Can Humans Get Worms From Dogs?

Humans and dogs are made to live with each other from a very long time and they are living so perfectly. Though dogs can’t talk our language, they understand us perfectly. Though we love our pets like a family, whenever they get infected by some disease, it’s usual for people to get a question on their own safety. Parasite infection is one of the most common issues our pet animals face in their lifetime. When they get infected by such warms, instead of showing a hesitant approach to show your usual love on the dogs, it’s better to ask out your question and taking the precaution prior to the infection.

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Can Humans Get Worms From Dogs

Yes, people can get worms from the dog. And not just from dogs also from other pet animals. The diseases which transmit to humans from animals are also called “Zoonotic Diseases” and many parasites are zoonotic which are present in dogs. So it means worms from a dog can infect you as well.When worms enter into your body since it is in the unfamiliar body and can land up at any place in your body resulting in illness.

Types Of Worms That Can Be Transmitted From Dogs

Humans can get infected with worms found in dogs or any other animal. These worms can enter your body in many ways, and the potential infection totally depends on the type of worm you are infected by. In the United States of America every year thousands of people get infected with roundworms and other types.


Roundworms are one of the most common types of worm present in dogs. These worms normally present in puppies. The infected puppy will continuously shed the roundworm eggs. When a puppy licks his butt and then licks you, the contamination of roundworm begins. You cannot see it from your naked eyes, but they will enter into your body as you touch your mouth by your hand which is infected by the roundworm. Little kids can also get it from infected dog poop. Roundworm enters your body, and it grows in your intestine causing an intestine blockage. Normally the infected person will see long, spaghetti-like parasite in their stools.



Hookworms enter the human body through the skin when walking on the contaminated soil barefooted. Once the parasite enters your body, you will see a rash with irresistible itching from the place where it has entered. Hookworms should not be taken lightly; they can make you seriously ill. It will cause diarrhea, weight loss, and anemia once the parasite has found live in your body.


Getting infected by tapeworm is rare as compared to roundworm and hookworm. You can get infected by tapeworm if you accidentally swallowed or ate an infected flea. Flea is carriers of tapeworm; they infect other animals and humans. Normally tapeworm can be several inches long. The treatment is simple, and if done on time it can be cured easily

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Symptoms Of Worms In Humans

There are many symptoms to see whether you are infected or not by dog worms. Normally the symptoms are common in all type of worm infections.

  • Most of the time you will see a worm in your stool, it will look pretty nasty, scary and gross beyond your imagination. If you see worms in your stool then, believe me, it’s time to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Roundworm normally looks like spaghetti, and they will seem four-five inches long.
  • You will feel itchy skin accompanied by a bearable pain from part of the body where the parasite took an entry to your body. This is a common symptom of infection from hookworm.It can cause you pain and very itchy skin. Sometimes it will also give you skin infection. So if you have never seen these symptoms on your skin before and you are surrounded by pets then visit the doctor immediately before it’s too late.
  • Diarrhea and weight loss are also the very common symptoms when dog worms enter into your body. If the person get infected by the worm, then he/she might suffer from diarrhea caused by worms, especially by hookworms. It will further damage your health resulting in weight loss. If you see abnormal diarrhea and weight loss, then you must check yourself for the dog worms.

How To Prevent The Worm/Parasite Infection From Your Dog?

Get Your Dog Dewormed Regularly

Dogs and puppies are the main sources of these worms, so it is important that you take them to vet regularly. Dogs are most likely to get infected by worms in their early days.They should be dewormed every two weeks from the age of one month to four months. They should be regularly checked during the last deworming period. And even in the future, you should check them regularly, deworming is not like giving a vaccine; it will not immune your dog. This process should be done at least once in a year even if for the grownups. In case of tapeworms,  at is infected by fleas, you should be strict in flea control.


Practice A Good Hygiene With Your Dog Stuffs

Always practice a clean personal hygiene and also when cleaning your dog or emptying your dog’s litter pan. It’s good and recommended to use gloves. Use good disinfectant also; it will kill the eggs. Also, dispose the poop in the dustbin or down in the toilet.

Stop Feeding Your Dog With Raw Meat

Never fed your pet raw meat. Raw meat might contain eggs, and it may develop life in your pet, and it can start a cycle of contagious infection in your home.

Teach The Hygiene To Your Kids As Well

Kids are most vulnerable to get the worms, teach them to wash their hands every time after they are done playing with the pet. It is also important to teach your kids not to kiss the dog on the mouth when they are infected. Do not let your kids walk to the place where your dog poops because even after you clean the poop, the eggs will not be destroyed completely.

Keep The Environment Always Clean

The most basic way to keep yourself and your pets away from this infection is to maintain good hygiene, keep your environment clean and control rodent.  When your dog is infected keep yourself clean by washing your hand after petting him and also don’t allow him to sleep in your bed when he is infected with worms.

So moral of the story, Keep Your Dog Clean and Yourself Cleaner.


I hope, we answered your question “can people get worms from dogs?”. If you feel that not all of the questions are answered, you can ask us right away in the comment section.We promise a quick researched answer in a short time.


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