Best Dog Motorcycle Carriers

Our furry pals feel very strongly that they should always come with us wherever we go, just in case the need for wet licks and snuggles should arise. But what if you decided to take a cruise down the road on your bike and not with your car? If only animals could talk, your badass dog would definitely say, “Challenge accepted!”

Kidding aside, it is indeed possible for you to share a motorbike ride with your fluffy friend. In fact, joyrides are a great way to spend time with your dog! While you enjoy a picturesque view and feel the chill breeze on your hair, your dog will loll and stick his tongue out in euphoria! So, how do you turn this into a reality?

best dog motorcycle carriers

What you need is a motorcycle dog carrier to keep your canine buddy safe and securely attached to your bike. A thoughtful product such as this enables dog owners to share the fun and excitement of a motorbike ride with their beloved pets. Hence, it fortifies your relationship with your fluffy friend.

Understanding how important it is to own one, the demand for motorcycle pet carriers is rising at a phenomenal pace among fur-parents. In fact, you will find an inexhaustible collection in the digital marketplace as well as in brick-and-mortar pet stores.

To make it easier for you, we narrowed down 9 of the best dog motorcycle carriers that offer more bang for your buck. So, check out our picks below, or read on for relevant information.

Best Motorbike Carriers for Dogs

Benefits of a Motorcycle Pet Carrier

1. Home alone no more

Every time you head for the door, your beloved pet takes out his ultimate weapon: his huge, sad puppy dog eyes. But you simply brush that off and tell him to be a good boy, while you paint the town red. Hours later, you discover a cluttered house and a very enthusiastic dog! Do you blame him?

Dogs are sociable creatures. They love to hang out, too! As an important family member, it is quite obvious that he should tag along when you decide to celebrate, dine, or chill out someplace else. There is an increasing number of pet-friendly hotels, cafes, and restaurants where you could hang out. So, there’s no excuse!

2. Dogs love the great outdoors

Give your canine buddy a breath of fresh air! If you intend to go sightseeing to local parks, nature preserves, or simply cruise down some panoramic back roads, take your dog with you!

While it is important to encourage your dog to be a bit more independent, it is also wise to take your canine buddy with you as frequently as possible so he will learn not to associate your departure with negativity.

3. A Vital Equipment for Dire Times

A motorcycle dog carrier is an important utility for casual vet trips if you don’t own a car. Even if you do, you will never know when you might need one.

driver dog

Do All Dogs Like Motorbike Rides?

Usually, dogs with big, feisty personalities are the ones who are willing to take on the noise and quivers of a motorbike ride. This includes toy breeds, such as the likes of the pompous Pomeranian and the sassy Chihuahua.

Small dogs are accustomed to being held above so they feel more comfortable riding on a motorbike than bigger dogs. Also, they fit easily into smaller spaces and it is a cinch to lift them up, as well. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean large breeds aren’t ideal motorbike passengers.

A majority of large dogs are horrified by the idea of being carried, so teach yours how to ride atop your bike. You have to make your dog feel safe, so he won’t try to jerk about. Then allow him to get familiarized with the feeling. Believe me, it won’t take long for your dog to enjoy his first motorbike ride!

Riding in tandem with your canine buddy is an incredibly fun activity, as long as you do it with safety in mind. That is why you need to find the best dog motorcycle carrier, so your buddy feels comfortably safe as he enjoys the rush of the chill wind!

Factors to Consider

Here are the factors you should consider when choosing your first motorcycle dog carrier.

1. Type

There are two types of motorbike carriers to choose from.

Wearable carrier

Also known as the backpack type, the wearable carrier is attached to your bike as well as your body using straps. This type of carrier is a popular choice for parades since it allows your pet to stand up and flaunt his majestic self.

The wearable carrier provides your dog with a lot of wriggle room, which can be a problem unless you’re confident that your beloved pet is well-behaved. Hence, this type of carrier should be limited to short trips at slow speeds.

Crate-style carrier

The crate-style carrier may limit contact with your beloved pet but as far as safety is concerned, this type of carrier will protect your dog better. A good crate-style carrier can withstand strong winds, road debris, and severe impact in case of an accident. Crate-style carriers are better suited for high speeds and long trips.

Nevertheless, either type can work well. It all boils down to your dog’s personality and your needs. You can have both types and use them interchangeably.

2. Safety

Whichever type of carrier you choose, be sure that it has safety features to keep your canine buddy snug and secure in the course of your travels.

As for wearable carriers, be sure to find the right size that will contain your pet comfortably. Otherwise, your dog could get toppled out of his carrier and get hurt. Likewise, it has to be even and sturdy to prevent your pet from losing his footing.

Tip: Give your canine buddy a cool pair of sunglasses and his own comfy helmet.

As for crate-style carriers, be sure you can mount it securely onto your bike. It must have reliable locks and latches. You certainly don’t want your pet falling off your bike because of an open crate.

3. Comfort

Comfort is always a priority. If you won’t put comfort into consideration, your canine buddy will refuse to ride with you again!

Too much wriggle room is discouraged for wearable carriers, but be sure not to make your pet feel too confined. Likewise, it has to be made with comfortable materials. You should also check the carrier for components that could cause chafing.

As for crate carriers, bigger is not always better. Choose a size that will allow your canine buddy to sit up, turn around, or lay outstretched. Don’t empower your pet to do other things inside the carrier to avoid distraction. Lastly, the crate should have a padded interior.

4. Installation

Installation should be hassle-free. If a crate-style carrier is a cinch to install, you can also detach it from your motorbike in a jiffy without the fear of causing any damage.

Search for detachable models if you opt for a crate-style carrier. With it, you can easily separate the carrier from your bike for cleaning, maintenance, and for instances when your dog simply has to stay home.

Lastly, search for models with adjustment points to facilitate customizability.

5. Weather-proof feature

Sometimes, the sky drizzles the moment you least you expect it to. So, even if you won’t be riding through the rain, be sure you pick a carrier that is made of waterproof materials to keep your beloved pet dry and toasty. Crate-style carriers are obviously at an edge in this regard. But still, wearable carriers should have these features.

6. Durability

You don’t want to buy motorcycle pet carriers at frequent intervals, do you? So, be sure to choose a model that features quality craftsmanship so you can rack up the highway miles with confidence for a long, long time. A durable product reduces unnecessary expenses from maintenance and repair costs.

Motorbike dog carriers vary a lot in price. But a word to the wise: you don’t usually find durable finishes if you stray in the cheaper end of the spectrum.

7. Aesthetics

Of course, style and design should influence your decision before you click on that “Buy Now” button. You don’t want your pet carrier to contradict the look and feel of your badass bike.


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