Walk-in Bird Aviary Cage - Best way to host your birds

If you are a new parrot owner or you’ve started breeding canaries, you need to plan on the kind of shelter that will host your birds. Many species love the freedom that comes with an outdoor bird aviary. A quality outdoor aviary is safe and durable enough to withstand weather elements and predators.

To keep your bird the happiest on the block, we’ve handpicked these walk-in bird aviaries which will give them room to stretch and feel at home close to their natural environment. Besides, an aviary will add a touch of style to your home as they come in various forms to suit any taste and decorative sensibility.

Best Walk-in Bird Aviary Cages:

Buying guide to The Best Walk-in Bird Aviary

Outdoor aviaries tend to be considerably larger than pet store cages and provide an adequate amount of space for flying, catching a breeze, and natural sunlight, which is essential in keeping a healthy bird. Besides, an outdoor bird aviary decreases boredom and brings your pet closer to nature for greater stimulation.

There’s a wide variety of bird aviaries that are in the market today. Since most are similar, there are certain features that you should look for before purchasing.

Construction Materials

Outdoor bird aviaries feature wood, aluminum or heavy-duty metal construction. They must be durable enough to withstand the weather and any intruders or predators. If you’re going for a wooden variety, ensure that you choose a robust design that your birds won’t chip off.

Wrought iron and stainless steel aviaries are metal varieties that feature corrosion resistance but are pricier because they are incredibly robust. Build quality is essential when it comes to outdoor bird aviaries if you’re looking for a birdhouse that will serve you a lifetime. Also, you can decide to build your own aviary, but you must do it right to ensure that you are giving your pet the best.

canary birds inside a cage

Ease of Set up

When purchasing a bird aviary, check if it needs to be put together by more than one person. Building a walk-in aviary cage takes a couple of hours, but the bigger it is, the harder it tends to be to set up. Also, ensure that you have all the parts and that the manufacturer’s instructions are clear and detailed.


The size of a walk-in aviary cage will depend on the number of birds and which species you want to accommodate. Even small birds like finches need a dedicated space to stretch and move from one area to another freely.

Ensure that the walk-in aviary cage is spacious enough and allows you to feed or clean the bird housing easily.


There are several options to fit different tastes and styles that you can utilize to rear a flock of finches or a mixture of compatible species. Ensure that the bird aviary you choose meets all functional requirements such as tight spaces on the wires to prevent escape or allow intruders, comes with a perching area for resting and more.

Think about how the outdoor bird aviary of your choice looks aesthetically and whether it matches with the surrounding areas. Remember, the bird aviary brings the beauty of nature, and your visitors will always look forward to watching the birds.


Walk-in bird aviaries can be pretty expensive. When settling down on a budget, make sure that you shop around for price ranges so that you can have an idea of what to expect. Besides, there are other accessories that you'll need to consider to make your pet comfortable such as swings, feeding trays, perches, bells, and other safe toys.

Bottom Line

The bird aviaries we’ve discussed in this guide are large cages that provide your feathery friends with sufficient space. If you want to keep medium to large bird species, an outdoor bird aviary would be a suitable option to consider when shopping. Your feathery friends will benefit from fresh air, sunlight and space to stretch and fly freely. The number of pets you intend to keep will determine the kind of structure you will choose.


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