Top 10 Dog Breeds That Do Fine in Hot Weather

Summer! The warmest between the four seasons, beautiful and perfect for the beach. Dog owners know for a fact that this can be the toughest of the seasons for their dogs, especially if they own a particularly flurry dog born for a more frosty environment. In those cases, some measurements can be taken in order to accommodate your pet, but what if you live in a tropical area or a state where the weather is mostly heated all year?

Gladly, there is a solution! For every dog lover there is a dog waiting for you and if you live in constantly warm weather there are plenty of dog breeds for hot weather. Here at Pet Comments we share with you the top ten best dog breeds better suited for warm weather.

Best Dogs for Hot Weather

1. Chihuahua


The Chihuahua dog breed is originally from Mexico and is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Coming from a warm environment, these little wonders are well suited for the warmer months of the year. Their small size makes them a wonderful companion dog since you can have a Chihuahua in a small apartment with no problem. Chihuahuas are not recommended for everyone though, the reason is once again their size, because of this, their bones and complexion, in general, is rather dedicated so, dog owners with small children better reconsider having a Chihuahua.


2. Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier

It is a very British dog breed from the region of Yorkshire. The Airedale Terrier has a very elegant posture, black and brown colors with a short and rough coat. It has a long nose that helps him cool the air that is coming into the lungs, and a middle size that together with his previous characteristics makes the Airedale terrier well suited for a warm environment. It’s not a noisy dog by nature but it does like to dig around a lot; the happy owner of this dog must have plenty of space for them to run around and dig around.

This fancy dog has a very calm personality; they are smart dogs that are somewhat independent. They need to interact with their owners, but are not so trusting of new people and need to be introduced slowly. One point to remember, this doggo has a strong bite, even if it doesn’t look like it; therefore, train your Airedale terrier to be friendly with other dogs and people since being pups.

3. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a Scottish breed of dog. The golden retriever has a double coat that naturally keeps him fresh, so you shouldn’t shave it. Like other dogs that endure hot weather, the golden has a long nose and big ears that help him get rid of the excess of heat. Together with that, this dog has an excellent temperament and it can get along with other pets in the house. With golden long hair, it might not be recommended for someone that suffers from allergies. Golden retrievers are an extremely active dog breed, which is one of the reasons they are wonderful for kids; if they can play ALL day, they are happy.


One warning, golden retrievers are not guardian dogs, these soft-hearted babies are full of love for absolutely everyone, and because of this they are not a good option for that job.

4. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Unlike the Golden, the German shepherd is truly guardian dog material and like their name states this is a German breed. The German shepherd has a long nose, big ears and a coat that “traps” cool air in order to ensure the dog’s resistance to the warm weather. These boys are the noble knights among the canines; they are commonly trained as police service dogs, military working dogs, guardian dogs, and others. With a strong build, they are resistant enough to handle terribly warm weather and the boldest heroic deeds of action. Of course, if you are not in preparation to go to war but rather play and exercise in the park with your dog, they appreciate and enjoy that too.

They are good company pets too since they are gentle with their owners and will protect them at all costs. They are not extremely social and are wary of unknown people, so introduce your friends and other members of the house gently to them.

5. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever


They are very similar to the Golden but have many key differences. Lab retrievers are originally from Canada and can be found in three colors: black, sand and chocolate or brown. Labrador retrievers have a long nose and big ears that keep them fresh in the harshness of the weather; they are also good swimmers and enjoy refreshing themselves when the weather becomes too hot for them. This good boy is one of the most popular dogs in the houses of many families with children. Lab Retrievers are kind and gentle in nature and are often trained to become service dogs; they are hard workers and smart.

As guardians, they can alert at the sign of someone but won’t behave with more aggression than that because of their gentle nature.

6. Dobermann


The Dobermann breed is a relatively new German breed. Is one of the toughest if not the toughest of this list. They are a large dog breed with short hair that endures warm weathers just fine. The Dobermann has a lean yet strong appearance that makes him look like a bad, scary boy. They are warm and kind towards members of the family and can be friends with people if they are trained to be social since pups. Is not necessary to train them to be guardians or protective towards people because this is a natural trait for them, to teach them this could lead to overprotection or aggression.

7. German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

Another German breed for this list is the German shorthaired pointer; this breed was developed in Germany for the purpose of hunting. It’s medium to large sized with strong legs and build, and they like to stay active and do lots of exercises. They have a short and dense coat, long nose and big ears that protect them from hot weather. The German shorthaired pointer has a somewhat eccentric personality, they can be as social as you want them to be if you train them for that, but they also make good watchdogs. Because of their natural drive to hunt, they must always stay active with games and activities (especially with their owner) and not have to share space with smaller pets at home, like bunnies for example.

8. Dalmatian


Dalmatians are among the dog breeds that bear with a warmer climate well and are native from Croatia. Dalmatians are medium sized dogs popular because of the Disney movies “101 Dalmatians”. They are born with a plain white coat that will show “spots” when the pup grows, they have a soft, short coat that makes them ideal for warm conditions, it needs to be brushed tough considering they shed.

Dalmatians are very smart but hot-headed, so it needs to be trained since it is born gently, but firmly. If you don’t give your Dalmatian some rules they will give you rules, so you better show them who the master of the house is. As pets they are very playful and active, therefore remember to give them outdoor time to exercise and stay active. A lonely and bored Dalmatian doesn’t do well, and it can even become self-destructive.

9. Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested

The Chinese crested as you can probably tell is originally from China. This dog breed has two variants that don’t look very alike, hairless and Powderpuff. The Chinese crested is considered to be a small dog breed, it can be from 11 to 13 inches. The powderpuff has long soft hair and the hairless version has no hair on its body with the exception of the top of the head, the tail and lower legs. Chinese crested are social dogs and love to be the center of attention.

This breed is not recommended for people that don’t have enough time to care for their dogs as they need someone dedicated to their health. Both varieties endure warm weather just fine; however, the hairless version is prone to sunburns and skin diseases, so dog lovers should be aware of this before acquiring a hairless Chinese Crested.

10. Beagle


Beagles can be from small to medium sized dogs. Many are tri-colored and some bi-colored but, the tri-colored are the most popular ones. They have a relatively short nose, but very long ears with round tips. This breed was developed for hunting so they love a good chase and have a wonderful sense of smell. As pets they are gentle and love to play and exercise. They don’t like strangers at first, yet they can become friends with other people in no time. Beagles are versatile at fulfilling a number of roles in society; they can be used as sniffer dogs by the police, service dogs or family pets.

Final Words

The already previously mentioned dog breeds surely can handle a summer day in the park and others can run behind you on the beach. Despite this, never commit the mistake of underestimating the effect of a large and prolonged heat wave on your dog’s health, and always make preparations for a happy and pleasant summer for you and your dog.


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