9 Reasons Why Rabbits Make Good Pets

With soft fur, sweet eyes and long ears, rabbits are among the most adorable animals ever. These mammals are characterized for having their body covered with a thick and woolly coat, oval head and large eyes. They weigh between 1.5 and 2.5 kg in the wild and have long ears of up to 7 cm and a short fluffy tail. Fortunately, in addition to being extremely cute, they can be an excellent companion at home, so many adopt or buy a rabbit as a pet.

Here we give you 9 reasons why it is beneficial to have a rabbit as a pet. Let's get started!



9 Reasons to get a bunny as a pet

1. Rabbits can be happy in a reduced space

Of course, we are not referring to a mini box where it can barely move, we mean a cage large enough for the bunny to exercise, and equipped for the hygiene and comfort necessary to make a bunny happy. For example, the cage cannot miss a water container, food or sandbox to do their potty time in. This cage has to be cleaned frequently to preserve the health and cleanliness of the rabbit.

2. They are social animals

Rabbits love to be with other rabbits, but if you raise them with humans from when they are young and they receive love and affection, then they connect deeply with humans. They can also socialize and be kind to other animals such as dogs and even cats (as long as the other animals are docile - do not expose your rabbit to an aggressive animal). They also like to be caressed, but be careful! Rabbits don't like to be lifted off the ground; they get very nervous and can hurt themselves and their owner.

3. They have a vegan diet

rabbit with carrot in grass

Rabbits are herbivorous animals, so their diet consists mostly of vegetables, fruit, cereals, and seeds. Hay is also essential for their digestion. With this simple diet, they are fairly easy animals to keep happy with a diet that is not demanding at all, and they should definitely not have any industrialized condiments. This is wonderful, as their food doesn't smell bad and can even influence your own diet (eat more vegetables!).

4. They are willing to be trained

The rabbit is a very intelligent and docile animal, it can be trained just like a cat or a dog. They have the ability to respond by name and even follow their owner around just like a dog if it is out of its cage. They love to play and perform tricks.


5. They are true fanatics of cleanliness

Rabbits love to be clean, in this, they look a bit like cats, as they are constantly grooming themselves. Interestingly, these animals are organized even in their own space, constantly organizing their own belongings (their toys, of course). Which is excellent for their owner and for the home. A negative aspect of them is the excess fur of rabbits. They lose plenty of hair and to avoid knots, you have to brush their fur constantly.

6. Rabbits are Crepuscular

They are what? Crepuscular. This means that they are not diurnal or nocturnal animals; they are animals that are very active early in the morning and at dusk, this particular schedule can be very beneficial for some people because it fits perfectly with them.

7. They are silent animals

Rabbits don't fill the house with noise like dogs that bark ceaselessly or cats that meow, or even birds. The rabbit is a tender, silent animal that will cheer you up with its sweet and quiet company.

8. They don't do so well with small children

little boy with rabbit

The children, particularly the smallest ones are very playful and although that is not necessarily bad, rabbits are prey animals, so when they are lifted or squeezed they feel trapped and will try to defend themselves and free themselves by all means. In spite of this, rabbits can get along with children as long as there is an adult supervising the care of the rabbit and telling the children what kind of games are appropriate for the rabbit.


9. Each breed of rabbit has its own personality

Just like human beings, rabbits have their own personality and temperament. So. if you are thinking about having a rabbit, we recommend that you inform yourself well.

Final Words

Of course, like all animals, rabbits have their positive things and their negative things. One negative thing about them, for example, is that their teeth grow and grow non-stop. For this reason, you have to give them things to bite and chew on so that they can wear out their teeth a bit. Precisely because of this peculiar characteristic, it is necessary to condition a house before having a rabbit, for example protecting the cables to avoid having your rabbit bite them.

In spite of everything, rabbits can be a great pet, sweet and tender that can also accompany us for a good 10 or 12 years if we take care of their health. If you think about the negative and positive points of having a rabbit as a pet, those who already have a rabbit as a pet will understand that the positive aspects surpass the negative ones by far. If you would like to have a long-eared jumper friend at home, don't forget to inform yourself about the matter and prepare the home to receive the happy and excited bunny.


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