How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog?

There are many reasons to get a dog. They are beautiful, intelligent, loyal and playful. Dogs are proven to change the lives of human. Regardless of whether you are rejoicing or undergo some challenging path, it's always good to have a lovable dog on your side. You know how awesome dogs are. The thought of owning a dog might have come by seeing your neighbor’s dog or your friends. However, if you are still studying in a school, you should get your parents permission to keep a dog in your home. In some homes it's not that easy. But we tell you how to convince your parents to get a dog.

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Convincing your parents to get a dog as a pet can be really really hard. They will not say yes to a dog just like that. A dog is a responsibility, from his “shots to food” to special diet, there are many things which need to be reviewed before getting a dog. Your parents know you better than yourself. They know how much lazy and careless you are. If its sounds like you, you should prove that you are responsible and should convince your parents to get a pet. You should talk to them and give them the reasons. While asking your parents you might get in an infinite loop like “Mom, Can we get a puppy – NO!”, “Dad, can we get a puppy – Ask your mom!”. If you don’t want to get into this loop, you have to do some homework before opening your mouth to ask a permission.

1. Do Your Research

Getting a dog is not an easy thing, there are many dog breeds but you should decide that which one you want and which one your parents would be comfortable with. Maybe you like a German Shepherd, but your parents might want to go with a pug. So before you lose your heart on this, it is good to do your research, and remember that it is a multi-level research. Do your research to find out the perfect dog breed that suits the best to your family, to your lifestyle and yourself.  As we told, there are many dog breeds and not everyone will suit you. Find out if anybody got any favorites and also check whether your parents hate some specific dog breed, there might be a phobia of some dog, you should ask your parents. See if anyone in your family is allergic to dog hairs.


Most importantly find a dog which suits your lifestyle. There are dogs which are very expensive. Besides to the one-time purchasing cost, you should also consider the upcoming expenses, dog food, vet bills, training, shots etc. Be knowledge-full as much as you can. It will be a plus point to convince your parents to get a dog.

2. Play The Responsibility Card

With a dog at home, comes extra responsibility at home. Dogs need commitment, and your parents might be familiar with you and your commitments. So first things first, try to be responsible at home. Clean your dishes, do your work on time, watch TV until the allotted time and play games as much as your parents say. Because you need to show a great display of responsibility. Do all your daily chores on time, maintain good grades in school. This will maintain a good reputation of you in front of your parents when you will go and ask your parents to keep a dog. Believe me; your parents will never let you keep a dog if you are irresponsible. The dog is a responsibility especially when it’s a puppy. By showing your responsibility, you will convince them that you can take care of that little soul.

Tell your parents that you will take him for a walk every morning. Most importantly you will clean his poop, and you will potty train him. When your puppy is not trained to poop, he will poop anywhere, and if it happens, it’s your duty to clean that mess up. Tell your parents that you will clean him regularly and will give him a bath. It’s important that you will convince your parent’s regarding these Dog responsibilities because it is one of the major tasks while keeping a dog.

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3. Benefits From Dog

It’s time to convince your parents about the benefits of keeping a dog. Talk to your parents about how a dog can change your life and how it brings a little happiness to your home.  Tell them that it would be super cool to keep a dog. You and dog will grow up together, and you will have millions of memories. Dogs are great companions. It will be a friend to the whole family. And the most important point, Security. Tell your parents that bringing a dog to home will reduce the risk of burglary. A dog is a perfect animal to watch your home.Not just that, it will be also beneficial for your health. You will take him for a run which will keep your health fit, and you will also be away from the TV. I hope now you must have figured out how to convince your parents to get a dog a little.


4. Offer Help

It’s good to save your pocket money; if your parents get ready to buy a dog, you can help them with your saving. I know it will not be much, but it will be worth making them realize that you are taking this dog thing seriously. Alternatively, you can also cut the cost by asking for a dog as your birthday gift. Don’t go for a materialistic birthday gift, just ask a beautiful dog. Tell your parents that this birthday you do not need a PS or X-Box or any other toy, you need a friend. If your parents decided to fulfill your wish help them by choosing a right kind of dog breed to suit your lifestyle. Some dog breeds are super naughty but they are awesome. If you choose any of them, you may regret later.

Not just at the time of getting a dog, try to save your pocket money all the time to buy stuff for your dog, like a cool leash. It will help your parents after getting a dog. Tell your parents that you will take care of the small expenses of your dog by saving money from your pocket money.

5. Bring Home Friend’s Pet For Couple Of Days

In the road to convince your parents, this might be the milestone. Bringing your friends’ pet for some days will give you a good feedback, and it might be a plus point. Your parents might love a dog and agree to get one for yourself. By keeping a dog for few days at home will show your parents that how amazing a dog can be, and how great companions they are. Sometimes they might disagree to a dog because they haven’t keep a dog as a pet and they haven’t know the pleasure of playing with a dog. Your friend’s dog might change the perception of your parents. Sometimes parents who have never kept a dog got many misconceptions about dogs. They think that keeping a dog is an extra work, or keeping dog is something not hygienic. But tell them that it is not extra work, and dogs are clean and awesome. So bring your friends’ dog home and make your parents comfortable but remember to bring a clam one otherwise your parents will not agree to get a dog.

These were the few steps on “how to convince your parents to get a dog”. But remember patience is the key, the more you keep calm, the more the chances of getting a dog. So don’t hurry in anything, your parents know the best things for you. And once you get a dog, don’t break the rules you made for yourself. Take care of your dog and enjoy.



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