Best Dog Flea Combs A chemical-free way to get rid of fleas on your dog

One of the safest and most practical methods of getting rid of fleas from your pet is using a flea comb. Dog and tick combs have been on the market for a long time and offer a non-toxic and chemical free way of removing fleas on dogs, puppies, kittens and even some of the smallest furry friends we keep at home like bunnies.

To fight fleas from dogs, you need a quality dog flea comb that you can combine with other flea products to keep them under control. With the help of a flea comb, you’ll detect the early signs of the presence of adult fleas on the dog’s fur. In this review, we're going to explore the seven best flea dog combs plus a bonus best electric flea comb that you should consider before purchasing. Let’s dive right in.

Best Dog Flea Combs of 2019

Factors to consider when buying a dog flea comb

Flea treatments can be expensive, but a high-quality flea comb can tackle the problem before it gets out of hand. Since flea combs might look similar at a glance, there are certain features that you should look for to quickly address the flea problem.

The Dog’s Coat

There are many flea combs in the market right now, and some are designed for short coats while others are ideal for long-haired dogs. Before you purchase, make sure that you research the one which is suitable for your furry friend.

The Severity of the Flea Infestation

Early examination is critical when it comes to fighting fleas. Using a flea comb is one of the popular methods of detecting the presence of an infestation on your pet. If the outbreak has been existing for a significant amount of time, you might need to take a more drastic measure to get rid of the problem.

Plastic Flea Combs Versus Metal Flea Combs

Based on effectiveness and durability, both types of combs are relatively affordable to buy. High-quality metal flea metal combs feature better quality and don’t bend or break easily.

How to Use a Flea Comb

It's not a flea comb that kills the fleas but the action you take afterward. A flea comb helps you to trap and remove fleas and their eggs. To do it right, you must be ready; here's the process.

First, pick a suitable location where you’ll comb your pet (like a garden) since you don’t want the fleas that may fall to spread throughout your home. Secondly, take a small container or bowl and fill it with hot water. Mix with soap to make a foamy top. You also need a towel to dry your dog when you’re finished.

Now you can begin combing the dog’s coat starting with the head and neck region. Give your pet a nice gentle brush and make sure you take time to cover all areas. As soon as you get a flea, knock it into the hot soapy water but don't put the comb in the water; nudge the insect in to keep the comb dry. The flea will walk onto the bubbles and then sinks away and won’t try to jump out.

Finally, pour the water out and use the hose to drown any fleas that may have escaped. Clean the comb and use a topical or oral flea treatment.

Bottom line

As a rule, you should ensure that you comb your dog’s hair at least once or twice a month so that you don’t miss anything that could become a bigger problem. To do this, you need an effective flea comb that will help you keep infestations down.

In addition to effective flea control, a flea comb is ideal for everyday use for regular grooming, removing debris, dander, and dust. Besides, your dog’s coat will remain shiny and healthy.


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