The Warhorse Gamefowl: A Closer Look at A Formidable Fighting Bird

The Warhorse gamefowl is a bird breed that has gained much respect among gamefowl fans. They are a new breed, having only been developed in the last few decades. Still, they have a reputation for their strength and fighting abilities.

Warhorse gamefowl

History of the Warhorse gamefowl

The Warhorse gamefowl has a relatively short history compared to other gamefowl breeds. They were created in the mid-20th century by crossbreeding several different breeds, including the Asil, Malay, and Shamo. The goal was to create a bird that combined the best fighting traits of each breed. The Warhorse was developed by carefully selecting and breeding birds with the best physical characteristics and fighting abilities, resulting in a bird known for its power, aggressiveness, and endurance.

Appearance and physical characteristics

The Warhorse gamefowl has a distinctive appearance that sets it apart from other breeds. These birds are large and muscular, with solid and broad chests and powerful legs. They have long, curved beaks and bright, alert eyes. The breed comes in various colors: black, brown, red, and grey. One of the things that makes the Warhorse gamefowl so unique is its fighting ability. These birds can fight for long periods without tiring, thanks to their strength and perseverance.

Breeding and raising

Warhorse gamefowl is typically raised similarly to other breeds of gamefowl. They require a diet high in protein and should be kept in clean, well-ventilated pens. They should also be given plenty of space to move around, as exercise is vital for their overall health and well-being. Breeders of Warhorse gamefowl focus on selecting birds with the best physical characteristics and fighting abilities to improve the breed over time.

black warhorse gamefowl
Photo by Anil Sharma / Pexels

Cockfighting arena

Cockfighting is a controversial sport that involves pitting two roosters against each other in a fight to the death. Using gamefowl such as the Warhorse in cockfighting has led to legal challenges and controversy, with many animal rights activists calling for an end to the practice. It is crucial to recognize that engaging in or promoting animal fighting is illegal in many countries and is considered animal cruelty.


The Warhorse gamefowl is a fascinating and impressive breed that has captured the attention of many people worldwide. Whether you are a gamefowl enthusiast or simply interested in learning more about different breeds of birds, the Warhorse gamefowl is a breed worth exploring. While using gamefowl for cockfighting is controversial and illegal in many countries, it's important to remember that all animals should be treated with respect and care and that the ethical treatment of animals is of the utmost importance.



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