Best Sugar Glider Cages The Ideal Abode for a Sugar-Loving Marsupial

Many would assume that sugar gliders are rodents but they are actually marsupials similar to a koala or a kangaroo. Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals native to Australia, Indonesia, Tasmania, and Papua New Guinea. These sweet marsupials exhibit a gray fur accented with a cream color on the chest and stomach, as well as a black stripe that runs the full length of their spine. Also, they have large ears that twitch individually.

best sugar glider cages

Sugar gliders got their cute name from their affinity for sweets and their ability to glide through the air like a flying squirrel. Unknown to many, these unique animals have only been domesticated over the past 15 years. As pets, they can be hilarious and affectionate, especially if you spoil them with fresh sugary fruits like apples and berries! They can also express displeasure and bark like a toy dog to boot.

According to Dr. Anthony Pilny of The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine, sugar gliders can live 12 to 15 years in a captive environment, provided that the cage is always kept sanitary and your pets are given proper nutrition. Thus, it is quite important to pick the best sugar glider cage as you are going to have these marvelous creatures for a long time.

What to Look for in a Sugar Glider Cage

The Biggest Cage Your Budget Allows

Sugar gliders are social animals, as they live in colonies in the wild. This is also why sugar gliders can easily bond with families. They can even choose a favorite person. Therefore, these sweet marsupials do better if they live in pairs.

The recommendedcagesize for a pair of sugar gliders is 40” x 40” x 60”. Since your pets are going to live more than a decade in captivity, be sure to provide them a cage that is as large as your budget can afford.

The Taller, the Better

Sugar gliders love to spend their days in the wild gliding from tree to tree, so it is best to give them a tall cage with a few floors to explore. It also comes with several benefits such as the following:

gray sugar glider
  1. Sugar gliders are arboreal animals and feel safe when they are up high. Encouraging this normal behavior promotes physical and mental health benefits.
  2. You can place all the goodies and treats on the upper levels so your pets can eagerly run up to get them, while your pets can save their business for the bottom level where you should place the bedding.
  3. It prevents your pets from getting pudgy, as they can move around and exercise as they climb up and down.
  4. You can add an assortment of toys and accessories that sugar gliders love such as tunnels, bells, bird toys, extra ladders, and exercise wheels. Adding a few branches to the cage also spells more fun for your sweet marsupials.

Metal, Not Plastic

Your sugar glider cage should exhibit metal bars or a sturdy wire mesh, both of which should have 0.5-inch spacing. Otherwise, it won’t give you the peace of mind knowing that your sneaky pets are far from harm’s reach. Anything larger than 0.5 inches allows your pets to sneak through, especially if you still have growing joeys inside the cage.

Must be Accessible Anytime

Being able to access your pet's cage any time of the day is very important for cleaning, feeding, and doing a few tweaks inside the cage. A highly accessible cage also makes cleaning more effective, as you can reach all nooks and crannies.

10 Best Sugar Glider Cages


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