10 Ways Your Cat Shows Affection To You

Cats are the amazing and very adorable creature. They are always happy and lazy, they are exactly like you. Humans and cats are just made for each other. They love each other and both make each other happy. You can’t be alone when you have a cat. They will run around you, they will sit on your laptop, they will lick you. They just love you. If you are confused about their love and don’t know “how do cats show affection?”. Then this article will help you.

First thing first, cats love human and if you own a cat then it is sure that she loves you back. You might be confused about how, but there are many ways a cat show affection towards his owner. Something you may get annoyed by it but actually, she is just adoring you.

How Do Cats Show Affection?

1. Purring


A cat’s purr can mean many things but most of the times cat’s purr to show their love towards you. Purr is something that will reach your heart. Purr is a soft vibrating sound made by cats. It is a positive emotional state. A cat begins to purr when she is a kitten but later in his life cats keep purring to show their emotions especially love towards their owner.

2. Bunting

Bunting is cat’s head bump to your face. When cats are in a mood to show their love then they will bump your face. They push their head towards us in a very affection way. Bunting is an emotional expression used by many animals but especially in cats, they do this to their favorite person. It a huge compliment in the cat’s world, so if your cat gives you a bunt then it is a big thing for you. Head bump is a way to mingle her scent with yours, it is like calming for ownership.

3. Scratching


Cats love to scratch, they scratch everything. They also scratch humans but in a very gentle way and if they do it means you are officially theirs. Their scratching is not a rough scratching, it is an emotional way of showing the love. Cats have scent pads on their claws and with scratching you they are actually leaving their trace on you so that any other cat would know that you are his property. Scratching is a natural process in cats to mark their territory; they scratch their bed, their tree, and even their owner.


4. Kneading


Kneading is a way when cats push their paws in and out on any soft object. They also do it on humans, mostly on our laps. This is how cats bond with their things. It is a common behavior in cats. It is a childhood memory for them, as a kitten cat’s used kneading while drinking mother’s milk. This is why they still do it with things which belong to them. It symbols acceptance of anything in their world. Later in life this habit continuous as they sit on their owner's lap. It is an expression of showing love towards their owner.

5. Playing


There is one common thing in all living being that we lay with the people we like. And even in Cat’s, they will play with you if they like you. Cats play with all their hearts out. They might not be so active with others but when it’s you, they will be super excited and happy. It's always the case with cats and their owners. Like every animal, cats also need exercise and playing is the best way to do that. Playing not just keeps them active but also makes your bond much stronger. If your cat is playing with you actively then it means that she loves you.

6. Tail Love

Tail Love

Cats show love with their tails too. As a kitten, they used to approach their mothers with their tail straighten up. When they get old they also do this but now with the owner. They also come to wagging their tail on your face, so don’t push them away. They are just showing their love towards you. You are now his favorite. A tail love is a signal of Cat-Human relationship. A cat’s tail is ammeter of her emotion, tail never lies.

7. Grooming


You must have seen cats grooming themselves, Cats love to groom themselves all day. This is their favorite thing. They spend ridiculously enormous time in self-grooming. If cats are living together then they will also groom each other. Similarly, if they live with you they will also groom you. This is also one of those things that they pick from their mothers, as a child she used to groom them and this is how you make bonding. Cats also used it on their personal stuff, it is like marking property. The cat will like you and your clothes to show the affection, it also spread their scent to mark the property.

8. Gifting


It’s not just humans who gift another person out of affection; cats also do that to their favorite people. So when waking up if you see toys, paper balls or dead mice then don’t be alarmed it's just your cat giving you gift. And it is one of the biggest honors. Cats are the sociable animal and they know the meaning of gift and this is their way to gift. They gift you one of the best things they have, it can be a mouse dead or alive. It’s token of their love.


9. Rolling


When you are about to leave the office and you see your cat rolling on the ground at your feet, in cat language, this is considered as showing love. You might get late or the office when you see your cat in this adorable way. Cats are very fond of their owners and they only roll around when they are near the people they are affectionate.

10.Showing You Belly

Showing You Belly

The most vulnerable part of the cat is his belly, and if they are showing you in a way to pet them it means they trust you and they love you. Cats do not show their belly to anyone, it’s personal. A cat who loves you will roll over you and show you his fuzzy belly; it is a sign of love. So just pet your cat. This is how you increase your love and make your bond stronger with your cat. Cats are a prideful animal when they show you their belly don’t ignore them, you might not get the second chance.

There are many ways a cat shows affection toward their owner. But these are the most common and widely used by cats. These ten points must have answered your question “How Do Cats Show Affection?”. A pet is a big part of your family so don’t ignore them, if they are showing their love towards you, love them back.



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