Best Hedgehogs Cages: Reviews and a Buying Guide

Choosing the perfect cage for your pet hedgehog is one of the crucial decisions that you will be making because it’s no different than buying your own house. The hedgehog will be spending most of its time in there, and so you don’t want to make any mistakes. If you want a happier and healthier hedgehog, then make their cage as hospitable as possible because they need to explore and exercise.

Buyers guide

Hedgehogs are not big in size, but they are very active. They run around a lot and also love hiding. Also, they have tiny and delicate feet, and so you should be careful when buying them a cage to ensure that it has all the necessary features to meet their needs without hurting them.

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Factors to consider when buying a hedgehog cage:

The base surface of the cage

With their tiny feet, hedgehogs are better off running on a flat surface. Any wire or mesh-based surfaces will hurt them, hence limiting their activeness. It’s a fact that hedgehogs have poor eyesight, though a great sense of hearing and smell, and so you don’t want to make life harder for them by not providing a flat surface.

Cage measurements

Hedgehogs are tiny, but they need plenty of space to run around, play and hide. The minimum size for a hedgehog cage should be 2 ft. X 4 ft. There is no limit to how large it should be as long as you have enough space, and he/she will appreciate a large cage given their active nature. The size should be enough to allow free movement and also to hold a litter box, a wheel, eating area and a sleeping bag.Also, ensure that the cage is well ventilated.

Hedgehog cage safety

Apart from ensuring that the base surface is flat, ensure that the cage edges are well secured. There should be no sharp objects either, and all of the toys in the cage should be safe. Again, there shouldn’t be large spaces where their tiny heads can get stuck, or they end up escaping altogether. Also, the cage should be in a safe place, away from any predators. They are also little climbers. So, ensure that the cage’s interior is smooth. The temperatures must be right for a hedgehog to survive in a cage. They are best staying in temperatures between 70˚- 80˚, so avoid placing their cage near windows or a cold corner because the cold might affect their health.

Ease of cleaning

Just like any other pet, you will have to clean up after your hedgehog, including their cage. They play a lot, and you will find their pee and poop in every corner of the cage so ensuring that the cage you are about to buy will be easily accessible for cleaning is a bonus.


When choosing hedgehog bedding or toys to put in the cage, avoid anything made of cedar because cedar has some aromatic oils that can lead to respiratory problems in your pet hedgehog.

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Types of Hedgehog Cages

The market has various types of hedgehog cages to offer, so you have a chance to choose that which suits and your pet best. They include:

Wire hedgehog cages

Wire cages are common, and they often have a deep pan and a solid bottom. One big advantage of going for this type is that they are well ventilated and if the temperatures are low, you can easily and safely heat them with any ceramic heat emitter. Again, wire cages have more floor space compared to other modified cages. Generally, wire cages are strong, and they can protect your hedgehog from small children and other pets. However, quality matters so you should do a background check on the different brands before purchasing one.


Pan cages are either metallic or plastic, and both are usually lightweight, but most people prefer plastic pans because they do not rust and are also easy to clean. Also, metal isn’t the best option if you will be providing additional heat in the cage. To prevent your hedgehog from climbing if you want a pan cage, go for one that’s at least 6” deep.

Plastic storage containers

These are relatively cheap, lightweight and portable. They are also easy to clean and disinfect. However, finding a large enough plastic storage container to accommodate other accessories can be a challenge. Again, they inhibit easy viewing which is limiting for both the pet and the pet owner since hedgehogs too, just like most pets, need environmental stimulation. Lastly, these types of cages are dangerous when used with additional heat sources.

Glass aquariums

If you have a large aquarium, you can use it to host your hedgehog. However, aquariums too might be limiting for a hedgehog because they lack enough floor space. They are also cumbersome, costly, heavy and also difficult to clean.

Top 10 Best Hedgehog Cages

Frequently asked questions

What kind of cage should I get for a hedgehog?

Your hedgehog will need enough space to play and move about. A four square feet cage should be the minimum size. You should also ensure that the cage is roomy enough to accommodate a wheel since hedgehogs love them, a sleeping bag, a litter box, and the eating area (bowl and a water bottle).

Apart from size, there are other factors to consider such as safety, ease of cleaning it, ease of setting it up, ventilation, etc.

Do hedgehogs need a heat lamp?

This entirely depends on the temperatures in your home or the hedgehog’s room. The ideal temperature for a hedgehog is around 72-80 degrees. So if this is not the case for you, consider getting a heat lamp and place it over the cage. And, to ensure that the temperatures are right for your pet all the time, always have a thermometer around his cage and monitor the changes. Both extremes, heat and cold, can really affect your hedgehog, and you can easily tell this from the change in their activeness. There are also other ways to keep your hedge warm during the cold season apart from getting a heat lamp.

What bedding is best for hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs love soft beddings, and they also like burrowing in them. Again, the beddings should be absorbent and shouldn’t be dusty. But, most importantly, the bedding should not get stuck in the hedgehog's spines, even when he/she isn’t completely dry maybe after taking a bath. If you decide to go with wood shaving bedding, ensure that it has no oils that could cause any health problems to a hedgehog or hurt their feet. Another bedding type to avoid for a hedgehog is cedar shavings because they will cause allergic and respiratory problems to your pet. The best bedding for hedgehogs is the fabric type such as pillowcases, fleece, and towels. They are not only affordable but also absorbent, washable and reusable. They also allow your little pet to burrow in them and will not hurt their delicate feet. Other hedgehog bedding types include corn cob bedding, paper shavings, Aspen shavings, etc.

Can hedgehogs be housed together?

Naturally, hedgehogs are not social animals. As such, you should be careful not to house them together unless you are sure that they won’t fight each other because they can badly hurt or even kill each other. If you need two hedgehogs and are not sure if they can share a cage, have two cages just in case they decide otherwise. Also remember, hedgehogs can seem to be okay with sharing a cage for a few days or even weeks then one day they decide, or one decides otherwise. To prevent any dangers, always keep an eye on your hedgehogs and be ready with an extra cage for such moments. Also, remember to put two of everything in a shared cage to avoid conflicts and go for a spacious cage.

However, some hedgehogs respond very well to a new friend to the point of even becoming more active. But, always make sure that you are not housing males and females in the same cage unless they are neutered and spayed.

Do hedgehogs need baths?

Unlike some pet animals, hedgehogs do not often need baths because they are generally clean. However, sometimes they will need that bath, and luckily it’s super easy to bathe them. You will at least need some warm water, shampoo, a toothbrush, and a towel. You can also take this time to trim his/her nails while also checking if you have cleaned the feet and quills thoroughly.

Final Words,

Hedgehogs are tiny and cute, and as pets, they are easy to care for. The first thing you will need before bringing one home is a good and fully equipped cage, and lucky for you we have reviewed the ten best hedgehog cages to help you make an informed decision. Make sure the cage you choose is fully equipped before bringing your little friend home to ensure that he/she will have a comfortable life. Good Luck!


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