Facts about the French Bulldog A Full-time Frog Dogger from France

Did you know that French Bulldogs are the 6th most popular pooch among 340 canine breeds? These little balls of sass are funny and charming, but they can also get impish in a blink of an eye! Although Frenchies are energetic as the Energizer Bunny, their energy winds down fast. But after snoozing and snoring, they are ready to strike again! Here are 13 facts about this fantastic breed.

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13 Facts You Need to Know about Frenchies

1. French Bulldogs Are British by Origin

French Bulldogs did not originate in France, contrary to what many people believe. The name might fool you, but their origin is English — Nottingham, to be exact. These dogs trace their roots to English Bulldogs that people used as bait in cruel blood sports.

When blood sports became illegal, breeders began producing toy versions of the bulldog breeds. These pooches caught the eye of lacemakers. The lacemakers would employ the dogs as lap warmers as they worked.

The workers also took their dogs with them when the lace industry shifted from England to France. There, the owners bred their miniature bulldogs with terriers. The result of the crossbreeding was called Bouledogues Français, which translates to French Bulldog.


2. Frenchies Will Sink like a Rock in a Pond

Any dog can be a lifeguard, but not the Frenchies. Although they love kiddie pools, French Bulldogs are horrible swimmers because of their bulbous bodies and stubby legs. That aside, their short snout causes them more trouble staying afloat. Does that mean you should exclude your Frenchie during beach outings? Not necessarily! You can teach your Frenchie how to swim using a well-fitted life jacket or life vest. However, you should watch your Frenchie paddle with constant supervision.

3. French Bulldogs Have Trouble Breeding

French Bulldogs can mate and deliver pups on their own, as with any breed. But in most cases, Frenchie studs can hardly mount their partners due to their tiny pelvises. As a result, breeders would resort to artificial insemination of their bitches to achieve eventual conception.

Just as is the case with mating, Frenchie dams rarely go through natural delivery because of their physique. There is a high risk of puppies getting stuck in the birth canal. Not to mention they tire easily and are prone to overheating. Therefore, birthing may need human intervention, as well. French Bulldogs deliver their litter via a C-section 80% of the time.

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4. Frenchies are Terrible Flyers

It is nearly impossible for Frenchies to travel by air. Commercial airlines banned brachycephalic breeds from flying due to health risks. It turns out that a change in temperature causes their airways to collapse. Six bulldogs have already died during mid-flight.

5. French Bulldogs Have Two Ear Types

French Bulldogs didn’t always have “bat ears.” Initially, this toy breed has rose-shaped ears similar to its more significant English relatives. English breeders like this shape, but American breeders prefer the erect, bat-like ears — to the extent that they build the French Bulldog Club of America in protest of the rose-eared Frenchies. Nowadays, having bat ears is a primary quality of a French Bulldog.


6. Frenchies Are Into Yoga

French Bulldogs have a weird way of lying on their tummies. They spread their legs behind them as though they are doing a yoga pose. That is why they also earned the nickname “Frog Dogs” because they look like frogs.

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7. French Bulldogs Don’t Need a Lot of Exercise

If you are a busy bee or a couch potato, you will love the companionship of a French Bulldog. Why? These dwarfs hardly need any exercise. Running across the hallway is already a workout for them. Hence, these pooches are content with apartment life.

8. Frenchies Like to Pull Off Stubborn Stunts

French Bulldogs are witty, but as with any intelligent animal, they can be a little bullheaded. It will take a while for them to understand why they have to perform tricks to get a slice of bacon when puppy dog eyes would work as well. Be careful, though. Frenchies will get upset and mope around if you are stern.

9. French Bulldogs Make Excellent Fur-Siblings

Warming laps is an obsolete role. Frenchies nowadays spend many happy days babysitting their human siblings and those who are kids-at-heart. Despite their bantam stature, French Bulldogs are playful and full of energy! Frenchies are friendly towards other pets, as well. Just be sure not to choose favorites because your Frenchie might get jealous.

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10. Frenchies Have a Special Talent

Passing stench farts is one of the funny characteristics of being a Frenchie. So, why do French Bulldogs have stench bombs in their arsenal? This behavior emanates from their anatomy. That is why you should never exacerbate this problem by feeding your pooch poor-quality food.


11. French Bulldogs Are Darling Pets of Wealthy Families

French Bulldogs were a fashion statement among socialites from the 1870s to the 1900s. Back then, only the wealthiest families could afford Frenchies. Among these influential people is Tatiana Romanov.

Nowadays, French Bulldogs are making headlines in fashion magazines and on social media. You can see Hollywood celebrities dressing their Frenchies in fashionable clothes, such as Madonna’s Olga.

12. French Bulldogs Are Low Maintenance

While taking care of dogs can be similar to having children, you will not have to worry much about frequent grooming and the high costs of puppy toiletries. French Bulldogs are okay with occasional baths and brushing. Likewise, they do not shed very much. Hence, these pooches are suitable canine companions for allergy sufferers.

13. French Bulldogs Bark Less

Dogs bark because that is how they communicate, along with howling, growling, and whining. Technically, large dogs have loud barks and vice versa. But many small breeds love their voice too much. Often the decibels do not make a pooch’s barking terrible, but the frequency does. This is not the case with French Bulldogs. However, they do yawn, yip, and snore a lot!


Frenchies may not be the strongest or the most intelligent dogs out there. But if you want a quirky companion to brighten up your day, they are truly one of the best! Unfortunately, French Bulldogs face a lot of health issues because of their anatomy. If you want a Frenchie to be your furry pal, make sure you can provide for their needs.

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