Best Heated Water Bowl for Pets No more ice-cold water this winter

How we love to exchange conversations over hot cocoa or gulp down a cup of eggnog to keep our insides warm and fuzzy during the cold months! But don’t forget that our furry pals also want to feel like just that, too. Unfortunately, there are many myths revolving about our pets’ capabilities to get through winter. Many dog and cat owners tend to think that pets are less likely to get dehydrated during the cold months. This is false!

best heated water bowl for pet

Dehydration is a common problem in our pets during winter. Pets can easily get dehydrated in cold weather as much as they do during the summer months. The problem is a lack of fresh water supply, which you can address by getting a heated pet water bowl. However, vets and pet experts do not recommend giving your pets ice-cold water during these as times for it might contribute to hypothermia. This is especially true if you have a cat who refuses to stay indoors or a dog who loves to spend most of his time playing in the snow.

A heated pet bowl is designed to keep water fresh and invigorating so your furry pals can stay warm and hydrated throughout the winter weather. Additionally, it is a viable option for those who are planning on traveling to areas with extremely low temperatures. Heated water bowls are compact and are easy to carry.

So, how do you bag the best-heated water bowl for pets in the market? We narrowed down 10 of the best units on the market, so you won’t have to browse through hundreds of products. We also provided a short buying guide so you will have an inkling about the item you are looking for.

What to Look for


Choosing an appropriately sized bowl saves you from doing constant refills. The capacity of the heated water bowl depends on your pet’s size, as well as the number of pets you have in your household. For instance, a heated water bowl with a 1.25-gallon capacity is too big for a Pomeranian. It is best suited to a large breed such as a Labrador Retriever or a German Shepherd. But if you have two or more small dogs, then a large bowl would be beneficial.

heated water bowl

Materials Used

The construction materials are crucial, especially when electricity is involved. Heated pet bowls are mostly made of plastic or stainless steel. Stainless steel bowls are sturdier, hygienic, and are easier to clean than plastic ones. Most importantly, they do not warp or melt. However, they cost more.

Power Cord

The power cord should be long enough and must be encased in a protective material that keeps your pets safe, especially if you have an aggressive chewer in the house.

Heating Element

Some heated water bowls are plug and play devices, while others feature a thermostatically controlled built-in heater. If you don’t want to constantly monitor your pet’s water, opt for the latter. As its name indicates, a thermostatically controlled heater turns on to heat up your pet’s drink and automatically enters standby mode.

Another advantage of choosing a thermostatically controlled water bowl is low maintenance costs. Plug and play bowls increase your energy bill since it remains on for as long as it is plugged in.

10 Best Heated Water Bowls for Pets


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