Best Hamster Travel Carriers: All-time guide for travelling with your small furry friend

If you have pets, travelling can be a big issue as you don’t want to leave them behind, and you cannot always carry them with you. Also, travelling with your cute little hamsters can be very difficult. You require proper travel carriers/cages for your hamsters to carry them safely and enjoying having your trip.

best hamster travel cage

Like you need proper travelling baggage and need proper attire for your trip, in the same way, your hamster needs a proper travelling carrier for its travelling needs. You need to keep in mind that hamsters like to stay alone and are very sensitive to their surroundings. They get anxious very easily and travelling for even short trips can make them anxious if they are not properly taken care of.

You need to get the proper travelling cage for your hamster, the right products and utmost care to take your little hamster with you. They make great travel buddies if taken care of in the right way.


Things to Ensure Before You Travel

Healthy and Fit Hamster

It is important for your pet to be healthy and fit to undergo travelling. You need to take your hamster to the vet and get a certificate of fitness for your hamster if you are travelling between states. The veterinarian will certify that your pet is disease-free and healthy.

If your hamster is on any kind of medication, have enough medication which will last the trip and keep a copy of the medical records of your hamster with you while you travel. Also, hamsters are very sensitive and get stressed very easily by a change of surroundings.

You should also search and make a list of vets at your destination which you might need in case of an emergency. It is always better to be ready beforehand.

hamster travel cage

Pet-friendly Hotel

Place your bookings with a pet-friendly hotel or you might have a lot of trouble. You should also place a tag on your hamster’s travel cage with your name and phone number while travelling. Pack a lot of regular food and water for your pet as they need to be on their regular diet to avoid any kind of stress.


Packing Some Cleaning Supplies

You also need to pack some cleaning supplies for your pet's cage if you are going on a long trip. It is recommended to keep your hamster’s cage clean and tidy as hamsters like to stay in tidy surroundings only.

Choosing a Traveling Cage for Your Little Buddy

There are a number of travel cages available in the market for hamsters, but not just anything will suit your hamster. You need to look for carriers which have plenty of ventilation and are secure in every way.

If you are going for a long trip and a lot of travelling is involved, your travel carrier should have space for bedding, food, water, small exercise wheel, toilet for your hamster and its walls should be sturdy with a good amount of ventilation.

Travel carriers should be small and portable so that they do not take up much space in your car while travelling. A food dish and a water bottle is an essential feature in any of the travel cages as your hamster needs its clean food and water. It should also have a carrying handle so that you can carry it around at your ease while travelling to your destination.

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