Best Dog Nail Grinder Trim Those Nails Safely With Our Top Picks & Guide

If you're not familiar with what an electric nail grinder is then you’re in for a pleasant surprise, especially if you pet parent a dog. These handy little tools run at a high speed with a round head equipped with “sanding” material, that literally “grinds “away at your pet’s claws. Dog nail grinders offer a safer and easier alternative to traditional nail clippers.

In this post, we will explore our top picks for the best dog nail grinders on the market today. Plus, we’ll give you a guide on what to look for in the best dog nail grinder.

Let’s get started!

Top Dog Nail Grinder Reviews

Let’s explore our picks for the top dog nail grinders on the market today.

Guide to Dog Nail Grinders

Not all electric dog nail grinders are made the same. And not all pet parents need the same requirements in a dog nail grinder. When you’re on the hunt for the best tool, know your pet’s likes and dislikes, and what you need to suit your preferences.

Grinding Tips

Both the size and breed of your pooch will help you narrow down your choices (big dogs will need a high-powered model over petite pooches with thinner nails).

The grinding tip and the grit band, the unit comes with, will determine which breeds it is suitable for (some models come with various grinding tips and bands to suit all dogs).

For superior durability, look for models that come equipped with diamond and stainless-steel bits which tend to be more durable and offer greater consistency in the grinding.

First-time users, you will also want a dog nail grinder that has a guard which keeps you from over-grinding and prevents your dog’s hair from getting caught in the mechanism.

clipping dog nails


For your comfort and ease-of-use choose a model that is ergonomic so it fits comfortably in your hand. The better electric dog nail grinders come with rubber grips, so they are easier to hang onto.


One of the biggest complaints about the nail grinders with users is the noise they produce which can scare nervous pooches. If your dog shys away from anything noisy, choose an electric dog nail grinder that is quiet.

How to Effectively Use an Electric Dog Nail Grinder

Until you and your dog get accustomed to using an electric dog nail grinder, be sure the guard is in place and start at the lowest speed.

Read the instructions the model provides and select the appropriate grinding band for your dog (if you have options).

Once your unit is ready, take your dog’s paw and gentle squeeze the toe pad to extend the nail. Now carefully take the grinder and start at the tip of the nail. Slowly move it around, working your way to the top of the nail tip. Apply only enough pressure to “sand” away from the nail. Work the nail until it is to the desired length.

womans hand holding french bulldogs paw

Remember not to over-grind down to the “quick” as it will bleed.

Once your dog’s nail has reached the desired length, you can polish the nail by moving the electric grinder in a circular motion around the tip of the nail.

Repeat the process with each toenail.

Nail Grinding & You

It's important for your pet's health to keep its nails trim, so why not try a nail grinder today? These units are a safe and effective way to keep your pet's nails in tip-top shape. Be sure to follow the directions carefully on the model you choose, and always use praise and rewards while your pet becomes accustomed to having their nails trimmed by a grinder.


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