Best Gerbil Cages Finding the Cage that Fits the Bill

Gerbils are an awesome addition to your family! Their overloading cuteness and individual personalities add more color to your life. Also known as the “sand rat” or the “desert rat”, these critters are native to the sandy plains of Asia and Africa before they were introduced to America as pocket pets. Pocket pets like gerbils will always be a lot safer in their cage. So, it is quite understandable that you should choose the best gerbil cage as they will be spending most of their time in a captive environment.

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A good home is crucial for your pets as it maximizes their health, as well as boosting the quality of their precious, short lives. It is not a kind act but rather a responsibility as a pet owner. So, if you have a gerbil or are considering getting one, consider our top 10 best cages for gerbils.

What to Look for in a Gerbil Cage


Unless you are 100% sure that your hobs are angels, it is best not to choose a habitat with plastic components. Even plastic tunnels can be disadvantageous since our little sand rats have the affinity to chew apart everything chewable. They look fun, yes, but the risk for ingesting tiny plastic shards is there.

Know that gerbils are ferocious chewers and diehard diggers; hence, you better provide your tiny pals with a chew-proof enclosure with a deep bottom so they can freely dive into a sea of sawdust. Gerbils are also skilled at escaping. So, it is clear that an aquarium or a metal cage is the best choice. You could use a glass tank with a sturdy wire topper - both of which we have included in our list. Do take note that you have to perform weekly cleanings to minimize ammonia build-up if you opt for a glass tank.

Nevertheless, the decision boils down to the enclosure that makes the most sense to you. If you and your hobs have spent many years using plastic-based cages and experienced no issues whatsoever, then that would be great as well. If you do purchase a plastic cage, be sure to monitor the plastic components regularly. Even the sturdiest plastic cage won’t guarantee that a naughty hob can’t chew through it eventually.


Gerbils are more active compared to most of his rodent cousins. Although your hobs and jills won’t be doing a triathlon inside its enclosure, your pets will still need a good amount of space for substantial exercise. According to the Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital, a gerbil cage has to provide at least 36 inches of space per critter. Having a spacious enclosure also allows you to accessorize and add as many toys as you can to provide mental stimulation and entertainment for your pets.

Vertical Height Space

Gerbils use their hind legs to stand up as they navigate their surroundings and have an eyeful of the interesting spectacles happening outside their cage. Thus, it is important that your pets’ habitat must be able to cater to this intrinsic behavior. Likewise, the cage must have a sturdy bottom that can hold the brunt of a miniscule animal acting like a meerkat. The best choice is a non-mesh platform such as wood or metal, which you can line with fleece or bedding. Bear in mind that gerbils may gnaw through even hardwood.

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Deep Base

A cage with a deep base also holds benefits of its own. For one, it enables you to fill your pets’ cage with lots of bedding to explore and burrow into. The deeper the base, the better as this also prevents bedding and poop from getting thrown out of the cage by an enthusiastic gerbil.

Ventilation and Security

It is imperative that you use a securely fitted wire topper if you use an aquarium for your feisty gerbils. The topper keeps your pets far from harm’s reach, especially if you have bigger animals at home. At the same time, it prevents your pet from jumping out of its cage. It also provides maximum airflow to keep the enclosure fresh and cool.


Gerbils possess Houdini-like skills, so you will have to carefully watch for any possible openings in a cage. It takes only a single poorly sealed opening for a gerbil to escape and disappear forever. If you use a wire topper or a wired cage, be sure the wires are small enough to prevent your pets from breaking free.

Ease of Cleaning

Unless you are OCD-diagnosed, you will never find fulfillment in cleaning every day. So, you better get a cage that is easy to maintain. Imagine how many hours you can save for yourself if cleaning a gerbil cage is hassle-free!

10 Best Gerbil Cages


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