Guinea Pig Travel Cages & Carriers Buying Guide & Our Top Picks

Whether your guinea pig is with you for emotional support, you are moving to a new home, or your little "piggy" needs to go to the veterinarian, you will need the right travel cage or carrier to keep him safe for transporting.

In this post, we will review our top picks for the guinea pig travel cages and carriers, plus, what to look for in the right carrier for you. Let's get started!

Best Travel Cages & Carriers for Guinea Pig

Buying Guide for a Guinea Pig Cage or Carrier

Gone are the days of putting your small pet in a cardboard box to take him from one location to the next. Although cardboard will do in a pinch (for short trips), it is not the best choice as it can be chewed through, will get saturated and weakened if piggy pees on it, and does not provide adequate ventilation, especially if the weather is hot.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing a guinea pig travel cage or carrier.

The size of the carrier - be sure your carrier is of sufficient size for transporting your pet guinea pig. In this case, bigger is not better. Yes. You want enough room for a piggy to have proper ventilation, but too much space could have your pet tumbling around if you have to make a sudden stop. It is recommended, if you are transporting two guinea pigs, that the carrier is about 12" wide by 19" long by 12" high.

guinea pig travel cage

Quality of the cage or carrier - you will want a carrier or cage to be durable enough to last the lifetime of your furry friend (and even beyond). Choose a travel cage or carrier that is constructed to last with durable materials such as tough plastic, resin, wire, or heavy-duty mesh and canvas.

Climate you are traveling in - since guinea pigs do not sweat, it will be essential to keep his environment between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In the warmer months, you will want to have a carrier or cage that provides plenty of ventilation openings. This will allow the air to flow and circulate to help keep piggy cool. In the colder months, your ideal carrier or cage would allow for the addition of a draped towel or blanket to block any drafts that may be present.

Length of time you will be using the carrier - if you plan on using your guinea pig carrier all the time, then choose one that has adequate space and features that will make your trips less stressful. These features will include proper ventilation, a sturdy model, good handles, and one that is easy to clean. If you only plan on using the carrier for short trips to the veterinarian or a short-distance move, then a carrier that is safe, and has an easy access point may be preferable.

Airline approved carriers - if your main goal for a guinea pig carrier or cage is to use it for airline travel, be sure to check the guidelines for what your airline provider has issued for pet carriers. These types of carriers are particular in dimensions, and you will want to have one that will fit under the seat or else piggy will be forced to travel in the cargo hold. Get specifics of your airline to ensure you have met their standards before you show up at the gate.

Ease of maintenance and usage - If you are planning on using your travel carrier or cage regularly, you will want one that is easily taken apart to clean, or, at the very least, can be wiped down quickly and effectively. Choosing a cumbersome carrier or one that is a nuisance to maintain will only lead to frustration, and, most likely, you won't use it, or you will dread using it. Either way, it's unnecessary stress and waste of money.

Traveling With Your Guinea Pig

Traveling with your pet guinea pig doesn't have to be a hassle. Find the carrier that suits both you and your piggy's needs, Whether that be for long-term usage, or just for quick trips to the veterinarian, there's a travel carrier or cage that is perfect for you.


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