Best Cages for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are popular pets for children as they are fluffy, cute, and relatively easy to take care. Likewise, they are well-suited to apartment lifestyle as they don’t demand a huge portion of your house, unlike dogs and cats. You can contain your fluffy cavies in a particular area, making them safer to have around even with toddlers and bigger pets.

best guinea pig cages

Understand that although they are easy to look after, guinea pigs still have specific needs that you should cater to. The biggest mistake a majority of first-time owners commit is getting the wrong cage. Your cavies’ cage doesn’t have to be flashy, but it has to meet a few specifications to keep your furry friends hale and hearty. To learn more, you can check out our detailed buying guide below.

But if you already own a pair and is planning to make an upgrade, you can skip our buying guide and go directly to our top picks. We reviewed countless guinea pig cages and narrowed it down to 10 of the best models to make it a breeze for you to pick out the best for your fluffy pig.

What to Look for in a Guinea Pig Cage

1. Size

Guinea pigs are among the largest rodents. (Yes, they are rodents. Not pigs!) However, most cages marketed specifically for guinea pigs are actually way too small. That is why all too often rabbit and rat cages are good options for your cavies.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, one guinea pig should at least have a room that measures 30” x 36” but more is always better. A roomier cage offers numerous advantages that you and your fluffy pig can enjoy.


  • Enriches your pet’s life
    Guinea pigs can live up to nine years. As a responsible owner, you don’t want your pets to get agitated or depressed due to a lack of stimulation. With a large enclosure, you can add as many toys as you can to keep your pets occupied. Plus, they can roam around as they please.
  • Help prevent medical conditions
    Being able to roam around their cage means your pets are getting adequate exercise that will help prevent medical conditions, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. What is more, your pets can exercise on their own schedule.
  • Promotes peaceful co-existence
    Cavies are social critters and they thrive best when they are housed together. However, having multiple pets also means a mix of different personalities. So, it is important to have a large enclosure to increase the chances of a peaceful co-existence among many guinea pigs.

2. More floor space

guinea pig cages

Guinea pigs rely on floor space for exercise and playtime. They are not excellent climbers, so high cages with many platforms are not necessary. If the cage has an elevated area, be sure its ramp is not too steep for your pigs to climb on.

3. Comfort levels

Cavies don’t demand a memory foam bed but they still need to be as comfortable as possible as they hit the sack. So, before you select the best bedding for your cavy, be sure to get a cage with a solid bottom. A guinea pig’s feet are too delicate to handle the constant pressure caused by uneven bumps of mesh flooring. Otherwise, their feet could get swollen and infected.

4. Accessibility and ease of cleaning

A cage that is highly accessible is a cage that is easy to clean since you can reach all the nooks and crannies of the cage. Although a wire cage seems like the easiest to clean, a large cage with a solid base is also an easy one to clean because it prevents the build-up of waste by allowing your pets to separate their dirty business away from their other activities.

Choose a cage with generously-sized openings. The better if you can access the cage in multiple ways to make interaction and feeding a breeze.

5. Balcony and hiding nook

guinea pig family

A cage with a balcony adds dimension and a better view for your pet. Likewise, it creates a hiding nook underneath that lends privacy and rest.

10 Best Guinea Pig Cages

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cage for 2 guinea pigs?

The best cage for 2 guinea pigs is the Home Sweet Home. It can host two guinea pigs comfortably and its deep base ensures that the cleaning is simplified. You can assemble it on your own without any tools. The base of the cage is pretty deep, so even if you accidentally keep the door of the cage open the guinea pigs won’t be able to go out. You can put bedding for your pets or you can stuff it with hays.

What bedding is best for guinea pigs?

Paper bedding is the best kind of bedding for your cavies, but it can be expensive so you can try using kiln-dried pine and on top of that put a paper bedding.

What is the best hutch for guinea pigs?

The Petsfit Wooden Rabbit Hutch is the best hutch for your guinea pig. Although it is said to be the best fit for internal use, it is well suited for outdoor use as well. It has a cozy room for your pet to rest whenever it feels like. Even the playing area is big enough for the guinea pig to run around. It is built out of solid wood and the wire construction is robust.

What should guinea pigs have in their cage?

Their cage should have water and food bowls, deep bedding, plenty of fresh hay, pellets, fresh foods, and toys like wooden blocks and cardboard boxes. To make things interesting, you can add a hammock for your cavy.

Do guinea pigs need a wheel?

No, they don’t need a wheel. It is extremely dangerous for them as they might break a foot in that wheel.

Do guinea pigs need exercise?

Yes, guinea pigs need to exercise to remain healthy and prevent other medical conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This is the reason why you should buy a big cage for your guinea pig so that it has enough space to run around. Occasionally, you can also take them out of the cage and let them enjoy their time in the garden, if you have one.

Do guinea pigs need a bath?

Only when their fur coat is dirty or oily. Use warm water and kitten shampoo while giving your cavy a bath. Don’t put water on your guinea pig’s head, nose, and ears. You can use a blow dryer to dry your guinea pig after the bath, but remember to set the temperature at warm. Wrap them around with a warm towel until their coat is completely dry, else, there are chances of them catching cold and falling sick. Make sure you treat your cavies with vegetables after the bath.

Do guinea pigs make good starter pets for children?

Yes, they are good pet options for older children and also for adults.

Why is it important to quarantine a new guinea pig?

It is important to quarantine the new guinea pig (especially when you already have an existing one) to ensure that it is free of any kind of illness. Generally, the quarantine period takes up to two weeks and during that period, you can also keep a smock in that room for you to wear so that you don’t end up spreading any virus yourself.

What should I use to clean my guinea pig cage?

You must clean the cage daily by using either a small fresh rag or sponge dipped in a disinfectant solution that can be prepared at home only.

How should you clean the cage?

Mix equal amounts of white vinegar and warm water and use that for cleaning the cage. Always remember to put newspapers at the bottom, as it will help soak up all the moisture that is there. To remove the vinegar smell from the toys and other things, you can spray the rubbing alcohol on them and let it dry before putting them back in the cage.

How to reduce odor in guinea pig cages?

It is obvious that if you have pets at home, then there will be a certain odor indoors; therefore, it’s imperative that you do everything possible to keep that at bay. Clean the cage daily if you are using fleece bedding as it tends to absorb the liquids; however, if it is not possible for you, then you can spot clean at least once daily. If you can potty train your cavies, then your life will be easier and cleaning that very spot will reduce the odor largely.

When you are using sawdust, you should scoop out the soiled area to get rid of the odor. An air purifier helps in cleansing the air and removing the odor and dust particles at home, so if you are trying to get rid of the odor, then an air purifier will be a great help for you. You can also use some essential oils in your purifier in order to make your room fragrant, but it is always better to keep the purifier at a safe distance from your cavies. The air purifiers are a good option to keep the odors at bay, but before buying them, it is best to do your research properly to know which one will be best suited for you and your cavies.

Can guinea pigs jump out of cages?

Generally, the guinea pigs are not climbers. They love to stay in their cozy homes; however, if you have two guinea pigs in the cage and you see both of them fighting, then there are chances that one might look for ways to go out of the cage. There are times when one of the cavies might give a hard time to the other by bullying it, so it is better to keep an eye on them. If it happens continuously, then the other one might sneak out of the cage in search of a safer place. The best thing to do is to add height to the cage in case you find that one is trying to climb.

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