German Shepherd Corgi Mix Everything You Need to Know About Corgi Shepherd

The German Shepherd Corgi Mix is a cute crossbreed with high intelligence. It's an ideal choice for people with families and children as they are known to be loyal and friendly. There are many mixed breeds in the market today, but the Corgi Shepherd gets its popularity for its protective, hunting and herding abilities.

The German Shepherd Corgi Mix is a crossbreed of the Welsh Corgi and German Shepherd dogs. This dog is also known as the Corgi Shepherd or Corman.

It has a strong spirited personality with a bubbly, lively, warm and affectionate aura. The Corman picks the best traits from both parents, making it a people-oriented dog.

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What Does a Corgi Shepard Look Like?

The Corman has several physical traits that make it stand out. It's a medium-sized dog breed with lots of brown, black, gold and white colored coats. It has a flatter dome, long ears and short legs.


Distinctive Features

The Corgi Shepherd has a frame like that of a German Shepard and the short stature of a Corgi. It has a fairly short neck which is a little arched, giving it a confined look.

The Corman can have a short or medium dense coat, but these traits depend on the dominant gene, which makes it a low maintenance dog breed. It has a moderately long body with a round appearance, like that of a Welsh Corgi.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the German Shepherd Corgi Mix vary depending on what traits they receive from both sides of its family. However, since the German shepherd traits dominate most in this breed, it weighs around 20 to 65 pounds and can reach a height of 12 to 15-inches.

It's larger than the average Corgi with almond-shaped eyes like a German shepherd. Additionally, it's easy to notice that she inherits the short legs from the Corgi and has pointed ears like a German shepherd.

Coat and Color

The German Shepherd Corgi Mix flaunts a combination of colors, but the most common are brown and black. The golden tan hues, combined with deep browns and black are traits inherited from the GSD. It has a short and beautiful coat that makes it adorable. Besides, it's not unusual to see one color that stands out in a Corgi Shepherd.


Although it doesn't have a dense coat like that of a German shepherd, the Corman sheds a fair amount of hair; therefore, you need to groom her every day. Besides, you can bathe her once in a while to keep her coat shiny, healthy and tangle-free.

Eyes and Markings

The German Shepherd Corgi Mix has a golden-brown coat with markings of black and yellow tans. Their almond-shaped black eyes have a close appearance to a German shepherd.

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Like the parent, the German shepherd, a German Shepherd Corgi Mix is intelligent and witty. They are known for their serene character and great personality like a Welsh Corgi. It's a loyal companion with a lot of energy and love to work alongside human companions.

The Corgi Shepherd is affectionate, friendly and protective towards children making it an ideal choice for adoption as it enjoys playing with the members of the family. Additionally, the dog has an intense devotion and a pleasant, charming personality that makes it easy to train.


However, sometimes it can be stubborn and possessive and display a jealous tendency when around other dogs. Additionally, the German Shepherd Corgi Mix is wary of strangers, making it an excellent watchdog. Early socialization and training are crucial to help her get along with your friends and other pets.

Additionally, to avoid your dog engaging in destructive behavior like chewing on chairs and shredding carpets, don't leave her alone for long. However, the German Shepherd Corgi Mix is a people-oriented dog and enjoys cuddling and playing. It doesn't bark frequently and remains calm when the situation calls.

It's possible to discipline the Corman to deal with negative behavioral issues like stubbornness and bossiness while still young. If well trained, a Corgi Shepherd has desirable traits and is rather quiet with a charming personality. It's an excellent choice for people with other household pets and little children.

Besides, the German Shepherd Corgi Mix is a happy and sweet dog with exceptional dedication and can withstand the general nuisances of young children.

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Health Concerns

The German Shepherd Corgi Mix is generally a healthy dog; however, it's crucial to point out several health problems that you can come across in this breed. Here are the most common health concerns.


The Corgi Shepherd breed is at a risk of bloating, which is a severe and fatal condition. The illness occurs when the intestines curls in various places inside the dog's abdomen. Bloating leads to significant pain, agitation and irritability. If you notice these signs, take your pooch to the vet as soon as possible for treatment.

2. Joint Dysplasia

Sometimes, joint problems in a German Shepherd Corgi Mix manifest in the form of dysplasia. It's an excruciating ailment where the joint erratically pops in and out of place from the elbow. Joint Dysplasia makes walking difficult, which can lead to immobility.

3. Obesity

You'll notice your Corman loves to eat food. However, you should be careful and feed her in moderation to avoid obesity and other risks like back pains, clogged arteries and joint problems. You need to resist the urge to give her more when she solicits for more food.

4. Eyesight Problems

If your Corgi Shepherd has eyesight problems, it's best to take her to the vet as soon as you can. Your dog could have eye cataracts, which gradually worsen as the dog matures. Make sure you treat the problem before it gets worse. Other eyesight problems include glaucoma.

Picking a dog food which is high in omega-3 fatty acids will help avert some common eye concerns.

5. Dental Problems

Regular dental care is vital to the health of your German Shepherd Corgi Mix. Dental ailments are common in cats and dogs and can lead to other complications.

6. Slipped Disc Syndrome

Slipped discs rarely occur, but the discs can move out of place, triggering severe pain. The soreness can spread to the legs and back regions. Ensure that you visit a vet if you notice your dog is in pain and is highly irritable.


In comparison to its parent, the German shepherd who has a life expectancy of 9 to 13 years, the Corgi Shepherd breed can live between 12-15 years.


Like any other domestic pet, the German Shepherd Corgi Mix has various requirements. Let's dive in and see the diverse needs.

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The Corgi Shepherd has an enormous appetite and can push you to get more food or treats. You need to be careful and control her portions to avoid the risk of obesity. A feeding timetable will help control her appetite and expectations.

With the right kind of food and portions, you'll have a significant influence on the health of your dog. Pick a high-quality food product for your German Shepherd Corgi Mix. A fully grown Corman can feed on two to three cups of dry food which you can divide into three meals in a day to avoid bloating.

Besides, most food manufacturers have a serving guide on their packaging, so you don't have to worry about the portions. Also, stick to appetizers with low calories and avoid giving the dog a lot of treats as it gains weight quickly.


A German Shepherd Corgi Mix has minimal upkeep. She has a thick coat and sheds moderately. You need to brush her daily to keep the fur clean and healthy. Besides, regular bathing will help if she has terrible shedding.

Additionally, cleaning her teeth and ears thrice a week is critical as it will help keep away other infections. Other grooming requirements include clipping the nails which should be done by a professional clipper.


A German Shepherd Corgi Mix is energetic. Your dog will need a regular exercise schedule and quality playtime to keep healthy. Walk your dog and allow her to run around in the yard. Plan for activities that will fuel the mind and body, such as catching a Frisbee or taking a stroll.

Additionally, get your dog squeaky and entertaining toys to avoid boredom and keep her active. There are several outdoor toys and puzzles that you can get. Some of them include the Kong Classic dog toy, which is appropriate with teething puppies.

Toys can keep her busy for hours as she tries to get the treats inside. If you have a spacious yard, you can hide small toys that she can look for and play with for hours. The Corgi Shepherd needs ample space to keep active and healthy. A German Shepherd Corgi Mix may not be an ideal dog choice for someone who lives in an apartment due to the limited space.

Take Away

The German Shepherd Corgi Mix is an intelligent, fearless and robust character dog. If you're looking for a pooch that can quickly evaluate circumstances and react appropriately, we'd recommend a Corman. Besides, since it's protective, the dog can make an excellent guard dog for scaring off intruders.

Additionally, the Corgi Shepherd is loyal and integrates effortlessly into a family. Unlike adult dogs, puppies are easier to introduce in a family as they tolerate kids. However, when it comes to socializing with other pets, the Corman is a loner, and so early socialization is key to proper behavior.

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