Dog vs Cat: Which Pet Is Better for Kids?

When you have children, you might want to give them companionship with a cat or dog. Dogs are a man's best friend; cats spend a lot of time cleaning themselves. So, which is better?

Each has advantages and disadvantages. We will explore the benefits and drawbacks of each animal. Hopefully, these recommendations help you decide if a cat or dog would be better as a family pet.

Dogs or Cats for Pets

Dogs or Cats for Pets?

Pets provide an emotional outlet. That is why numerous studies have shown that pet owners live longer - they enjoy lower cholesterol, have fewer heart attacks and less stress.


When your entire world seems to be falling around you, at least your pet seems to still care. One loyal dog waited by its owner's grave for six years. You can't buy that commitment.

There is definitely a connection between pets and humans. Pets can increase positive emotional bonds in your family home.

Superior Hearing

Pets can also teach children important life skills. Small babies can empathize with animals, which is why you see them in children's cartoons. Babies can learn how to eat, move and wash themselves at the same time as your pets.

Children also learn how to discipline and train pets. This provides them with numerous leadership skills.

Pets have a more simplistic existence. Having a baby grow up with a pup or kitten can create long-lasting memories. The two lives are inextricably linked.


Plus, animals have superior physical skills to humans. Both cats and dogs can hear things that humans cannot. This allows them to be a warning for potential dangers.

dog and cat playing together

Attractive Cat Features

Experts believe that cats were domesticated some 9,000 years ago in the Near East. What are some of the best attributes of felines?

Cats are clean.

Your cat licks itself to clean itself. A feline cleans itself, so you don't have to.


Cats are tiny.

You don't need much space for a cat. Just grab a shoe box, cut out some holes and you have a home for your pet.

Cats are curious.

There are many cute YouTube videos of cats playing the piano. You can create your own "Keyboard Cat". Cats are playful and curious.

When Cats Are Better

If you live in a condominium, then an indoor cat might be better. Cats are smaller, cleaner and function better in small spaces. Set up a cat litter box and teach the cat how to use it.

Beneficial Dog Features

Dogs might fight against a charging bear, if a family member is threatened. That is pretty powerful. Here are some other endearing dog traits.

Dogs are great for rough-housing.

Boys like to wrestle. Dogs are great for boys who want to rough-house.

Hunting dogs fetch.

If you shoot a duck over the water, your dog will go and fetch it. You can also teach a dog to catch a frisbee, stick or ball.

Dogs protect the family.

Dogs have great hearing. They can protect your family in the middle of the night. Security guard dogs are well worth the price.

When Dogs Are Better

Hunting dogs are a great way to retrieve game shot in the wild. A dog will be better when you have a big yard for it to dig in.

Cat Advantages

Cats are preferred by some. Here are some of the advantages of cat ownership:

  • Soft & Cuddly
  • Purring
  • Independence

Cats are independent, so if you are not around all the time, they can handle their business. Felines are also great for catching rats and other rodents. You can make sure that your home is free of these pests with cat ownership.

dog and cat friends

Cat Disadvantages

Some parents don't want to worry about their pets. They want a pet that will simply accept what they do. Here are some negative traits of cats:

  • Fickle
  • Shedding
  • High Maintenance

Cats tend to sit in the middle of the rug or warmest place on the heater. Certain cats act like they own the house.

Dog Advantages

Boys like to go outside and run around. A dog is more likely to play sports with them. Here are some reasons for owning a dog:

  • Hunting
  • Security
  • Playing Catch

Dogs can hear certain high pitched sounds that humans can't. A dog can be a great security guard. It might even save your life by attacking an intruder.

Dog Disadvantages

You should have a large house and yard, if you own a dog. They need to get exercise. Here are some disadvantages to owning a dog:

  • Larger
  • Barking
  • Walking

Isn't it annoying to hear a dog barking all night long? This really is a training issue; the owner has not taught the dog the difference between a danger and normal activity.

Certain breeds of dogs are very aggressive. They might bite the mailman, causing you a number of serious problems. You need to train your pets well.

You also might see some dog owners late at night, walking their dogs. Dogs need to be taken outside to relieve themselves. Dogs also need to exercise to release their pent-up energy. So, you better allocate some dog-time to keep your pet happy.

Cats & Dogs Are Great

Both cats and dogs are great. You should look at your living conditions to see which might be better suited for your family. Cats are better for condominiums; dogs are better for wide open spaces. Cats are better for indoors; dogs are better for outdoors.

Your children can learn a lot and share their lives with their pets. Cats kill dangerous rats and dogs can provide security. Whichever you choose, everyone will be happier sharing their love with their family pets.


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