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A chameleon is not one of those common pets that people have. At the same time, it is not a difficult pet as long as you have some experience or do proper research beforehand. If you want to have them as yours, the first important thing is to take care of their habitat, so that your pet can easily adapt to its new life.

Pet cages for chameleons need to be a little elaborate. It must also have proper humidity and with a lot of greenery for a healthy and happy existence of your pet chameleon. A better habitat can keep your pet active.

A chameleon pet cage is a huge terrarium. It is always better in terms of temperature if the cage is made out of glass. And as far as the dimensions are concerned, the bigger, the better.

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How to Buy the Best Cage for Your Pet Chameleon?

While buying a chameleon cage, you will have to consider many different aspects so as to choose the best chameleon cage for your dearest pet. While there are many to pick from, the following are the factors that must be considered and cannot be missed.


As already mentioned, the bigger the cage is, the better it is. Since chameleons are arboreal, meaning they live on trees and plants, the cage must have a lot of room for foliage and for your pet chameleon to move around, play, and explore. When talking about the size, also make sure you have enough space to accommodate the cage in a place with the appropriate temperature and natural lighting. It is better if this room is not a frequently used room. So, make sure the cage you buy has enough room for your pet, and that it is placed in a room with quiet ambiance.

Temperature and Humidity

Some chameleons prefer their atmosphere to be more humid than others. Their needs depend on and vary according to each variety. Generally, the ideal humidity level lies somewhere between 50-70%, but again, it depends on the species.

Always maintain the temperature of the room according to the chameleon by adjusting them accordingly since this is very important for the wellbeing of your pet chameleon. The average chameleon requires a daytime temperature range from about 77-87° F, and a night temperature of 65-75 °F. It is always advisable to have a thermometer and humidity gauge handy. In case you sense a rise or fall in the temperature, you can always verify using these. Sometimes, in order to maintain the ideal temperature, you may need to fix extra lighting or keep spraying water to balance the humidity.

The right type of tree can also contribute to a perfect temperature. Hence when you buy a cage, you will have to check if the cage is made of glass or mesh to maintain the appropriate temperature.


Lighting is another important aspect to be looked into because it provides not just light but also helps in the adjustment of the temperature to keep your pet chameleon comfortable and healthy. The lighting must provide enough heat to reach the ideal temperature for the chameleon and at the same time, the foliage in the cage must remain unaffected. Heat-emitting bulbs and basking bulbs are good choices.

Since the pet is largely kept indoors, it is not exposed to ultraviolet B rays as much as it needs to be – to produce the required Vitamin D for the body. Lack of exposure to Ultraviolet rays may lead to a lot of diseases in your pet chameleon and can affect their bones in particular. Finding bulbs that emit Ultraviolet B rays is a good way for your pet to obtain the rays.

Some species of chameleon may need lighting up to as long as twelve hours every day. In case of lack of lighting during the day, they may need lighting even at night to regulate their temperature. There are many types of bulbs available that have the bulb part protected so that it is less prone to breakage. Also, realizing the importance of the lighting, it is always imperative to keep a spare bulb handy. The cage that you buy may already contain lighting. If not, you may want to add your own lighting. Make sure there are adequate provisions to fit the light.

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Accommodation of Plants

One must be very careful with the plants that are placed inside the terrarium or the chameleon cage. Your pet chameleon is prone to eating them, and so are the bugs that you feed your pet chameleon with. Hence, it is desirable to place plants that are non-toxic in the cage. You may need to repot some plants once you buy them. The plants too must be taken care of well since they are vital for your pets.

They must be monitored consistently to check if the roots are coming out of the soil. If yes, then repotting needs to be done. The cage must be spacious enough to accommodate the plants and their huge roots. It must be sturdy enough to support the pots. When the cage needs to be moved, you must be able to do so without disturbing the plants.

Resistance to Rust

We know the importance of the perfect temperature for the healthy living of the pet chameleon. In places that have low humidity, you may have to mist water occasionally to maintain the proper humidity and temperature. Further, the foliage within the cage needs to be watered. An ideal method would be to attach a source of water permanently. A dripper will be a perfect choice. It will keep the plants in the cage well-irrigated and your pet well-hydrated. Hence, the cage is always exposed to water. This increases the chances of rust. The cage must be resistant to rust. Also, make sure if there are provisions to fit a dripper easily.

The factors that are listed above play an important role in having a chameleon as a pet. Hence, while buying a cage for your pet, all the above must be taken into consideration. Based on the products available in the market, here is a list of chameleon cages that are considered to be the best.

Top 5 Best Chameleon Cages

Final Words

The above suggestions are based on our opinions and researches. Based on your pet's activities and needs, you can choose the best from the wide range of products available in the market. However, it is very important that you consider the factors listed above while choosing to make the cage a house that your pet will love and cherish.

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