Best Dog Ear Cleaner

Best Dog Ear Cleaner

Among the vitally necessary aspects of canine grooming is ear cleaning. Unfortunately, a majority of dog owners tend to overlook this necessity. It isn’t imperative that you keep on digging out wax buildup from Doggo’s ears day in or day out, but ear cleaning should be performed frequently, especially if your dog is prone to getting otitis externa or inflammation of the external ear.

The warm, dark, and complex structure of our dogs' ear is a good collecting mechanism for grime, dirt, debris as well as an ideal breeding ground for parasites and microorganisms that are simply imperceptible to our sight. Although it's true that some breeds have drooping auditory panels by nature, this, however, does not guarantee as a line of defense against a host of ear irritants. Surely, a drooping ear may cover the inner structure but the fact remains that dogs have a knack for getting themselves downright dirty, especially when they are outdoors. They love to infest your yard with tunnels, chase anything that moves, and roll in the muck for no sensible reason. Fortunately, cleaning your dog's ear is no longer a tedious task especially with a dog cleaner at hand.

ZYMOX Otic Enzymatic Solution (with Hydrocortisone)
Vet Organics EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner Infection Formula
Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner
Petpost Ear Cleaner – Natural Coconut Oil Solution

What are Dog Ear Cleaners?

While we need earwax candles or cotton buds to clean our ears, our canine companions need a specially formulated solution to clean theirs. A dog ear cleaner is basically a solution infused with certain ingredients containing antiseptic or disinfectant properties, or a combination of both. There are currently two types of dog ear cleaners: otic wipes and otic drops.

Otic wipes, on one hand, is very similar to wet wipes. The solution is imbued with the super soft cotton and hence used to wipe against the inner walls of your dog's external ear. However, otic wipes can only address the outermost parts of your dog's ear. If you want a more deep-seated cleaning, these are not the cleaners of choice.

Otic drops, on the other hand, resemble eye drops. The concept is to instill a few drops of the dog cleanser into your dog's ear canal, gently massage your dog's ear base to distribute the liquid, and leave it on for a few seconds so it reaches the inner ear structures to loosen grime, debris, wax buildup, and other minute substances that may have cleaved against the walls of the ear canal. Thus, optic drops are highly recommended for their deep-cleaning abilities. Such is especially beneficial for dogs who already have ear infections since it eliminates any debris that may worsen the infection.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Dog Ear Cleaner


Don’t buy a dog ear cleaner without doing any meticulous research beforehand. The product your friend recommends may not be ideal for your dog. Know that the wrong choice of dog cleaner can cause more harm than good for your furry buddy. So, always check the label and know the nitty gritty of the product so you'll know what it is made of. Take note that a plethora of ear cleaners aren't made with dogs in mind. Instead of the primary purpose of providing your furry buddy relief, such products are only up on for sale for the sole purpose of money-making.

An ideal dog ear cleaner should not contain the following:

Preservatives - Preservatives lengthen the shelf-life of ear cleaners, but such can cause allergic reactions, especially for dogs with pre-existing skin irritations.

Drying agents - Drying agents are usually alcohol, chlorothymol, or menthol that are added to the formula to help minimize moisture in dogs' ears. However, some dogs exhibit negative reactions to these drying agents, and hence they are best avoided.

Artificial fragrance - "Fragrance" is merely a moniker for "chemicals". Since companies do not disclose the ingredients they use to create fragrances, there is no way to determine its safety.


Many ear cleaners have a multi-purpose formula, which can be used in the prevention or treatment of several infections. Meanwhile, some are specially formulated to address one type of infection only. These cleaners vary in costs according to how their formula is mainly used for.

Top 5 Dog Ear Cleaners In 2018


Making your own dog ear cleaner using the recipes you find on the Internet is certainly a lot cheaper, but are you sure it has no side effects? It may not be safe, so don't go down this route. Instead, invest in the right dog ear cleaner. Your dog should be given the proper care and hygiene he deserves, and that means the best products to use.

We highly recommend the Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment from Pet King Brands, especially because it is approved by veterinarians and satisfied dog owners. But if you prefer an all-natural product, then we recommend the Vet Organics EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner Infection Formula, which ranks second on our list. Both products are all-in-one solutions, and each has showcased their effective properties at cleaning and deodorizing dog ears; treating bacterial and fungal infections, and preventing the reoccurrence of such.

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