Best Top-Entry Litter Boxes: Where Style and Function Meet

We love our furry feline friends, but who wants to deal with all that messy cat litter day-after-day? Not me! For those of you who share my sentiments when it comes to stray and strewn cat litter, you may want to consider a top-entry litter box.

What is a top-entry litter box? It's basically a tall litter box with the entry-point (hole) at the top of the unit instead of the front.

Let's "uncover" the benefits of the top-entry litter box and our picks for the 10 best top-entry litter boxes on the market today. Are you worried that your cat won't use one of these new-fangled boxes? We have some tips to help you with that, too!

cat sitting pink top litter box

Why Choose a Top-Entry Litter Box?

If you've never used one of these marvels of manufacturing, then you're in for a real treat. Here are ten reasons why you should choose a top-entry litter box.

  1. Less Mess - We can all use less mess in our lives. The top-entry cat box is perfect for reducing the "kick-back" of kitty litter - you know, when your cat covers his waste with the force of a tsunami until he's scratching the bottom of the box? A lot of that litter inevitably finds its way onto the floor. With top-entry, it stays where it belongs, in the box.

  2. Less Smell - More litter remaining in the box, means Kitty can completely cover up his/her 'business,' which reduces that nasty odor.

  3. Saves Money - Once again, when the litter stays in the litter box (and not being swept up off the floor) you will save money in the long run.

  4. Reduced Noise - Maybe it's just me, but after listening to my cat cover up his poopies for 15 minutes, it starts to grate on my nerves. More litter in the box means no more constant scraping and scratching at the bottom of the box.

  5. Easy to Clean - How often have you struggled with those snap/clamps on the side-entry litter boxes, until they finally break off altogether? With the top-entry, you simply tilt the top up, scoop, and be done with it,

  6. Aesthetically Pleasing - Top-entry litter boxes don't really look like a litter box, so if you live in a small space (where the box will be visible to visitors), it's more appealing than those traditional models.

  7. Less Space - Since Kitty goes in and out from the top, you can have this litter box in a tighter space or up against a wall.

  8. No Mat Required - You also don't need to use a kitty litter catch-mat because most of the litter stays on top or falls back into the unit.

  9. Easier to Move - No clamps, no top, no problem when it comes to moving the box around these units are easy-peasy.

  10. More Difficult for Doggies - Do you have a dog that likes to munch on kitty feces? The top-entry box will make it a lot more difficult for Fido to dine on those "delectables."

Now that we know what the top-entry kitty litter box is and why they are so awesome let's review our top 10 picks for the best on the market today.

Best Top-Entry Litter Box Reviews

Tips on Using a Top-Entry Litter Box

It's wonderful to replace the old litter box with a new top-entry litter box, but not so much so, if Kitty refuses to use it. Check out these tips on using a top-entry litter box.

tabby cat sitting top entry litter box

Tips #1 - Put the box in the same spot as the old one, so your cat knows that's his new "toilet."

Tip #2 - Use the same litter. Pour the remains of the used litter from the old box (cleaned of course) into your new top-entry box.

Tip #3 - Show your cat the new box. Let him sniff it and investigate it on his terms. Don't make a huge deal of it, or Kitty will catch-on to your "anxiety."

Tip #4 - Some pet parents have found for reluctant-users, taking the lid completely off of the top-entry box until your cat is used to the concept has worked wonders.

Tip #5 - Remove the old box altogether, so your cat doesn't have the option of going back to the "his comfort zone."

Kitty Boxes Shouldn't Be a Hassle!

We love our cats, so it's only reasonable that we want a product that suits both our feline's tastes and our own. If you've been struggling to find a litter box that does both, why not give a top-entry kitty box a try? You may find you even look forward to cleaning it...or at least...not dread the very thought of it.


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