11 Best Backpacks & Carriers for Cats

Did you know cats love to tag along with their owners for an adventure? Sadly, many cat owners fail to realize this truth. True, cats seem to be perfectly content with spending most of their time lounging on a carton box or surveying their self-claimed kingdom. But if given the chance, our feline companions would also love to promenade in the park!

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Taking your little Tomcat out for a stroll has its benefits, too. Cats are curious and ever ready for adventure! Strolling your cat also keeps him from getting bored so he won’t scratch your sofa or duel your dog.

However, cats are too proud to be fettered and hence, a leash alone is often impractical. Think of your cat as a mini modern day sabre-toothed tiger. Fortunately, there is an innovative way to bring your cat with you. Introducing, the cat bubble backpack.

Best Cat Backpack Carrier Reviews

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bubble Backpack

1. Size

The importance of choosing the right size for your cat’s bubble backpack can’t be stressed enough. Choose one that is too small and your cat will be cramped inside. Choose another that is too large and your cat won’t be able to sneak into the transparent window, which defeats the purpose of buying a bubble backpack in the first place.

To find the right size, you need to measure how big and heavy your cat is. Cats vary in size as they vary in the breed. Second, you need to consider your cat’s personality. If your cat is too squirmy, his bubble backpack should have extra wriggle room.

A majority of cat backpacks are designed for regular-sized cats up to 12 pounds. So, if you own a large breed, delve into the product details and ask if there are bigger sizes available.

2. Comfort for Your Cat

Lack of airflow causes your cat discomfort. Opt for a bubble backpack that exhibits enough ventilation holes so your cat can constantly sniff fresh air. With proper ventilation, your cat won’t fall victim to overheating during hot temperatures.

Also, don’t forget to check the backpack’s base pad. While it provides soft cushioning, it should also be solid. Otherwise, it will eventually bend or curve due to your cat’s weight.

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3. Comfort for You

Carrying the brunt of your cat will eventually strain your shoulders and hence, causing you to wear out easily. To enjoy that long trek near the lake or a quick leisure walk in the park, choose a bubble backpack that features a pair of wide and well-padded shoulder straps.

4. Functionality

You simply can’t go out empty-handed. Choose a bubble backpack that offers additional storage space to tuck in pet essentials and personal belongings during your trip.

In addition, consider the type of activities you need the backpack for. Is it for traveling, hiking, cycling, or overnight camping? There are backpacks with styles that won’t suit some activities.

You also need to decide how you wish to carry your dog. You can choose between rear-facing, forward-facing, or both.

5. Durability and Safety

A bag that could be clawed open by your cat increases the likelihood of him escaping. You don’t want this to happen especially if you are out on a forest. Therefore, choose a backpack made only with high-quality materials. A solid backpack may also carry a heavier price tag but rest assured it will retain its shape even after years of abuse.

If you have a dedicated escape artist for a cat, opt for a backpack that exhibits safety connectors where you can attach his harness. This feature ensures an extra level of safety when opening the backpack.

6. Ease of Use and Cleaning

Putting your cat inside and outside the backpack should be a cinch unless you want him to hate his backpack with passion. The bubble backpack should have an entry point that is wide enough for your cat. Likewise, the backpack should be easy to maintain. cat sitting in backpack

Benefits of a Bubble Backpack

Convenient and Easy to Use

Unlike strollers or leashes, a bubble backpack is much more convenient for you. Instead of straining one part of your body, which regular carriers do, a backpack evenly distributes the weight of your pet on both shoulders. Plus, it provides freedom of movement as your hands are free.

Provides Your Cat with a Better View

Your cat will surely look forward to the bubble dome! Not because he will look like an astronaut in a space capsule (which is no doubt amusing for you) but because it provides him with a crisp view of his surroundings that regular mesh bags don’t. Since your cat is about the same height as your back, he can also enjoy a much bigger picture of the world around him.

Safe and Secure

Unlike regular handheld carriers and strollers, a backpack won’t move a lot. It won’t swing or jerk around each time you take a step. So even if you are walking on a rocky road or a steep hill, your cat will enjoy a safe and easy trip.


If you think putting your cat in a backpack is cool, wait till your friends see your cat bobbing along inside his space capsule! The bubble backpack will surely make you the talk of the town after people see how adorable your cat is inside such a quirky-looking carrier.

Tips to Make Your Cat Love the New Backpack

  • Some cats can be really stubborn. The following are tips to help you pique his interest!
  • Cats are extremely cautious and hence, you need to acclimate your cat to this new strange object. Put treats inside the backpack so he can further speculate.
  • Don’t keep the backpack closed for long during your first attempt. Take your cat for short walks and from then on, gradually increase the duration.

Always put the backpack on display and tuck in familiar items such as your cat’s favorite toys and treats.


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