15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Maltese

Everyone simply loves to pamper the adorable Maltese dogs. Their dewy eyes and nose which looks like a button are indeed adorable. Here are some of the interesting facts about these cuties that you perhaps didn’t know.

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15 Facts About Maltese Dogs

1. Their name is derived from their provenance

Did you know that the Maltese were bred from a spitz-like dog that used to stay in Malta? The history of this breed is very difficult to track down, as Maltese is often a term that is used as a catchall for toy dogs. Out of all the theories, there is one that stands out. According to it, the previous breed of Maltese dogs had silky long hair and this breed was also in great demand. However, they became extinct over a period of time.

2. These dogs have had a lot of different names

You might know the furry dog as a Maltese, but it has several other names too. For instance, it is often called Maltese lion dog, Roman ladies’ dog, spaniel gentle and shock dog.

3. Companions to the royals

Maltese dogs have long been companions to a lot of rulers and monarchs. It is probably because of their long and silky hair, their ability to restore health, and provide steady companionship. It is believed that the Maltese often help when there is any health issue, thus earning them the title of Comforter. Maltese were owned by the Queen of Scots and queens of Britain.


4. Their origin dates back in time

Our favourite Maltese is the oldest toy breeds hailing from Europe. According to researchers, Egyptian artefacts of Maltese dogs were discovered which means that the ancient Egyptians once worshipped this breed. The images are also seen in old Greek pottery.

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5. They make excellent companions

Apart from looking incredibly adorable, Maltese dogs also have a good sense of attention to their surroundings. They have friendly personalities and are truly devoted to their owners, thus making them great pets. A great companion dog, they can live in various establishments like city apartments, as they don’t need a lot of exercise. As a matter of fact, the Maltese were in vogue for over 28 centuries and even today people simply love them. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Tony Bennett had a Maltese as a pet.

6. The deliberate white fur

The white coat we see today is no accident. In fact, the dogs were bred specially by Roman emperors so that their pets would also have a divine appearance.

7. You don’t have to worry about the shedding

Unlike other breeds, Maltese don’t shed fur. Instead, they have long hair which needs to be cut every once in a while. Moreover, their hair is hypoallergenic and so families with allergies won’t face any issues.

8. Be prepared for dedicated maintenance

Because of their locks, Maltese need to have their hair trimmed consistently. You might also have to brush their hair daily. Those who don’t have that kind of time might consider some other breed.

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9. Maltese can be jumpy

Although these little ones are fairly short, they can be quite jumpy! It is better to keep valuable things put away when they are around. Moreover, they may also jump off from tall places and so you will have to be careful with them.

10. They make great therapy dogs

There are centres around the world wherein Maltese are helping patients every day. One such Maltese in Florida has participated in more than 400 therapy sessions. Maltese can be of great help in hospitals, nursing homes and in disaster areas. It is a fact that petting an animal reduces stress and also promotes empathy. Since Maltese are loving and small, they are excellent at being a therapy dog. They will just cuddle up with the person in therapy and make them feel good.

11. You can rely on them

It is no wonder that Maltese are seen as gentle and loving. But they are equally loyal and wouldn’t step back from coming to rescue you when the time demands.

12. Talking about millionaires

The loyalty and affection of a certain Maltese “Take Trouble” was left with $2 million. The owner was real estate developer Leona Helmsley, who originally left $12 million for her pet. The government then brought the amount down to $2 million which the pet relished until she died in the year 2011.

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13. They can get sunburnt easily

You might not believe it, but our pets too can get sunburnt just like us humans. The Maltese dogs have a very fair and pale skin under their beautiful white fur coat. This breed has a fine coat with skin which is susceptible to burns. So, in case you are pondering about making them a pet, be careful of how much they hang out in the sun.


14. Watch them change their nose colour

Maltese have had their nose colour changed to a slightly lighter faded version when kept outside in the sun for some time. This is particularly prominent in pups having a slightly darker nose.

15. Don’t make them climb stairs

Maltese are usually small in size and fragile in nature. Therefore it is advisable not to allow them to climb stairs in order to keep them away from injuries. We have already mentioned that Maltese are known to be jumpy, so you should do your best to help them avoid predictable dangers.

Final Take

It should be noted that Maltese have a lot of energy and they usually like to play around a lot. So, you should keep that in mind while having them as a pet. Overall, Maltese make for great pets given their loving and friendly nature. You can cuddle them when you feel down and even take them along to places while running a chore. Their cute appearance is like the cherry on the cake.

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