16 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

We, the dog owners, always want to make sure that our dogs receive only the best in everything they are supposed to. We all know that treats, playtime, dog park, toys, etc. can bring happiness to his life. But still, at some point or the other, we get stuck on thinking of new ways to make our dogs happy. Trust me; every lovable dog owner faces this situation in his life. To help you with your question, here we have put together some great ideas for making your dog happy.

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How to Make Your Dog Happy?

1. Go for a Walk

Dogs are bred for specific purposes. Keeping him locked inside the house all day long will definitely make him bored. So, take him for a walk and give him some exercise. It will make both you and your pet, healthy and happy.

2. Talk to Him

He is not going to understand any element of your speech but he can sense the mood behind your talk. Moreover, he will feel happy for talking together.


3. Set Up a Playdate With Other Humans and Their Dogs

Most of the dog breeds love the companionship of other animals. Socializing your dog with other humans and their dogs will stimulate your dog’s mental health. If you don’t have a dog park near to your home, arrange a playdate with your friend’s dog either at your place or your friend’s place.

If he seems to be digging in your yard excessively, he is trying to communicate his boredom with you. In such cases, engage him with some form of activities. It will make him happy.

4. Teach Him a New Trick

Every dog loves acquiring some new skills. Teach him new skills and obedience. It will not only make him happier but also increase the bond between you both. These new skills will make your communication much clear.

5. Take Him for a Car Ride

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Some dogs would feel uneasy and nervous during the car rides, especially when it’s the first time. If he doesn’t seem to enjoy the ride, tell him that everything is okay. Once he gets used to the rides, he will keep his head out of the window and enjoy watching the new sceneries on the road.


6. Rotate His Toys

Some people keep only one or two toys out at the same time. There are also people who spread a host of toys in every place their dog is lying around. Keep in mind that, just as we humans, dogs get bored of playing with the same toys again and again. We don’t tell you to spend every penny on buying new toys every month. Just use those toys in a rotation. If your dog seems to get bored of toys which are out now, bring out the old toys that it has completely forgotten about. Trust me, it works.

7. Rotate His Treats

Instead of giving the same treats, again and again, introduce new treats to your dog once in a while. Offer a new variety of treat during your training sessions. It will motivate him to pay attention and master the skill as quickly as possible. The obedient dog will always stay happy.

8. Help Him Feel His Self Esteem

Self-esteem is not something that belongs only to humans. Our dogs have self-esteem too. As his pack leader, it’s our sole responsibility to help him in maintaining it. Congratulate your dog when he learns a new trick.

  • Make sure that your tone of voice for praising sounds different from commands.
  • When he does something appreciable, give him the treats he loves. It will make him understand the good and bad behavior.

9. Remain Calm and Energetic Around Your Dog

It’s true that your dog will be with you throughout your life and he is always ready to share your joys and sorrows. This statement does not mean that you can show your anger or sadness to your dog. Be energetic and happy around your dog. If your dog sees you happy and assertive, he will feel the same.

10. Give a Regular Visit to Your Veterinarian

If you are really passionate about knowing the answer to your query, “how to make your dog happy”, you should never ignore his vet appointments. Remember, a healthy dog is the happiest. Get him vaccinated whenever it’s necessary. Usually, for puppies and adult dogs, a veterinary visit is mandatory once in every six months. Also, do the tier-testing to avoid any over vaccination problems.


11. Make Your Pup Engage with Something When He Is Left Alone at Home

No matter how independent your dog is, no dog can bear the separation especially when he is left alone in a home. So, if you happen to leave him alone in a home, hire someone to play with your dog if you can afford to. Else, give him the chew toys or interactive toys or food puzzle toys to play with. These will kill his boredom and keep him mentally stimulated.

12. Give Your Pup Regular Massages

If your dog seems to be depressed, give him a gentle massage. You can do this even if he is not stressed. Who would say no to a gentle, soothing massage? Regular massages will strengthen his bones and improve the quality of your dog’s life. We all want him to have a happy, healthy and quality life. Don’t we?

Rubbing your dog slowly covering the muscle, fat, and bones is reported to do wonders while soothing a nervous dog.

Regular massages are a must for Great Danes because these poor guys are often prone to illnesses like arthritis.

13. Keep Him Fresh

Some dogs love to be in the water while others completely hate the whole idea of bathing. However, if your dog loves water, give him a bath at least once a week. It will keep him clean, fresh and happy. Take him to the groomer if his coat needs to be maintained.

Regular baths will also ensure the health and hygiene of your entire household.

14. Treat Him for Fleas and Ear Mites

Fleas and ear mites are the most common problems that every dog deals with. If your dog has either of these problems, talk to your vet. He will be able to suggest several suitable ways for treating your dog’s breed.

15. Be Consistent

One of the biggest problems dogs face with their owners is inconsistency. Be consistent with your rules and boundaries and make your dog clearly understand which behavior is acceptable and which is not. If you fail to do your part and punish your dog for misbehavior, you are never going to make your dog happy.

16. Verbal and Physical Praise

Your dog doesn’t have to do anything exceptional in his training, he doesn’t have to master any new skill; but still, he deserves the appreciation. Tell your dog how important he is and how much you adore him. Spend some time with him in praising and petting just for 5 to 10 minutes a day. This will increase the bond between you two and make him feel more loved, comfortable and secured.

You may do lots of other things to make your dog happy. If there is anything you want to add to this article on how to make your dog happy, feel free to write your comments below. Also, feel free to share this article with your friends and others in social media. It may help anyone to make their dog happy.


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