Top 10 Funny Dog Breeds You Would Love To Live With

Dogs, the one thing which will make you happy no matter how bad your day went. If you ask me to describe the word awesome, I would have told only one word that is “Dogs”. Yes, dogs are just awesome.They are your best friends; Dogs are brave, powerful, loyal and friendly and at times they can be funny too. Now I don’t talk about the funny things that your dog do for you to bring your smile up when you feel like down in the dumb. In fact, I am talking about the dog breeds that can make you laugh by just looking at them. Believe it or not, like the intelligent ones, cute ones, and the naughty one, there exists funny breeds of dogs too. Here is a piece of info on them to feed your curiosity.

Top 10 Funny Dog Breeds

10. Puli


When we talk about the funniest dog, Puli has to be on the list. They are cute, funny and adorable. If they are around you will just play with them all day long. Puli is a medium sized dog originated from Hungry. They were bred as a herding and livestock guarding dog. They got their long corded coat with tight curls which also look similar to dreadlocks. They are a very intelligent dog but without enough exercise, they will turn naughty and mischievous. You must be thinking that where have you seen that kind of dog, well “Mark Zuckerberg” got a Puli dog named “Beast.”

9. Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dog


Chinese Crested Dog is one of the funniest looking dogs in the world. They are hairless dog breed. They actually come in two varieties, with fur, and without fur. They are considered small. The weight in Chinese Crested Dog is between 10-13 lb (4.5-5.9 kg). The hairless Chinese Crested Dog got a very soft skin, human alike. They are very calm and fun loving with their nature; they love to play especially with kids. They are very gentle with kids.

8. Bergamasco Shepherd

Bergamasco Shepherd

Bergamasco Shepherd originated from Italian Alps near Bergamo and that is how they got their name. They have originally bred a herding dog. Bergamasco Shepherd is a quite muscular dog. They are entirely covered with coat that forms mats. They are slightly longer than tall. They are a very alert dog, and they are best for guard role. They are also very intelligent and fun loving. They form a deep bond with the owner, and they are great companions. They are a superb dog who can live easily in a mountain environment.

7. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff, which is also known as Mastino, is an ancient dog breed. They are large and used as guard dogs. They look fearsome, but they are very gentle and playful dogs. They are very protective of their home. They are a very socializing animal and love to be with humans, and they think humans as their own family. Neapolitan Mastiff is extremely intelligent breed of animal; they learn very quickly, and they are very easy to train. It’s good to give them training when they are a puppy, it will make them comfortable with strangers. They should be well socialized with kids, the problem with Neapolitan Mastiff playing with kids is that they don’t even know their own strength and sometimes they can hurt the kid unwillingly. Rest is very cool with them; they  are amazing and fun loving with great nature of playing.


6. Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier is a small dog breed which is famous for their joyful nature and appearance to lambs. They might be small, but they are very powerful in their size. They are also called as “fit to kill any other dog of his weight.” They are named after a small town Bedlington, Northumberland in North East England. Bedlington Terrier were bred to hunt vermin in mines. They are also very versatile dogs they are well known in dog racing and many other dog sports. They ‘re very playful, and their playful nature is active on both land and water, they are a hell of a swimmer.

5. Griffon Bruxellois

Griffon Bruxellois

Griffon Bruxellois is also known as Brussels Griffon, and they are super cute and funny breed of dogs. They are small in size which is also known as a toy dog. They were originated in Brussels, and this is how they got the name Griffon Bruxellois. When it comes to the temperament they are known for their generosity of love; they have a huge heart and deep love for their master. They are not shy and definitely not aggressive, but they love to play a lot. They are also very emotional. Griffon Bruxellois are great with kids and love to play with them. They are also very friendly with other animals in the house including cats.

4. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dandie Dinmont Terrier


Dandie Dinmont Terrier is a Scottish breed of dog, and they are small in size. They are very peculiar with their body structure; they got a relatively long body with short legs with “top-knot” of hairs on the head. They were bred by the border country of Scotland for hunting badgers and otters. They are perfect for their nature and suitable for both kids and older people. They are alert, and this quality makes them a guard dog. They should not be trusted be around with small animals like rats or hamsters. They are very happy and playful dog who will love to play with you anytime.

3. Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog; they  are from terrier family. They are known for their jolly nature. They are also funny looking dogs; their head is described as “egg-shaped head”. It looks like an egg if you view their head from the front. They are normally in white in color with a muscular body and strong shoulders. Bull Terrier is very friendly dogs who love to play but sometimes they can be stubborn. Early training can reduce the problem of stubbornness, and it can make them more socialize with strangers at home. They are a very calm breed of dog who loves their owner.

2. Borzoi


Borzoi is a domestic breed of dogs originated from Russia bur they are descended from dogs that were brought to Russia from Central Asian Countries. Borzoi literally means “fast.” They come from the family of Russian Sighthounds. They got long hairs as it will help them in cold winters of Russia. They weight more than 100 pounds (45 kg) with a height of 30 inches (76 cm). They are smart, fast and athletic. When it comes to temperament they are quite and calm, they rarely bark. They are sensitive dogs and need a little respect, but when they are around kids, they are completely friendly. As per their nature, they are not aggressive, but they are reserved with strangers and super excited and friendly with the family.

1. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff is a Tibetan Breed of the dog as obvious as name. They belong to the nomadic culture of India, China, Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia. They are used by nomad people in many regions of India too especially in Himachal Pradesh. They are big and powerful. They are used to protect sheep from wolves, bears and other predators. They are guard dogs which are being used for many years by these nomad people.  They are very intelligent and powerful breed of dog; they  are big. Tibetan Mastiff is not made for apartment they are a large breed of dog, and they need a big open space. They are calm and gentle with kids, but they need an early training to get socialize with people. They can be aggressive when strangers are around.

There are many other funny dog breeds are living with humans, but we had spot just 10 of them . If you are a proud owner of any other funny dog breed which is not included in this list, feel free to reach us with his funny pic. Let’s add him here and make him proud.  


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