10 Best Dog Breeds for Beaches Easy Ways to Maintain Your Dog’s Hygiene

For all those dog lovers who are also beach bums, has it ever happened to you that you had to abandon the idea of getting a dog because you were afraid that your pet-baby might not enjoy the beach as much as you do?

Well! Worry no more! We have got you covered. Here we present to you a list of dogs that can be your perfect companion on the beach. Not only do they love water, but some of them are great swimmers too. But we would also say that all necessary precautions need to be taken. And let’s get started!

Best Dogs for Beach Living:

1. American Water Spaniel

American Water Spaniel

The name says it all. These little brown dogs enjoy a good swim. Originating from the state of Wisconsin in the United States, they were specifically used for hunting and fishing. The dogs have a water-resistant curl coat that facilitates drying once it is done playing or working with water. In addition to swimming, he can dive and float too. They are considered to be “family dogs” and are more often observed bonding with one particular individual and can be trained easily. As they are bred for hunting purposes, if they have to be confined in a small space, make sure they receive a good amount of physical exercise.


2. Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel

Let’s take a huge leap and move to Europe. These handsome hunks, just like their American counterparts are gifted with a coat that is naturally “water-proof.” This smart and energetic breed is quite rare to find. One of their distinguishable features is their rat-like tail. They are also known as rat tail spaniels. Ideally meant for hunting or waterfowl, they can also be good guard dogs. They demand regular maintenance and grooming regime; like combing and cutting the hair or cleaning nails, teeth, etc.

3. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

These dogs are meant more to be in the water than on land. Their webbed feet are proof for this. They can swim in cold water, deep water or rough water. They are all the same to them. A tough and hard working dog like him is the perfect company at the beach. Meant for hunting, they can also protect your homes. Their alertness and intelligence are praise-worthy. Yet again, this is one of those dogs which comes from the U.S.

4. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever


Also known as just “Labrador”, this is quite similar to the Chesapeake Bay retriever. It is the most popular breed. They are friendly and loyal too. Great friends of water, they can be taken even to a crowded beach. Often, this dog can be seen as an aid to visually-challenged people. They are also used as a therapy dog for those suffering from Autism. They are also celebrated as sporting and hunting dogs. Despite this, they can be adorable companions who bond with their families. It requires a lot of attention to its physical fitness.

5. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

Remember the dog that was in the news for being chosen by the president? As cute as it can get, they are a group of dogs that originally hail from Portugal as the name suggests. In Portuguese, they are called the “dog of water”. Their coat can be curly or wavy. Sometimes they can be mixed. These dogs need to be groomed from time to time, especially their hair. Otherwise, the growth of hair around the eyes can hinder vision and matting leads to irritable skin. The popular styles are known as retriever's cut and lion’s cut. They are loving, intelligent, and easily trainable.

6. Otterhound


This breed is a really hard-working one and is pretty rare to find. They are distinct. They have webbed feet that make it easy for swimming. Their coat is thick and double-layered due to which they can handle even the coldest water. Their nose can track in water and mud for up to three days. This is also a reason for their presence at crime scenes. These big and friendly creatures have a deep voice. There are around 600 of them around the world. They are considered to be endangered with only a few left around.


7. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

These dogs are extremely popular in families. They are very sweet, loyal, active, and they love water. Their physical build helps them swim through the water comfortably. Their standard of obedience is quite advanced which could be the reason for their popularity among families. Not just among families, thanks to their hunting, swimming, sniffing, and tracking qualities, they are popular as assistance dogs too. It is very important to keep them active if they are going to be growing up in a small confinement, because problems like obesity and thyroid are prevalent in them when they are inactive.

8. Great Dane

Great Dane

Now, if you are someone who hits the beach to get some sun, a Great Dane is the perfect companion for you. They love the sun. They can handle even the hottest days with ease, although they may not be as happy as the other breeds to run into the water. Known for its giant size, this breed of German origin was used for hunting in the olden days. Little by little, with due changes in hunting methods, this dog became a luxury dog. Contrary to their giant like appearance, they are known for seeking affection which gives them the name “gentle giant.”

9. Boykin Spaniel

Boykin Spaniel

Informally referred to as the southern cousin of American water spaniel, this is the state dog of South California in the U.S. Cheerful and extremely active, they love water and are the ideal choice for families with older kids. Depending on the climatic conditions, his coat may need some grooming and trimming. For example, a humid climate may increase the chances of skin infection. Easily trained and enthusiastic to work, they are considered a good choice of pet for families. They are very social. As long as they get enough opportunities to socialize, they can adapt themselves to any situation. They like attention and do not get angry easily and are always ready for friendly interaction. Like most of the other breeds of dogs, they too require daily exercise and bit of grooming and trimming.

10. Newfoundland


Also known as a Newfie, they are the best choice as a beach buddy. They have webbed feet that make them good swimmers, and they are almost always ready for a swim too. This makes them easily one of the greatest water dogs in the world. They are found in black or brown or Landseer (black and white). They are popular for their huge size, intelligence, and loyalty.

They have a double-layered coat, muscular build, and webbed feet. This makes them ideal for water rescue operations. Strong, docile and calm, they are the most ideal working dogs one can find. Their life expectancy is normally between 10 and 15 years. They also have several credits under their name like saving Napoleon Bonaparte during his escape from exile.

Selfie with a Newfie anyone?

The Bottom Line

Whatever be your choice of dog, it is important to take good care of them, provide them with all the requirements like exercises to stay active and healthy and grooming for comfort and good skin.

With this exhaustive list, what are you waiting for? Head to the beach now with your “pawl” and have a “clawssy” experience.


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