Best Dog Carrier Purse Toting Your Dog Around

Dogs are our best companions, and we would love to take them with us wherever we go. While we would love for them to walk with us, some situations do not allow it. It may be that certain institutions require dogs to be carried in bags or some dogs may be too stubborn to walk, especially the small ones. And, if your dog has not ridden in a carrier before, you might want to find creative ways to get them to like it before the day you’re planning to carry them in one.

best dog carrier purses

Out of so many dog carrier purses in the market, we have researched and come up with a list of the purses we think are the best to carry your small dog in. The purses vary in prices so you have the option to choose the one that you can afford.

Factors to consider when buying a dog carrier purse


Your dog will need enough space to sit in the carrier comfortably and breathe freely. Dogs come in many sizes depending on what breed they are, so there are many different carriers in the market created for these different dogs. It is therefore essential to know the size of your dog so that you can get it a suitable carrier, this way your furry friend will be happy.

Pomeranians and poodles, for example, will need smaller carrier purses compared to a Bulldog. Some dogs, however, are so big that they will not fit into any carrier purse and these include the Great Dane. The carrier purse should be slightly bigger by a few inches than the actual size of the dog both vertically and horizontally so that your dog has enough room to turn around or stretch while inside the purse.

Design and material

Of course, you will need to pick a carrier purse that will appease you and at the same time suit your dog. There are many designs in the market to suit different tastes of small dog owners and which also vary in color. You can choose a color that is in line with your sense of style because the carrier purse is also an accessory. The purses are made of different materials which will determine the quality and durability of the purse. Besides, you should choose a material that is warm and cozy for your dog.

You might want to go for a material that is easy to clean after using the bag. Other bags have additional pockets for storing dog treats, poop bags, and other essential items so that you don’t have to carry another purse for these items. Also, always remember to check if the dog carrier purse is airline approved and you can do some research on how to fly with your canine friend.


You might want a carrier purse for specific purposes, and these will determine the type of purse you will choose. If you only need a purse for placing your dog in the car, then you might get a simple carrier purse. But if you want one to carry your dog with you wherever you go, then you might go for a more detailed purse. Airlines may also have specific requirements for the purse you use to carry your dog, so you will also need to know if it is approved by airlines before you buy it.

Your dog should be able to get enough air while inside it, and it should also not be too hot for your dog; especially when you don’t want the dog popping its head outside the purse all the time. Some purses have both mesh tops and mesh windows while others have only one of the two. Others look like apparent dog purses, and others are more discreet and look like ordinary purses, and it is up to you to decide which one you want for your dog.

Also, note that not all dog purses are softly padded inside. In this case, you can place a soft towel or a small pillow inside to create a comfortable space for your dog.


The price of the carrier purses may vary depending on the type of the purse. Designer bags are more costly than ordinary bags and will require you to dig deep into your pockets. Everybody wants the best purse for their dogs, but you will have to go for the ones you can afford. Rich celebrities will mostly go for overpriced designer carrier purses because they have money to spend. Fortunately, there are cheaper bags in the market which are just as good.

dog carrier purse

Caring for your dog carrier purse


Leather purses can be cleaned easily by using a damp cloth to wipe the bag to remove dirt. Avoid as much as possible scrubbing it with a brush as this is likely to ruin it. It is best to use leather soap and a white cloth to avoid staining the leather. Cleaning fabric carriers may be more tedious since stains get soaked up in the fabric. Some fabric carriers, however, may be put in the washing machine. Luckily, most carrier purses have removable footpads for easy cleaning.

What should I do when my dog pees in the purse?

Your dog may pee in the carrier if it has not been adequately trained. Do not assume that it is sending a message that it doesn’t like the carrier. It may be confused for the first few days you introduce it to the carrier. A solution to this is letting your dog wear a canine diaper or line the carrier with a puppy pad while you patiently train him to pee outside.

Consult a specialist when even after every possible means of training your dog, it will not stop using the carrier as a bathroom as this might be a behavioral issue.


Store the purses away from places with moisture. Avoid storing them in plastic bags as this may cause them to develop mildew and smell. Also, stuff the purse with newspaper or tissue paper when you are not using it in order to maintain its shape.

The purse also needs to be stored upright and not hung to preserve its shape, especially for the leather ones.

Top 10 best dog carrier purses

Bottom line

Your dog should always be comfortable, and the carrier purses mentioned above will make sure of that. Each has been confirmed to be high quality and well made so that you will not need to keep replacing it after a short period.

If you are getting a pup for the first time, you need to know its size in order to choose a purse that best fits it. Although some are a bit pricey, you will never be disappointed spending your money on them!


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