting the Dog’s Movement – There are various underground fencing systems which can be installed in order to deter the dog from leaving your yard. It’s great because you can avoid using real fences which look ugly and sometimes even decrease the value of your property. When the dog crosses the perimeter, an electric signal is sent which activates the collarand delivers a punishment.

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Four Main Types of Bark Collars

There are generally four types of bark collars. They are separated by the type of punishment they inflict upon the dog. They are listed as follows: vibration, electrical pulse, citronella smell and ultrasonic sound. Some collars from specific manufacturers combine many sensations and leave it for the owner to choose whichever he likes best.

Vibration – When the dog barks, this type of anti-bark collar emits a vibration whose intensity can be easily adjusted. It’s not so different from the regular vibration that can be observed in mobile phones or tablets. The conventional wisdom is that this bark collar is not so efficient because its performance can differ from dog to dog. For instance, dogs whose skin is too thick or whose hair is too long won’t feel the vibration as good as dogs with short hair and thin skin.

Electrical Pulse – Bark collars which use electrical pulse as the sensation they emit are probably the most common and popular ones among dog owner. After the bark has been detected, a mild and harmless static shock is applied. The shock is sometimes even simulated so no real threat is posed for the dog. This method has also proven to be the most effective because the shock quickly deters the dog from barking at all. There are various modes of operation and some collars even provide a shock that keeps getting stronger progressively until the dog ceasesits barking. Most animal activists and critics look down on this type of bark collar since they claim it’s not humane. Some countries even agreed with the protests and banned the collar completely.

Citronella Smell – This anti-bark collar ceasesfrom any type of physical punishment by utilizing astrong citronella odor which is activated every time the dog barks. There is both mist and a spray which are used as a deterrent. Its efficiency can be debated since different dogs handle the smell in a different manner. Experts claim that this collar works best for small dogs who don’t bark excessively in the first place. Continuous and excessive barking can lead to the citronella container emptying very quickly. It can also be expensive and time-consuming to fill the container every once in a while. However, animal activists prefer this collar and it’s considered quite humane.

Ultrasonic – Ultrasonic anti-bark collars produce a sound of a high pitch after they deduce that the dog has started barking. This type of sound is not so loud and disturbing for humans, but dogs have a different hearing system than humans and this sound tends to bother them a lot. This method is not as harsh as others and it can be used effectively on dogs who don’t respond well toany other type of punishment.


There are actually two sensor types available on the market today. One of them only registers the sound of barking and the other one registers the vibration. Only once the sensors register one of these elements is when the dog receives a negative response. Choosing the right sensation can be difficult to get right, but we will recommend the vibration since sounds get mixed up in a crowded place. Another option is to purchase a collar with a dual sensor, a sensor which can detect both sound and vibration, and decrease the number of false alarms which used to trigger the collar. These collars are usually more expensive, but it works better and is more secure.

The reason it’s important to decrease the number of false alarms is the fact they actually make the collar seem worthless if they occur too often. This will definitely confuse the dog and he won’t be able to realize which behavior causes the unpleasant sensation in the form of shocks, sound, vibrations or smell. Specialists in this area recommend that dog owners use a dual sensor bark collar which always needs to register both the sound and sensation before emitting anything.

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Dog and Collar Size

Dogs vary in height and weight more than humans do so keep that in mind when making your purchase. Always measure the exact width of his neck before looking for a bark collar online or take the dog with you if you are going to make the purchase in person. Weight can also be an issue since small dogs cannot handle the same weight of a collar when compared to big dogs. It can fit perfectly but it can be heavy and limit his movement and make him more aggressive.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the fit is very important. Most collars can be adjusted when it comes to width and that is a good thing. You will want to strike the balance between a loose and a tight fit. A fit that is too tight will bother the dog and he won’t be able to relax and breathe properly. A too loose fit will diminish the effect of an electrical shock or a vibration. Additionally, the dog will be able to move it around and even break it if he has a chance.


Bark collars usually provide an automatic response and they don’t usually require a human intervention. They automatically adjust the level of the punishment the dog receives, and it cannot be changed. In a similar manner, they also cannot change their sensitivity towards a certain behavior. For example, a bark collar that detects the vibration of a bark will sometimes be triggered by the dog’s silent growling which is a behavior that should not be punished. However, even bark collars which use the automatic system to punish the dog have certain adjustments which occur if the dog does not stop barking.

Anti-bark collars that can be controlled are usually more expensive since they can control the intensity of the sensation. You can trigger them manually if the dog is chasing a kid or if he is getting too far away from you while you’re on a walk. They can be used to train the dog in other types of behavior very successfully. He will quickly learn about everything and you can adjust its settings manually. Some dog experts even claim that dog owners should test their collars on themselves to check whether the shock is too strong for the dog. This can generally be an issue if someone has been touching the controls without your knowledge.

Different Brands

There are many different brands to choose from in this industry. However, you should stick with well-known, reputable brands because this product is affecting somebody else besides you. It’s affecting your dog and you wouldn’t want to see your dog get hurt because you wanted a cheap collar from an unknown manufacturer.

Always try to find the best collar suitable for your dog. Not all dogs are going to love the same type of collar. Try to find out more online after reading this buying guide. We have also provided a list of the best dog bark collars for you to check out!

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