Best Mouse Cages The Ideal Cage for your Mice Pet

Many people dream of owning mice as their pets, but they are afraid because they are a lot smaller than other rodents. Mice are cute furry little creatures that would provide great company if well taken care of. Like other rodents, mice require cages that are spacious because they love climbing and running around and it should also be easily accessible because it’s important to keep it clean. Unlike the bigger rodents, however, mice can easily squeeze through even the smallest of spaces and therefore need cages that have very narrow spaces between the bars. After doing some research on the pet cages that are available in the market, we have come up with the ones we believe are the best.

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Features to Consider when Choosing a Cage for Your Pet Mouse


Since mice prefer to live in groups, they need ample space that will allow them to move freely about. A pair of females may not require as much space as the males since they are smaller and enjoy each other’s company more than male mice. The number of your pet mice will also determine the size of the cage that you’ll choose. More mice means you need to pick a larger cage. Ensure that the cage is narrowly spaced between the bars since mice can easily squeeze themselves through small spaces.

Available Space

Sometimes you may not have enough space for a large cage. Fortunately, mice are excellent climbers, and therefore you can get a tall cage which is partitioned vertically and connected with ramps or ladders.

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Cages vary in price depending on the type and quality and while we advise you to go for the best you also need to consider if you can afford the cage. In this case, wire cages are cheaper compared to glass tanks. The most important thing is that your pet is comfortable and there are several ways you can make that possible even with the cheaper cages.

Presence of other Pets

Some pets such as cats do not get along well with mice. If you have other pets around the house, you need to make sure that they cannot reach the mice. This can be done by getting a solid cage that will not allow the other pets to have access to the mice.


It is essential that you interact with your pet mouse regularly to strengthen the bond between the two of you. The cage should allow you easy access to feed and play with your mouse at any time without having to take it out of the cage. The cage should also be easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance.

Avoid fully cleaning or disinfecting the cage since mice need to mark their territories. Leave behind some of their litter to ensure that their scent remains. A thorough cleaning should only be done occasionally to prevent the cage from becoming too dirty.


Exercise and play are essential for mice as it is a good way to keep them occupied. Mice seem to enjoy running on wheels, hence you need to make sure that the cage can accommodate the wheel comfortably and still leave ample space for the mice. You can also improvise tunnels by using household items such as tubes from toilet paper or plastic pipes. There are a lot of videos on the internet showing you how you can easily use available objects to make exercise toys for your pet.

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Types of Mice Cages

Wire Cages

These are the most common cages among pet owners since they are valued at a lower price and have excellent ventilation. Wire cages also allow mice to climb on the sides and enable you to interact with them while they are still inside the cage.

Glass Tanks

These cages are easy to clean and do not provide an opportunity for the mice to escape. They are best for homes with other pets since they do not allow access into the cages by other animals. You can however easily access the mice from the top of the cage.

Some cages come fully integrated with all the necessities that a cage requires including tunnels, water bottles, and more. They can be quite costly but will make your work easier at the end of the day.

Top 5 Best Mouse Pet Cages

Bottom Line

It shouldn’t be hard for you to choose from one of these cages. You can go for the one that you can afford or which you think is best suited for your furry friend. As you shop, you should consider the number of mice you want to keep as well as how often you want to interact with your pet. We hope that you and your pet will have a strong bond made even stronger by a good cage.


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