Pros and Cons of Having Pet Hamsters

Hamsters are one of the most popular pets for children. They are very cute to look at and are commonly known as pocket pets. It is extremely convenient to handle these adorable pets. However, you should have a look at the pros and cons before making any decision. Below is a list of the advantages and downsides of having a hamster for a pet.

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Pros of having pet hamsters

Taking care: Hamsters are really easy to take care of as compared to other pets. You would have to take care of their toys, food and health which are fairly manageable.

Cleanliness: Another pro to having a pet hamster is how clean they are. They usually only use one corner of a cage as a latrine. The rest of the cage is going to be pretty clean which means that you do not have to worry much about cleaning up. Keep a dustpan and cloth handy to clean the corner regularly. You would then have to clean the entire place very less frequently.

Adorable pet: Hamsters have really cute cheek pouches which make them ideal to play with for kids. You can spend a lot of time watching these adorable creatures eating food and taking it back to their own zone. It is indeed a delight to watch these lovely pets play around.


Can survive alone:Hamsters can stay alone, and you do not have to look for a pair. Usually, managing two pets at a time can get really daunting. However, in the case of hamsters, this is not the case. With only one pet, the cost of set up also decreases and managing the pet becomes easier.

Silent pet: You would never hear anyone complain about hamsters making noise. This is the best part about owning a pet like hamsters as they would not disturb anyone in the house or the neighbors.

Low maintenance: If you are a time-strapped owner, then you certainly do not have to worry about taking care of hamsters as they do not have to be taken out for walks. Thus, the maintenance involved is really less and you do not have to bother much.

Easy to keep: For those of you who only have a small place to keep pets and still wish to own one, a hamster is perfect. They will make a great option for those of you who cannot keep pets such as dogs and cats that need a larger space to be kept.

Less effort: When it comes to cleaning your pet, you do not have to bother much. Unlike other pets, hamsters can go for days without taking a bath and would still not stink. This is not the case with dogs or other common pets. So, if you are someone who is too busy for all the maintenance but would still like to own a pet then hamsters are a good option.


Playful: Hamsters are generally known to be very loving as well as playful. If you are having guests over then it is indeed a treat to watch them play. These furry little creatures are very adorable and make for great pets.

Cheaper: If spending too much is not an option then buying a hamster should not be an issue. They are way cheaper than other pets that you would get out there.


Cons of having pet hamsters

Bad eyesight: There are few downsides of having these pets which you need to know about. To begin with, they have bad eyesight and rely on other senses such as smell and sound. Therefore, hamsters are likely to bite you as they have a poor vision. Introducing new people to your pets would be a little difficult as they cannot differentiate and might end up biting your guests also.

The bites caused by hamsters are quite painful. So, one has to keep the children away from them. The little ones can get really scared by these pet hamsters.

Nocturnal beings: It should be noted that hamsters live a very nocturnal lifestyle. This means that they are up even in the night. Moreover, they will spend most of their day time being awake. If you try to wake them up they can turn to be a little aggressive. It is advised to keep the cage of your hamster away from the kid’s bedroom as it can cause a lot of trouble for them.


Vulnerable to infections: Hamsters are prone to infections which mean that if you have a child then you will have to supervise a lot. Make sure that you take care of your pet’s health, to begin with, so that the infection is not transferred to your little ones.

Need to stay active: Since hamsters have a really active lifestyle it is important to give them the opportunity to play a lot. If not, then these cute creatures might not live longer. This means that you will have to keep toys or wheels in the cage for them to play around with.

Final Take

Thus, hamsters are really cute pets that you can keep and are very playful in nature. They are kid-friendly; however, you will have to be careful and supervise. When it comes to taking care of them, it is very inexpensive as compared to the other animals. If you are a busy person in general and are still looking for a pet with less maintenance, then a hamster is a good option. However, make sure that you do give them some attention as hamsters usually crave for the same. There are certain downsides that you need to be aware of. For instance, hamsters are prone to infections and you would have to be very careful when it comes to their health. Moreover, they are nocturnal beings and so you cannot keep them in your bedroom. Since hamsters have weak eyesight it might be difficult for them to recognize you and they might end up biting you. However, if you are fine with all the stated cons and would still love to have this adorable rodent as a pet then go ahead and get yourself one.

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