Symptoms Of Worms In Cats

Cats are great animals and amazing pets. They are happy, lovable and uniquely awesome. Keeping a cat with you is like happiness all around you. Cat’s love their owners, they lick them, they sleep on their lap and sometimes they just be naughty around them.

Sometimes your cat can get an intestinal parasite which is also commonly known as “worms.” It does not matter if your cat lives complete indoor, worms can develop more common than you thought. It should be treated as soon as possible before they impact your cat’s health heavily. However, before that, you should know the symptoms of worms in cats.

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Symptoms Of Worms In Cats

Recognizing the infection can be a tricky part, but you should know about it. Many people believe that worms can only affect kittens, but it is not true, cats can also get worms, age plays no factor in getting worms. Symptoms of each infection are different, but there are also many common signs that you should notice. A symptom of worms in cats depends upon the paradise and different type of worms.



Diarrhea is one of the most common symptoms of worms in the cat. You should see your cat if she is suffering from Diarrhea. If your cat is suffering from Diarrhea, then you must take care of her and after giving the medicines if she is still suffering then take her to the vet.

Worms Visible in Stool

This may sound little disgusting but to keep your cat out of danger, you have to do this. If in doubt that your cat has worms or not, check his waste. If you can see dead or alive worms, then take care of your cat or take her to the vet. This symptom clears the row about worms in your cat so you can now take the measure to keep your cat out of further danger.

Worm near anus

Again it will be little disgusting, but as I said it earlier, it is something you have to do to check worms in the cat. Sometimes you can see worms or segments of worms near your cat’s anus. So check it properly even see the nearby area by looking on the skin. Worms can be hiding in the hairs.

Bloody Stool

If you see your cat’s waste with blood, then it is time to visit a veterinarian as soon as possible. It is highly recommended to visit vet when you see blood. It will not just treat the worms in your cat but also sees the other infection and problems.

Weight Loss

Your cat might lose weight if there are worms in her. If you see your cat getting thin, then check her weight and if confirms then take her to the vet because it might be worms that are affecting her health badly.


Types of Worms in Cat

There are many types of worm that can be present in your cat, and the worms can affect the health of your cat. If you are a cat owner then you must know about the types of worm and you should also know the Symptoms of Worms in Cats.


They are one of the most common parasites present in your cat. Roundworms are two to four inches long and normally they are white colored worms. They are also known as Toxocara Cati, Toxascaris leonine. Cats can get roundworms in many ways; a  little kitten can get infected from her mother’s milk, and an adult cat can get infected by roundworms through the feces of an infected cat. It is important to take care of your cat and prevent him/her from getting this infection. Moreover, yes they can also spread to human so beware while taking care of your cat.

Symptoms of Roundworms in Cats

  • Regular vomiting is one of the major symptoms of roundworm in the cat. If your cat is vomiting regularly, then it may be because of Roundworm parasite.
  • Being less active is also a big symptom of this condition. Your cat might be suffering from Roundworm if she is less active so take care of her and visit a vet.
  • If your cat is looking pot-bellied then might be roundworm in her. The parasite causes this condition so check her for this symptom.


Tapeworms in the cat are also one of the most common parasites which enter your cat. Normally flea is the carrier of tapeworm so if your cat is going through Flea Infection than chances of having tapeworm are very high. It is like a side effect of flea infection. They are very visible, so if you check your cat’s stool, you will find them if they are infected. They are also visible on the fur near the tail of the cat. They can grow several inches. The scientific name is “Dipylidium caninum, T. taeniaeformis”.

Symptoms of Tapeworms in Cats

  • The basic symptom of tapeworm in a cat is you will see them in the stool and small segments of worm in the fur near the tail. This is one of the most common symptoms and most visible symptom of “tapeworms in cats”.
  • Your cat will suffer weight loss, maybe in a sudden way. This is why you should take care of your cat when she is suffering from tapeworm infection. It is important to check her weight time to time for further information.
  • It may sound contradicting but cat suffering from “Tapeworm infection” will remain in hungry constantly. Even after that, she will lose her weight, but the constant hunger will give the problem to your cat.


Hookworms are a smaller type of worms in compare to other worm parasites. They are less than an inch long worm and primarily reside in the small intestine. They live on animal’s blood, and this is why they can cause a major impact on the cat’s health. It can cause anemia which can be life-threatening. They are normally found in kittens. It can infect another cat by skin contact also. Their scientific name is Ancylostoma Brazilians.

Symptoms of Hookworms in Cats

  • The most common symptom of hookworm in cats is blood in the stool. If you see your cat’s waste with blood, then take her to the vet before it is too late.
  • Abdominal pain is also something that is caused by Hookworms. If your cat is uneasy and making noises due to pain especially in her abdominal area then its idea to take her to vet.

When should you see a Doctor?

Your cat must be suffering from an infection caused by worms. These worms can make your cat very unhealthy and also it could be a life-threatening condition. Worms like Hookworm live on animal’s blood, and it can be a life-threatening condition if not treated on time. It is good to find out about your cat’s condition as soon as possible and treat her by taking her to the nearest vet. When you see the above symptoms like Bloody Stool, Abdominal Pain, Worms in Cat’s feces and Worms near her tail area. It is highly recommended to visit your vet. A vet will treat your cat, and it might not be painful for her to bear the worms inside her body.


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