Best Cage for Finches and Canaries Finding a Home for Birds Who Sing, Not Climb

Finches and canaries are delightful little pets! What these cuties lack in size, they make up for with their lively personalities. While these birds seldom yearn for attention, they surely have a knack for bringing sunshine into their owners’ lives. They are not destructive nor are they aggressive towards humans. Besides, finches and canaries are low maintenance pets and are ideal for bird lovers who live in apartments. They can blend in with the living room décor!

But before you bring a pair home (they need to be in pairs since they are a sociable bird species), you first need to purchase a suitable cage. If you are a new finch or canary owner, we suggest you spend a few minutes of your time reading this article. This way, you can make an informed decision and you won’t have to spend a big sum on a product you might soon regret.

As a pet owner, we understand that selecting the best cage for our small, feathered friends is often a challenge. So, our team put together a list of the best cages you can get for your finches and canaries. These units have garnered countless positive reviews on Amazon. Our top picks are highly appreciated by experts as well.

10 Best Cages for Finches and Canaries

How to Find the Right Cage

Finches and canaries aren’t passionate climbers, unlike parrots, cockatiels, or parakeets. These little birds get most of their exercise through flying and hopping. For that, it isn’t necessary to get a lofty cage unless you are planning to make a tiny wildlife sanctuary complete with hanging vines and all. These cute birds fly and hop horizontally. You barely see them fly up and down. So, how do you find the best cage for finches and canaries?

white estrildid finch in cage

Get the right size

Let’s start with the right size. The bare minimum for a pair of canaries or finches is 24” x 18” x 18”. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to that, though. It is better if you can get a cage with more length. More length space means there is more room for toys and your birds can flutter back and forth as much as they can. The extra space also allows you to organize your pets’ equipment according to your preferences.

Look for a solid structure

If price is of no concern, choose the sturdiest cage you can afford. Cages made from metallic materials, like stainless steel and iron, are usually the heavy-duty ones. Metal cages do not wear out fast; but to stay on the safe side, get a cage from a well-known manufacturer. Recognized sellers have a reputation to maintain. They are obliged to provide warranty and customer service to their consumers.

Consider the bar spacing

Another important aspect that you should pay attention to is the bar spacing. The ideal bar spacing is ½” to prevent a finch or a canary’s head from getting stuck. Finches and canaries are petite and thus, they can escape quickly if the bar spacing is far apart. A cat or dog won’t hesitate to bully your birds if given the opportunity.

zebra finch in cage

Simplified cleaning is key

A canary or finch cage should be a cinch to clean. If possible, opt for a cage equipped with a pullout tray, a removable bottom, a detachable base, or a combination of the three. However, none of these matter if you don’t have the necessary time to maintain it. If you want to own these lovely creatures, understand that taking care of their cage is vital to keeping them healthy and happy.

Ease of access

Choose a model equipped with a sizeable main door and extra small doors. Make sure that all access points have a safety mechanism; otherwise, you might see your cat noshing on your birds.

Bang for the buck

It is often advisable that you choose a cage that comes with bowls and perches, especially when your budget is tight. Instead of buying these items separately, you may want to save the money just in case you need a trip to the vet.

gouldian finch in the cage


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