Best Cat Strollers Choosing the Perfect Carriage for Your Furry Friend

A cat stroller may seem like the last item you want to buy for your feline housemate. Besides, cats lounging all day indoors are inarguably much safer compared to cats exploring the great outdoors, right? You won’t have to worry about the elements, busy streets, or your neighbor’s ferocious canine threatening your pet. This may be true, but your pampered feline will surely lose out on a lot of things.

Truth be told, it remains a moot point among cat owners whether it is necessary to expose your indoor cat to the outdoors. But bear in mind that cats are natural explorers. Ever so curious, they love to have a new battery of smells and stimulating sights to get excited over. This is especially true if you adopted a stray cat who got used to the roaming life. This is where a cat stroller really comes in handy.

best cat strollers

A cat stroller is a solution your whiskery friend seeks so he can once again enjoy a breath of fresh air. It allows your cat to satiate his curiosity while he remains far from harm’s reach. He can gaze around as much as he wants, be aware of the quirky squirrel running across the path or the butterflies sitting on flowering bushes.

Anyway, read on and learn more of the benefits of using a cat stroller!

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Cat Stroller

Others may giggle at the idea of getting a cat stroller and quickly assume that it is just another useless accessory of an “overzealous pet owner.” But you know better! As a genuine and responsible animal lover, you look after the needs of your feline housemate.

Also, there is more to a cat stroller than just another addition to your pet paraphernalia. The following are just among the many benefits of having one.

Broadens your cat’s horizons

A cat stroller is a quintessential tool that allows adopted stray cats to venture into the outdoors once again, while the younger ones can finally have a taste of outdoor freedom. Your cat’s instinctive behavior will swing into action as he observes dry leaves blowing around on windy days, breath in exciting aromas, or watch bees flitting to and fro in flower gardens. Nature is a limitless source of fascination that will satisfy your cat’s inquisitiveness!

Prevents boredom

Cats manifest an independent nature, that is why they are often content with their solitude. However, your cat can also get bored if he is not given enough stimulation. Just like other pets, a bored cat can transform into a fur-ball of destruction! Your bored, erratic cat will most likely use your designer couch as his new scratching post, whip up a huge mess in the kitchen, or activate his Wolverine mode on you. If toys and cardboard boxes will no longer entertain your cat, tuck him inside a cat stroller and let nature bring a myriad of things into focus for him.

Makes exercise fun

Dog owners are often spotted jogging and doing power walks with their canine companions in tow. Break the stereotype and prove to everyone that even cats can tag along while doing these exercises. True, cats will never match a dog’s energy but with a cat stroller, you can finally cover long distances with your cat. You can let your cat run a little bit provided that he is on a leash. When he has grown tired, you can simply put him back in the stroller so you can finish your exercise routine.

Helps a physically challenged cat

A cat stroller is a huge blessing for cats who have been suffering from the maladies due to old age. With it, you can take your whiskery friend on different adventures and make the poor little guy feel young once again! Know that senior cats with mobility issues can easily grow agitated, which can lead to behavioral problems such as excessive chewing and scratching. The same thing can be said for convalescing cats. Therefore, don’t allow your cat’s mobility issues stop him from going on adventures with you.

Takes your cat practically anywhere

Music festivals? Shopping? Family outings? You can practically take your cat anywhere in busy crowds now that it is much easier to contain your pet. A cat stroller features a secure mesh enclosure that minimizes confrontation with naughty children or bad-mannered canines that may stress your feline companion.

Eliminates the need for a carrier

A cat stroller provides numerous advantages over a regular carrier. For one, you no longer have to carry the brunt of your cat on your shoulders. A cat stroller also makes it a cinch to make your cat get into and out of your car. Hence, you can safely transport your cat to the veterinarian. Cats usually don’t like to travel far, so he has to be tucked in an environment that is familiar to him.

cat stroller

10 Factors to Consider When Getting a Cat Stroller

Before you think about the color or print of your cat’s stroller, be sure the following factors are already taken into account. Doing so allows you to reach a reference point so you can make a clever decision about which cat stroller is the best choice for you and your feline companion.

1. Size

Size is a crucial factor that contributes to the overall comfort of the cat stroller. So, are you getting a stroller for a full-grown cat or a growing kitten? Regardless, the best course of action is to choose a stroller based on your cat’s full-grown size; rather than starting with a small stroller and going through the process of buying larger strollers as your cat grows. If you have an adult cat, be sure it is big enough for him to stand up and move around in. More wriggle room is better than less. You don’t want your feline companion to feel too restricted.

2. Weight restriction

Determine how much weight a cat stroller can manage. Select a model with a heavy-duty frame that can easily hold the brunt of your cat. Take note that cats tend to gain weight as they age. So, it is wise to opt for a stroller that can sustain more weight than you currently need.

3. Function

Select a cat stroller that will suit your lifestyle and perform the tasks you need it to do.

All-terrain stroller

An all-terrain cat stroller is a very fitting choice should you plan on using the stroller for various surfaces. Yes, this type of cat stroller is not limited to asphalt and concrete pathways. It uses large, heavy-duty wheels that can withstand little bumps along the road. Its major selling point is its incredible suspension system that keeps your kitty cat from tottering as you walk through gravel.

An all-terrain stroller is also a cinch to maneuver whether you walk on a carpet of grass, a dreggy hiking trail, or whatnot. It also offers other handy features, including a storage compartment so you can pack away a water dish, some food, toys, and other pet essentials.

Double stroller

It is worthwhile to consider the number of cats you will be strolling with. A double pet stroller is ideal if you have two feline companions. Usually, it accommodates two cats but if yours are tiny, you may even accommodate three. Some models look similar to a double baby carriage. Side by side compartments are a more fitting choice if your cats don’t always get along well with each other.

4. Durability

You want your cat stroller to last as many years as possible. Buying strollers in frequent intervals costs an arm and a leg. It also forces your cat to make adjustments each time you buy a stroller. So, opt for a model that is made with high-quality materials. This is especially true if you want your cat to tag along while you execute your daily exercise regimen. Less expensive models are often made with inferior materials that compromise your whiskery friend’s safety.

It may seem enticing to settle on a cheap stroller, particularly if you only want to use it to promenade your pompous cat in the park. But you could end up dragging your cat and a piece of broken equipment all the way back home. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a high-quality stroller that is built well for any situation.

5. Safety features

Anxious cats often jump out of the stroller, especially during an inevitable confrontation with other pets. So, avoid open models that could lead to an opportunity for your cat to escape. The stroller has to have a mesh cover to erect a barrier against passersby. It also doubles as protection against pesky insects.

Moreover, select a model that features a leash and seat belt system to keep your feline companion in place and far from harm’s reach. You should also consider your environment. If you live in a humid area, be sure your cat’s stroller has a proper air ventilation system to keep him cool. Also, a cat stroller made with a waterproof material is important.

6. Comfort

Select an option that makes your pampered feline snug as a bug. There are several models that exhibit ultra-soft cushioning for your pet’s tooshie. It is also a good idea to add in a blanket to keep your kitty cat feeling toasty on a cold morning.

7. Handle height

A cat stroller should enable you and your whiskery friend to spend fun moments together, rather than cause you back pain or numbness. Hence, the handle height of the stroller should also be taken into account. Select a model that exhibits a high handle height that allows you to stand upright, eliminating the need for stopping over. The better if the handle is padded.

8. Wheel options

The type of terrain you will be frequently walking on determines what kind of wheels you should be looking for in a cat stroller. In most cases, a four-wheel configuration of large inflatable tires is ideal. It allows you to effortlessly glide your cat’s stroller on smooth pathways, muddy hiking trails, or choppy roads.

9. Ease of cleaning

A stroller made with a waterproof or water-resistant fabric is much easier to maintain. You just have to wipe out dirt or pet hair using a damp cloth. The better if the stroller consists of detachable pieces that you can easily toss in the washing machine.

10. Storage

Your cat’s stroller has to have a separate compartment for storage so you can pack away food, a bottle of water, towels, etc. Some models exhibit higher seating areas to expand the storage compartment underneath. If your house does not have an extra room for a cat stroller sticking around in a corner, you might as well choose a collapsible model.

10 Best Cat Strollers

Sifting through hundreds of cat strollers is a time-consuming task that could only give you a headache! For your benefit, we narrowed it down to 10 of the best cat-approved strollers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my cat need a stroller?

You don’t have to wait for your cat to get sick in order to buy him his first stroller.

A cat stroller is a handy piece of equipment during vet trips, as it eliminates the need for coaxing your clever cat into the vet’s clinic.

It provides your cat with the outdoor diversion he needs without you worrying that he might wrap himself on someone’s leg or bump into aggressive animals.

What size pet stroller does my cat need?

If you have a kitten, the best course of action is to choose a pet stroller that allows sufficient room for growth. You can anticipate your cat’s adult size by researching the standard height measurements of your cat’s breed.

If you already have a sure-footed cat, measure his height by placing the end of a measuring tape on the ground and bring the other end up to the top of your cat’s head.

Which is better: a cat stroller or a pet carrier?

A cat stroller and a pet carrier are both are employed for various activities in different circumstances. But in many cases, cat owners prefer pushing their pet in a stroller for long distances, rather than tire their arms or backs carrying their cat via a carrier.

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