Do Dogs Need Special Beds?

Dogs are man’s best friend who will always remain loyal to the end; ready to sit by your side and protect you against people with ill intentions and other animals that threaten to harm you. They are a part of the family, and they need to be treated like the angels they are.

Happy dogs make a home become lively and getting your dog a bed shows how much you care for his well-being. You will be smiling all day when you see your dog sleeping or even relaxing in it. Some dogs are big while others are small, hence the size and shape of the bed will vary according to your dog’s size. And, you can easily make a dog bed with resources available in your house. There are several reasons why you need to get your dog a special dog’s bed, and we have mentioned some of them below.



8 Reasons why dogs need special dog beds

1. They are durable

Beds made specifically for dogs are designed to last a long time, and your dog will sleep in it for a while as he grows. The beds that are made from good quality materials will grow with your dog until he becomes too big to fit in it, but younger dogs and puppies will also sleep in it. This is better compared to when you improvise a bed for your dog because you will be required to replace it from time to time since the materials used will wear out more quickly.

2. Provides insulation against harsh weather

Dogs do feel cold and sleeping on the floor is not good for them. It especially gets worse during winter - unless they are huskies who love winter and snow. But even huskies like to sleep in warm and cozy places because they are still dogs. The bed ensures your dog is warm and comfortable, both in warm and cold weather, and he will appreciate his owner even more because he will feel that he is part of the family.

3. Promotes your dog’s health

Dog beds are soft, and they protect your dog’s bones and joints. Sleeping on the bare floor may hurt your dog, especially when it gets older and as he becomes weaker and more fragile; and he needs to be looked after as you would your aging parents. Dogs are susceptible to arthritis just like humans. Their skin might also become raw from sleeping on the hard floor. These beds have been recommended by vets who know more about a dog’s welfare. Getting your dog a bed, therefore, provides him with a comfortable place where he can rest, nap, and sleep at night without hurting himself. This ensures that he stays healthy, thus prolonging his life.

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4. Personal space for you and your dog

Just like kids, dogs always want your attention and will most often follow you everywhere and even get into your personal space. By getting your dog a bed, you are providing him with a place you can send him to when you need to do house chores or don’t want to be disturbed. Dogs tend to sleep more than humans, and your dog can have his own space where he can go to when he needs some privacy, and there will be no disturbance. You will also not have to hold him all the time and so you will not strain your muscles or get sore from long hours of having your dog on your lap.


5. Provides a sense of security

Your dog might become anxious when you leave him alone in the house, and the bed will provide him with a sense of security, thus helping him relax. Sometimes dogs also, although unwillingly, make mistakes and they may destroy your T.V remote, sandals, or anything they can manage to chew off and they need to be reprimanded so that it doesn’t become a habit. They are usually remorseful, and they will most likely seek comfort in their beds until things cool down.

6. Makes cleaning easy

Living with a dog or dogs means that you will always have hairs all over your house and especially on the furniture which can be tedious to clean. Dog beds make it better by minimizing the time he spends on the couch or carpet, and instead, you will only have to clean the bed since most of his hair will be collected there. This makes your work easier as you will not be spending a lot of time having to clean the furniture and instead only focus on cleaning the bed. Floors are also usually not very clean, hence the bed provides a clean environment for your dog to sleep in. This way your dog will not collect dirt and germs from the floor and transfer it to the rest of the furniture, thus promoting cleanliness.

7. Provides comfort for the dog owner

There are a lot of instances where dogs sleep with their owners on the same bed, and this may cause inconvenience especially if you are a couple. You may get several scratches when your dog kicks while dreaming of chasing a squirrel. Getting your dog his own bed will give you all the bed space you need in your own bed and you will get all the privacy you need, thus improving your private life. It is also good for pet owners who are allergic to their pets because they will sleep away from the dog; hence it improves the quality of life in general.

8. Makes traveling with your dog convenient

A dog bed comes in handy when you want to travel with your dog since it can easily be folded and does not take up a lot of space. It also enables your dog to be comfortable in new places because he has his bed which he is familiar with and which makes him feel at home. You will thus not have to worry about whether your furry friend will love the new place and you will get ample time for vacationing and enjoy your travel.

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Bottom Line

Your dog may not always sleep on their beds and will sometimes prefer to sleep on the floor, especially if the bed is new to him. With the right training however, your dog will learn to use his bed as intended. We, therefore, can conclude that dogs’ beds are just as important as human beds because like humans, dogs too need to sleep soundly and comfortably. It is crucial to get a good quality bed for your dog, and also to keep it clean and although some may be a bit costly, it will be worth it in the long run.


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