Best Rabbit Hutch "Cause Bugs Bunny Ain’t Livin in a Hole"

Bunnies make wonderful pets and they have distinctive personalities to boot. One can be as playful and goofy as a puppy, as independent and mysterious as a cat, or as affectionate and loyal as a dog. However, bunnies are among the most fragile creatures and they always fall under the prey category. So, be sure to get the best rabbit hutch for your cottontails before you bring a pair home. The right hutch can make your bunnies live comfortably and securely, so you won’t have to worry whether your grumpy cat or the racoon next door is bullying your pets.

best outdoor rabbit hutch

Building a rabbit hutch is no child’s play and it is much better to choose one of the best units the market has to offer. However, a wide variety will bound to confuse you and there are several factors to take into account before you get one. Don’t worry as we provided a concise buying guide so you will learn what’s in and what’s out when it comes to rabbit hutches. Before we head to that section, let’s take a look at 10 of the best outdoor hutches for rabbits.

10 Best Outdoor Hutches for Rabbits

Rabbit Hutch: Factors to Consider

Wandering around could cost your bunnies to lose their lives because they are too delicate and are a little too mischievous to be left free. That is why you need to find the right rabbit hutch that will give them the protection they need and the freedom to do the things they love. The following are things to look for so you can find the best rabbit hutch.


Bunnies are gregarious animals and should at least be kept in pairs to promote their emotional well-being. So, you need a rabbit hutch that easily allows a pair of bunnies to live harmoniously. The size of the rabbit hutch should be such that it allows your bunnies to have separate areas for playing, eating, and sleeping.

Eight sq. feet of enclosure space plus 24 sq. feet of space for fun and exercise is recommended for one or two rabbits, says the House Rabbit Society. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there are many advantages which call for some extra space.

Materials used

  • Wood - You should make sure that the wood used is of great quality; otherwise, it can rot and become a suitable breeding ground for termites and fungi. Eventually, the hutch will deteriorate.
  • Wire mesh - Choose a mesh that is tightly knit and is designed to withstand impact and corrosion.
  • Paint - The best rabbit hutch is one painted with a smooth and even coat of waterproof paint to prevent moisture and wetness from seeping through the wood. Avoid cheap quality polishes as it might contain toxic fumes that can trigger allergies or cause respiratory illness.


Ventilation should be taken into account so your bunnies feel as though they are in their natural habitat. Rabbits have thick coats, so it’s really important for them to stay cool when it is warm and humid outside as well.

Ease of cleaning

Bunny droppings have a musty smell, so you need a hutch that is a breeze to clean. An easy pull-out droppings tray makes cleaning quick and easy. Also, multiple access points ensure the hutch gets cleaned effectively.


Rabbits won’t appreciate it if you gift them a four-story house. The height of their hutch should not be very high, as they prefer to be close to the ground. If you choose a two-story hutch, be sure the ramp is not too steep.


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