Best Dog Treat Bags Bribe Your Pooch with Snacks

You don’t have to be a professional walker or dog trainer to get a dog treat bag. This simple, little pouch is a powerful tool for training puppies and spoiled salivating beasties. Why? This bait bag will allow you to carry snacks securely and access them quickly, which makes training a lot easier for you and your pooch.

So, if you want your furry pal to have a halo on its head, positive reinforcement is the way to go and a good-quality dog treat bag is your sword!

10 Best Dog Treat Bags Reviewed

Points to Consider When Buying a Dog Treat Bag

Materials Used

Dog treat bags have different constructions. Durable ones use nylon and Oxford cloth. These fabrics offer excellent abrasion- and water-resistance, but oftentimes they vary in the Denier rating. Fabrics with high Denier threads are thicker and sturdier, while the lower ones are softer. That aside, you want to make sure that the seams are well-stitched.

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Ease of Cleaning

Since the pouch is most likely to get greasy and dirty fast, especially if you will bring high-value rewards — cheese, chicken, hotdogs, etc. You want your “can of worms” to be a breeze to clean. The dog treats bag should have a lining that you can pull out for emptying debris. You should be able to throw the pouch straight into the washing machine and have it come out in one piece. Another advantage of nylon fabrics is that they are quick to dry.

Size and Number of Compartments

Dog treat bags have minimal differences in regards to the size. However, some products have expandable liners to contain a substantial amount of treats for particular purposes. Still, you don’t want a bait bag that is too big.

You should also base your choice upon the number of pockets or compartments the bag has. You don’t want to mix your valuables with greasy biscuits. Check the pouch for the following:

  • A pocket for storing and dispensing poop bags
  • A zippered pocket for stashing cash, credit cards, ID, etc.


Each of us has our own preferences, including how we wear a dog treat bag. So, it helps to have a pouch that offers multiple ways of wearing it. The straps should be durable enough to stand the test of time.


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