11 Dachshunds Facts You Did Not Know

All dogs are adorable no matter how big or how small. Still, the dachshund dog breed could compete as one of the cutest dogs ever. As you will learn in this article, not even royalty could resist the absolute charm this dog breed has.

If the dachshund is your favorite dog breed or you simply wish to get more knowledgeable, here at Pet comments we’ll present you with 11 dachshund facts you did not know about.

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11 Interesting Facts about Dachshund Dogs

1. Powerful Source of Inspiration

English artist David Hockney, the most valued living artist until May of 2019, had two dachshund dogs: “Stanley” and “Boodgie”. Hockney was so fond of his dogs that he made them his main source of inspiration for more than 40 oil paintings and several drawings. All the paintings and drawings featuring his dogs were collected and published as a book in 1998 as called David Hockney’s Dog Days.

2. The Royal Dog

Her Majesty, Queen Victoria from England, owned many dogs in her life. According to royal historian Elizabeth Jane Timms, one of her dogs named “Turi” literally accompanied her until her last seconds of life. Among the different dog breeds she owned, is the dachshund dog breed.


Interestingly enough, Queen Victoria valued her dog companions so much that she made them part of the royal family by including them in portraits of the royal family. A dachshund is sitting at Queen Victoria’s feet in one of the great family photographs. She also documented one of her dachshunds named “Boy” in the form of art.

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3. First Official Mascot in the Olympic Summer Games

A dachshund dog of flashy colors named “Waldi” was the very first mascot for the Munich Olympic Summer Games. The people from Bavaria especially appreciated the dachshund for its capacities like its tenacity, endurance, and agility.

Interestingly enough, “Waldi” was more than just the mascot of the games; he was also the protagonist of the Olympic marathon as the route was shaped after the mascot’s body form.

4. Oldest Dog Alive Two Times in a Row

Guinness World Records has crowned a dachshund and a dachshund mix two times in a row as the oldest dog alive. “Channel” held the record until her death in August of 2009; she died at 21 years old. Quite a stretch even for a dachshund. Her successor “Otto” a dachshund mix, had to be put down due to poor health. He died at 20 years old in January of 2010.

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5. The Unfortunate Victims of War

During World War II, the popularity of the dachshund dropped dramatically due to anti-German propaganda. Anything related to Germany was loathed and sadly, dachshunds became a symbol of the Nazi country. As a result, these dogs were, kicked, stoned and killed on sight when they were in the streets. Whoever owned a dachshund was seen as German sympathizer.


To change matters, dachshunds were later renamed as “liberty dogs” until they recovered their previous name and fame when the heat of the war ceased.

6. Britain’s First Cloned Dog Was a Dachshund

Rebecca Bourne won a dog cloning competition in 2014. As a result, her 12 year old dachshund “Winnie” was cloned successfully and a younger version of “Winnie” called “Minnie Winnie” was born. Scientist Dr. Woo Suk Hwang had cloned a dog for the first time in 2005, but this was the first time he cloned a British dog. Sadly, “Winnie” died after being hit by a car in 2017; yet her clone “Minnie Winnie” still lives and has a healthy life. On November of 2018, she gave birth to two healthy puppies.

7. They Need to Know You’re the Boss

Dachshunds are small but fierce. They were originally bred to hunt badgers; thus, they are naturally independent, perseverant, and full of energy. As a result, these boys are stubborn, don’t like to take orders, and are difficult to train.

Of course, dachshunds are also caring and loyal to the bone. Despite this, if the owner does not train the dachshund to see him or her as the alpha in the house, the dog will take that position.

8. Possibly the Main Reason for the Name “Hot Dog”

The story of how hot dogs came to be named “hot dogs” is a mystery. There are different theories and different stories, but the most common one involves the dachshunds.


Hot dogs at some point were known as “dachshund sausages”, a sports cartoonist from the New York Journal heard a vendor shouting: “Get your dachshund sausages while they are red hot!” The cartoonist named Tad Dorgan had the brilliant idea to draw barking dachshund sausages, but not knowing how to spell “dachshund” the man simply wrote “hot dog” changing the name of the popular fast food forever.

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9. They Are Known by Many Different Names

Not everyone knows how to write “dachshund” much less how to pronounce it. To make things easier, this fella is so popular that he is known by many different names across the world. “Dachshund” is the official name for the dog breed, but in Germany it is also known as Teckel and Dackel. Dachshunds have different nicknames that are more popular than the official name of the breed, for example Sausage dog, Doxie, Doxin dog, Datsun, Weenie dog, Weenies, Salchicha dog, and many more.

10. They Can Suffer from Damage to Their Spine

No one can be that cute and not suffer for it, as the dachshunds’ unique appearance comes with a “catch”. Approximately one out of four dachshunds can suffer from intervertebral disc disease (IVDD).

This decease can cause severe pain and even paralysis if not treated; at times euthanasia is the sad end for the dog. IVDD can’t always be avoided, but a good exercise regime, balanced diet, and constant check-ups with the vet can prevent the possibilities of developing the disease.

11. Dachshunds Compete in Racing Contests

The Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals is held every year; this is a racing competition for genuine low to the ground dachshunds only. The winner takes home a cash prize and the title of the “fastest wiener in the west”. The event raises funds for the Seal Beach Animal Care Center.

The Bottom Line

Clearly, dachshunds are full of surprises. Small but fierce, this boy has earned the hearts and respect of millions. Its tenacity can only be compared to its love and dedication for its family. If these 11 facts managed to charm you into obtaining a dachshund for yourself, always remember to take care of your dachshund's health, especially its back. It will reward you with years of love and fun. Who knows, maybe yours will be the next to break the record of being the oldest dog alive.

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