Top 10 Small Dog Breeds - A Pint-Sized Companion!

Do you love dogs, but don't want a big burly barker that could potentially "drag" you around the neighborhood on your daily walk? Then our top 10 small dog breed list could contain your perfect pint-sized companion.

These little furballs are as cute as a button (with a tail) and make excellent pets for those living in apartments, condos, or for folks that want a more manageable pet. And don't worry, just because these canines are small in stature, doesn't mean they lack in personality.

Are you ready to meet your next BFF (best furry friend)? Then sit back and enjoy this top 10 small dog breed list - you might have a hard time picking just one.

10 Small Dog Breed List

Yorkshire Terrier

Photo by Fernanda Prado on Unsplash

Yorkshire Terriers may be the most popular toy breed in the United States, but they have won the hearts of pet parents all over the globe. These pooches not only sport a gorgeous hair-like coat (which, by the way, is recommended for those that suffer from mild allergies), but their feisty personality will keep you amused.


The Yorkie stands up to 9 inches at the shoulder and weighs a mere 4 to 6 pounds - perfect for anyone living in a small space. However, don't let the Yorkshire's size fool you, this little tyke will still need his daily exercise. When out for walks or playtime in the park, be aware that the Yorkie does have a strong prey drive, which means he's likely to give chase to any squirrel or bird he spots.

Fun Yorkie Fact: Did you know the Yorkshire Terrier was first used as a ratter? Business owners in Scotland used this breed to keep their workplaces rodent-free.



Affectionately known as the "wiener dog," the Dachshund is a lively and affectionate breed. Plus, who can resist smiling when they see this short-legged canine trotting happily along?

Dachshunds pack a lot of personality into those slender bods. They can be extremely feisty, brave and stubborn, so you will need to embark on puppy training.

One of the great things about the Dachshund is it is available in three coats; smooth (short-haired), wire, and long coat. It also comes in two sizes. The miniature is 11 pounds, and the standard weighs in at 16 to 32 pounds. If your wiener-dog weighs from 11 to 16 pounds, you can refer to it as a tweenie!


One "fault" of the Dachshund breed is that they do tend to bond closely to one person, so proper training and early socialization is key to keeping your Dachshund from becoming overly protective and even snappy.

Fun Dachshund Fact: Did you know packs of Dachshunds were once used to trail wild boar? They also hunted rabbits, foxes, and even badgers!

French Bulldog

Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

Beauty may be in "the eye of the beholder" when it comes to the French Bulldog or "Frenchie." This breed sports a large round head, bat-like ears, big (slightly protruding) eyes, a pushed-in snout, and a blocky body. But, oh what a personality is stuffed into this muscular-mini. The Frenchie is fun-loving, quirky, and easy to train when done with love and positive reinforcement methods.

Male Frenchies weigh from 20 to 28 pounds, while females tend to be smaller weighing up to 24 pounds. Both sexes stand from 11 to 12 inches at the shoulder. Another awesome quality of the French Bulldog is that it doesn't need a lot of exercise, being content with a game of fetch or a quick walk around the block. Be aware that the breed is prone to heat exhaustion, so limit vigorous playtime in extreme heat.

Fun Frenchie Fact: Did you know the French Bulldog cannot swim? This is due to its big head and blocky frame.




Pomeranians are adorable little fluff-balls that think they are the big boys on the block. They are intelligent and extremely loyal to their humans. Their faces are described as fox-like, with small erect ears that don't miss a sound. The Pomeranian’s coat is fluffy and may seem like it would be difficult to care for, but regular brushing is all it really needs.

This breed does well in an apartment because it stands at only 7 to 12 inches at the shoulder. Poms typically weigh between 3 to 7 pounds. They are excellent pets for busy people or seniors as they aren't overly dependent. Daily exercise is also recommended along with firm and consistent training.

Fun Pomeranian Fact: Did you know the Pom is a descendant of those large sled-dog breeds? It's the smallest member of the Spitz family which includes the Samoyed and the Alaskan Malamute.


Photo by maggie bell on Unsplash

What would a top 10 small dog breed list be without the ever-popular Chihuahua? This breed may be tiny, but it can still run with the big dogs in agility and obedience competitions. Plus, the Chihuahua has been recommended by experts as one of the top watchdogs. This breed loves human companionship and needs a minimum amount of grooming, and exercise.

The Chihuahua stands up to 9 inches at the shoulder and weighs from 3 to 6 pounds. It comes in two coat styles (short and long) and a variety of colors and patterns. They are a lot of dogs packed into a small frame, but that doesn't mean they won't give chase to any squirrel or bird that dare "invade" the boundaries of their property.

Fun Chihuahua Fact: Did you know a Chihuahua named Milly was the smallest in the world? She weighed only 20 oz and stood a mere 3.8 inches tall!

Welsh Corgi

Photo by ipet photo on Unsplash

It may be hard to believe, but the Welsh Corgi was initially bred to herd cattle, horses, and sheep. However, if you were to spend any time with one, you'd soon find out that this little dog is intelligent and full of energy. This breed is relatively easy to train but can possess a stubborn streak, so be prepared for your Corgi to exhibit "independent thinking" skills.

Corgi's come in two categories: Pembroke and Cardigan. They both share the same qualities; however, the Pembrokes have docked tails, while the Cardigans are left long. Both measure up to 12 inches at the shoulder and shouldn't weigh any more than 30 pounds. Corgis make wonderful family pets and do well in a household with children, but be aware that they may nip at their heels to "keep them in line," - a trait that dates back to their herding days.

Fun Corgi Fact: Did you know according to Welsh legend, the Corgi once pulled the carts of fairies and was also used as a fairy steed?



The Havanese has been warming the laps of pet parents since the 1800s. It is as beautiful to behold as it is as snuggly to hold. Its long coat is silky to the touch but does require regular grooming to keep it in tip-top form. This breed does well in any dwelling size, including apartments, but be aware that he will bark at the passersby or strange noises.

This breed grows from 8 to 11 inches at the shoulder and will reach a maximum weight of 13 pounds. If you want an affectionate pooch, then look no further. The Havanese will stick to its family like glue and loves all people, even strangers. The downside to this is when left alone for long periods, the Havanese tends to get anxious.

Fun Havanese Fact: Did you know this breed has a natural bounce to its gait? The Havanese can even hop!


Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

They may have a 'face only a mother could love,' but there is so much more to the Pug than meets the eye. First of all, the Pug's deep wrinkles, squished snout, and bulgy eyes are adorable to many folks. Second, what they may lack in appearance, they more than compensate for in personality - Pugs are definite clowns!

This breed stands 10 to 14 inches at the shoulder and should weigh around 14 to 18 pounds. You will have to watch your Pug for obesity, as this breed likes to eat. The Pug is also known for its wilful streak, so you will want to engage it in puppy training for at least the basics.

Fun Pug Fact: Did you know the Pug probably got its name from a monkey? The marmoset was a popular pet in the 18th century and was called a "pug." Both of these animals share similar facial features.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu means 'little lion,' but there is nothing ferocious about this dog - it's all love all the time! In fact, the Shih Tzu was bred purely for companionship and has played this role well since 8,000 B.C. That's because there is so much to adore about the Shih Tzu. From its dark soulful eyes to its silky coat and friendly personality, this canine is hard to resist.

The Shih Tzu standards put its height at 9 to 10 inches at the shoulder, with weighs from 9 to 16 pounds - perfect for apartments or smaller homes. However, due to its brachycephalic snout, the Shih Tzu will need to be kept indoors during extreme heat waves.

Fun Shih Tzu Fact: Did you know many celebrities have owned the Shih Tzu including, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Nicole Richie, Colin Farrell, Bill Gates, and even Queen Elizabeth II?

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier
Photo by Rob Fuller on Unsplash

Yes, the Jack Russell Terrier is extremely intelligent. Yes, he can be challenging to train. And, yes, he is determined with a strong desire to hunt. But, the Jack Russell has also won favor with pet parents because he is cute and clever. There is no question that only those experienced with dogs should have a Jack Russell. This breed needs to be kept busy, which is why you see them used on television and in movies - they thrive in this environment!

The JRT stands 10 to 15 inches at the shoulder and weighs from 13 to 17 pounds. Being in the terrier family gives them a strong prey drive, as well as an abundance of energy. You will need to provide your Jack Russell with plenty of space to roam and play time each day. This breed is also prone to being barkie, so apartment dwellings are not recommended.

Fun Jack Russell Terrier Fact: Did you know the JRT comes in two coat choices. Smooth is the "classic" shorthaired type, and 'Broken' gives the dog an appearance of having a slight beard and eyebrows.


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