Water Bottle for Guinea Pigs? We Have Our Top Picks!

Water is vital to good health, so be sure to provide your pet guinea pig with this life-sustaining ingredient. Bowls are okay (and will due in a pinch), but having a water bottle is a cleaner, safer alternative to messy dishes that can tip, spill, or be chewed through.

Let’s explore our top 10 picks for guinea pig water bottles and a short guide with some tips for choosing the right one.

Top Picks for Guinea Pig Water Bottles

What to Look for in a Guinea Pig Water Bottle

Before you choose the best water bottle for your guinea pig, Here are some tips that may help you narrow down your choices.


As you probably read with our reviews, water bottles come in a variety of sizes, so choose one that is right for your pet. If you are housing more than one guinea pig in the same enclosure, you may want to choose a larger capacity unit. However, having a very large water bottle for one small “piggy” may make it unnecessary to change the water, which could affect its freshness. To prevent stale water, make a habit of changing your pet’s water once-a-day, even if it’s still “full.”

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One of the biggest complaints about water bottles is they may leak. This can create a wet living space which is not healthy for your guinea pig. Even if your bottle says it is leaf-proof, the units can still leak. However, there is a trick to help prevent that from happening.

Fill up the water bottle, put the stopper and nozzle in place and screw on tight. Now with your finger blocking the drinking nozzle, turn the bottle upside down. Allow all the bubbles to go to the top and then flip it over and attach it to your pet’s cage. This should stop it from leaking.


If your water bottle is being placed inside your guinea pig’s cage, you will want to ensure it is made from glass and stainless steel that cannot be chewed through.

guinea pig drinking water

Cage Attachment

All water bottles come with a way to attach them to your guinea pig’s enclosure. Be sure the unit you choose comes with the appropriate mechanism to stay in place.

Tips and Hints to Using a Guinea Pig Water Bottle

  1. Be sure to check the water bottle’s nozzle daily to ensure it is working. You can do this by tapping the metal ball inside the nozzle (if it has one) to ensure the water is being dispensed. You will want to do this after you refill the unit, as well.
  2. Another way to tell if your water bottle is working is if you see bubbles when you tap the nozzle.
  3. Under no circumstances should you ever squeeze the water bottle.
  4. Never over-tighten the screw-on bracket.
  5. Give your water bottle a thorough cleaning at least once-a-week.


There are plenty of guinea pig water bottles on the market today, so know what your little “piggy” needs so you can narrow down your choices. From durability, water capacity, and being leak-proof your guinea pig needs the correct model to help keep him healthy, happy, and well-hydrated.


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