Best Dog Swimming Pool: A Little Resort In Your Backyard

What Is A Dog Swimming Pool?

Some pet owners may question the need for a dedicated dog pool when there are scores of kiddie pools that cost much less. A dog swimming pool may look pretty much exactly like any kiddie pool, but it is specially built to withstand the wear and tear of your lively pooch. It also has a lot to do with hygiene.

Naturally, your dog will dribble saliva and cause balls of hair afloat. Therefore, a large amount of bacteria will be swimming alongside your dog. Swimming with dogs is absolutely fun and typically harmless but for small children with skin sensitivities, it is best to separate your fur-babies from your human babies.

Need more convincing? Scroll down and find out more reasons why you should get a dog swimming pool!

Benefits Of A Dog Swimming Pool

Our furry family members also reap rewards by spending time in the water, just as humans do.

Rottweiler and swimming pool

Fires up your dog

Dogs, considering how smart they are, get bored easily. It is mayhem whenever they are on edge. The loving solution is to engage your dog in varied activities to sharpen his mind and strengthen his physique.

Throw your dog in the pool and he will happily paddle like a wild duck! Dogs take a great deal of pleasure swimming, especially if you own a breed that is built for the water – with a water-resistant coat and webbing between their toes. Retrievers, including the Labrador and the Golden, are a given.

Tip: Bring along squishy balls and floater toys to add an extra dash of excitement to your dog’s playtime.

Helps regulate body temperature

A dog swimming pool helps give your dog a cool head at the peak of summer. Dogs don’t have sweat glands and so, they don’t sweat through their skin as we do to cool down. Our canine companions cool off only through their paw pads and by panting. If the beach is a long way off, having a dog swimming pool close by will greatly help your dog keep his cool. Don’t forget to check on your dog’s water dispenser and make sure it is functional at all times.

Provides a great source of aerobic exercise

Dogs are rarely lazy in the same way as humans but still, your dog will refuse to do it if he finds the exercise too boring. When your dog gets a fun workout, such as swimming, he will have a phenomenal exercise without focusing on the physical exertion involved. We promise you will no longer have to drag your pudgy dog to do exercise. He, himself, will gladly hop inside the pool!

A dog swimming pool also provides a good exercise environment for dogs following surgery and for senior dogs suffering from joint pain. Swimming is a low impact exercise, which means it doesn’t strain the joints and bones. The resistance and buoyancy that water provides allow convalescing dogs to move around comfortably with minimal discomfort.

Therefore, having a dog swimming pool is a therapeutic tool for a convalescing dog and a great way to give a healthy dog a boost.

Promotes good sleep and reduces bad behavior

Having a dog swimming pool that is accessible 24/7 lessens bad behavior since your dog has a good means for exhausting all that bottled up energy. After an exhausting day in the pool, your beloved pet can sleep like a log.

8 Best Dog Swimming Pools

What Makes The Best Dog Swimming Pool?

We don’t always find a pet-friendly place where we can bring our furry family members for a dip. That is why a dog swimming pool is a godsend for us owners! So, without further ado, here are the factors you should consider when choosing a doggie pool. Knowing the criteria that go into determining the best dog swimming pool is important if you wish to save money and time.

english springer spaniels dog pool


Durability is one of the most important criteria, if not the most important criterion that goes into finding the best among the bunch. So, identify what materials are used to manufacture a certain product. Dogs are likely to get physical inside the pool, especially if you have a playful duo who loves to wrestle each other. Even a single active dog can have more damaging capabilities than a rowdy kid. You have to make sure the pool is constructed using high-quality materials. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying another doggie pool. The top manufacturers of dog swimming pools always take this into account, which is why you will see that our picks are constructed using heavy-duty PVC. Since the panels are firm, rather than air-filled, they are quite solid and aren’t as vulnerable to your dog’s chewing and clawing.


Dog swimming pools are available in various sizes, which you can choose from whether you have a tiny Pomeranian at home or a hulking Great Dane. The product you choose should allow your dog to move around comfortably. Dogs don’t like feeling claustrophobic just like we don’t! If you have multiple small- or medium-sized dogs, the pool should be able to hold them together. If you are talking about a large dog, then choose one with an insane capacity.

Additionally, you should be concerned with the depth of the pool. You don’t want to deny your dog the pleasure of swimming. What’s the point of getting a dog swimming pool if you have him walking around, instead?

Ease of assembly/storage

Our top picks do not need inflation, so they are quicker to set up. Collapsible or folding pools are highly portable and they give you the privilege of hassle-free storage. You don’t need to throw buckets of water out to empty the pool since it has a drain, which you can use whenever the need arises. Lastly, you just pack fold it and stow away until future use.


The best dog pool should never present any harm to your dog. He should be able to safely get in and get out of his pool whenever he likes, even when you’re not around. That is why the edges of the pool should be dull, rounded, or wrapped to prevent minor accidents when your pooch is trying to barge into the pool.


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