What to Do When You See A Dog Left Alone in a Car on a Hot Summer Day

Dogs are our best friends, and their loyalty and love for their humans is unmatched. But sometimes, we find humans who sometimes are a bit careless with the care of their pets. This is a sight that is familiar to all of us, the dogs left in a locked car awaiting their owners. This is especially harmful for dogs during summer. Since dogs manage their body temperature in a completely different manner in comparison to humans.

labrador dog in car

Dogs don’t sweat so hence it’s difficult for them to manage their body heat. The temperature in a locked car increases quite rapidly, and there many incidences of dogs dying in locked cars left behind by their owners. Since their body cannot withstand the heat nor have they any way to help themselves. This is indeed a horrible situation. But the question remains if you come across a dog that is in locked car. What are the steps that you can take that will alleviate the situation? Here are the steps you can take to resolve

Observe carefully

You should first ensure that the dog is doing okay, that it doesn’t show symptoms of heat stroke. The dog isn’t breathing slowly, it’s lethargic and it looks listless, and the tongue turns into a darker color. Once you determine that the dog is in distress. It is necessary to remain calm and proceed in the following manner. In some cases, people become overzealous and forget to check whether the owner has left notes in the car or if the dog is a stuffed animal.


Collate all the information in hand

Immediately after ascertaining that the dog is indeed in danger and distress. Take down the license number, make and the model of the car. After jotting down these details, ensure that you know the exact location of the car, so that you will always know where to come back.

dog in the car

Find the right people

Once you have all the details in hand, you must approach all the establishments in the vicinity. Start by talking to the security guards there and notifying them of the details. Then approach senior personnel and ask them to give an announcement of the situation. If this works and the owner is located then the pet is safe.

Calling Animal Control and Other Animal Helplines

If they are unable to locate the owner, it is time to approach the authorities, call animal control and tell them about the situation. Try to stick to non-emergency numbers if you feel there is still time. You can also call local shelters, animal care services, veterinarians etc. Listen carefully to the instructions, they do ask you to provide immediate relief by spraying water on the windows of the car. If the animal control authorities are able to arrive quickly, then await their arrival. Do not by chance agitate the animal by tapping on the car window and trying to locate the owner by shouting or screaming. This will further frighten the dog.

Provide assistance to the responders

If animal control is delayed or unable to make it. Call the police helpline with the emergency number. Once they arrive you can assist them in opening the vehicle and providing care to the animal. Stay until all the proceedings are done, and ensure that the animal is in safe hands, before you leave.


Stay with the Dog

In all this, keep one very vital point in mind. Never leave the animals side and try to stay around as much as possible. It is imperative that you do since every change needs to be monitored in such a situation.

In such situations, it is possible to lose one’s cool at the carelessness of the owners. You must never attempt to break a window to free the animal. This does more harm than good; the dog becomes incredibly stressed and also the glass shards from the window would also hurt them. Always strive to remain focused and do what’s best for the dog you must think from their perspective. It is frightening for them and they are unable to comprehend what’s going as well. If you get to meet the owners, strive to show them the error of their actions by educating them on their mistakes.


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