13 Facts That You Need to Know About Rottweilers

The Rottweilers are among the top 10 dog breeds. This breed is often known as Rotties and they have a playful personality with great confidence and loyalty. These cute pups tend to lean on to humans to show their affection. Here are some fascinating facts that you should know about Rottweilers.


13 Facts about Rottweiler Dogs

1. Rottweilers were once Roman drover dogs

Did you know that our favourite Rottweilers were once used as herding dogs? Moreover, the Rottweilers we know today are supposed to be the descendants of Asian mastiffs who used to be bred as herders.

2. Their name is derived from the town of Rottweil

Way back in 73 or 74 AD, the ancient Roman armies used to camp near the Neckar River in Germany. During this time, the dogs were used as herders and also for bear hunting. The area where everyone stayed was then known as Rottweil. So, the playful dogs we know today got their name from Rottweil, the town.

3. They should be kept away from fragile things

As said before, Rotties are herders and so they are habituated to bumping into animals and people to make them fall in line. They can be gentle if they are trained properly. You should not keep them at home as they can be dangerous for children as well as for elderly people.

rottweiler in agility

4. German Rottweilers are different than the American ones

The German pups are known to have different standards in comparison to the American ones. They are usually larger with tails that are long. However, in the US, they are usually found to have a docked tail, though these days the trend is to rather keep the tail intact.

5. Rottweilers were on the verge of extinction

It is believed that industrialization has played an important role in the Rotties becoming near-to-extinct. Rotties have been herding dogs; so if the cattle don’t need any herding, then even Rotties are not needed. Since the 1800s, when the railroads were built, it became very easy to transport the herds. Because of their strength and build, the Rottweilers were used as military and police dogs during the 1900s.

rottweiler in a field

6. Many celebrities own Rottweilers

We all know how much celebrities love dogs, and this loyal breed is typically very famous among the celebs. A few names to mention would be Bruno Mars, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio. As a matter of fact, Will Smith has a lot of Rotties in his family.

7. Rottweilers became rescue dogs after 9/11

You must have heard about the havoc of terror attacks on 9/11. After the tragic happenings, rescue dogs were deployed immediately. Rottweilers were a part of the rescue squad along with other breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds.

8. Known for their exceptional loyalty

As mentioned before, Rottweilers are guard dogs and are also trained that way. The Rottweilers are also very protective and have a natural sense of guarding instinct. This means that they usually form a strong bond with their owners. It is good to know that these dogs rarely spend time alone and are always happy to be in the company of others. So if you are planning to keep a couple of these as pets, you can go ahead. Also, if you are almost always away from the house, then getting this breed is perhaps not the best call.

rottweiler dog

9. Rottweilers were perfected in Germany

The Rotties might have a Roman origin but they were taken to Germany when the Roman army decided to conquer Europe. Back in those days, there would not be any refrigerators and so the soldiers would usually travel with their cattle so that they could slaughter them. In order to herd the cattle, the soldiers needed help and that is why they used to keep Rottweilers. This breed was perfect at the job, as they have a lot of strength as well as endurance. As they travelled, the dogs would also carry supplies and would guard everyone. Gradually, the Romans marked their presence in Germany and along with them, the Rottweilers.

10. The Rottweiler called Wynd won an AKC Human Fund ACE award

Did you know that there is a therapy dog named Wynd who won the 2015 AKC Human Fund award? It was for the category of therapy dogs. This particular dog was a therapy dog for a military family at TAPS and also worked regularly at the Hampton veterans hospital. Due to all these activities, the dog had gained a lot of popularity.

11. You must train the Rotties

Every Rottweiler is different and it is crucial to train these dogs in a diligent manner to ensure that they turn out to be fine. If you wish to have them as pets, then you must train them well. Rotties are very powerful and they should be taught as to when they need to use their power and when they should refrain. On the brighter side, these dogs are very intelligent and so it is indeed easy to train them.

12. Rottweilers have strong jaws

Another fascinating fact about Rottweilers is that they have a very strong bite. Their jaws are stronger than that of the German shepherds; and so they have a bite force of 328 pounds. This is simply half the bite force of a shark’s bite, which is 669 pounds.

13. They have a consistent markings

Rottweilers will always be found in a black colour with brown markings on their face, paws and chest. Did you know that the brown spots have three variations? They are rust, mahogany and tan.


Final Take

Thus, the famous Rottweilers are indeed very fascinating. It is advised not to have them as pets unless they are properly trained. Their history goes back to the Roman days and they were trained in Germany thereafter. If you are looking for a loyal companion then Rottweilers are a good option.

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