Best Air Purifier for Pets: Nothing to Sneeze At

Pet hair, dander, and stinky smells top the list of problems associated with pet ownership. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, pet owners often suffer allergies because pets, dogs in particular, are a good host for dust and pollen. Likewise, our furry pals produce multiple proteins in their hair and saliva that can trigger allergies. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop us from loving our pets, especially when there is an effective solution to our problem. I am not referring to your broom and dustpan combo. It is not enough to keep tumbleweeds of fur from rolling across the floor. Your mighty Dyson alone won’t suffice. Air fresheners won’t do either, as they only mask the smell. The solution? A good quality air purifier… for pets!

best air purifier for pets

Air purifiers for pets eliminate allergens, dust, odors, and other impurities from your home so you can breathe in clean fresh air day after day. Most importantly, it keeps allergies at bay. So, we will share with you 10 of the best products that offer excellent air cleaning capacity. If these air purifiers don’t clean the air, we suggest you invest in a gas mask!

What to Look For in an Air Purifier

The following are essential factors to look out for so you can find the best air purifier for your needs.



A pre-filter is designed to capture large particles from the air ahead of other filters. These include insects and hair. The main advantage of having a pre-filter is that it increases the longevity of the more expensive HEPA filter by preventing clogging and dust coating.

Activated Carbon Filter

Choose a unit with an activated carbon filter if bad odors are among your concerns. It is the only type of filter that has the ability to absorb a potpourri of smells caused by your pets or your kitchen. Even a HEPA filter doesn’t have this capability. Thus, be on the lookout for this type of filter. It is characterized by a chalky texture and is black in color.

HEPA Filter

The third and most important filter is the HEPA filter, which is manufactured and certified in accordance with the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) standards. This filter is designed to trap minute particles that are floating in the air such as pollen, dust, dander, and mildew. These impurities can’t be released back into the air once they are collected. Therefore, running an air purifier like this 24 hours a day ensures you will have an allergy-free home.

An air purifier with a True HEPA filter, however, is much better than a unit with a regular HEPA filtering system. The True HEPA filter is the highest standard of air purification, as it captures microscopic particles that are up to .3 microns in size.


Some units use UV-C light to sanitize the air from harmful microorganisms. UV-C stands for “ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.” This technology has been used for sterilizing medical equipment long before it has been applied to air purifiers.

Maximum Coverage

The unit’s square footage rating is a crucial factor to consider. If your room measures 200 sq. feet, get an air purifier with a rating that is above this number. Otherwise, some areas will not be purified as thoroughly as the areas adjacent to the unit. As expected, an air purifier with a high square footage rating is ideal for bigger rooms. It is also suitable for houses with limited airflow or having a high pollution level. Another benefit of a high coverage unit is that it works in multiple rooms as long as the floor plan layout is open. Likewise, it is quite handy when you need to clean an area quickly, like when your mom’s cooking escapes the kitchen’s exhaust hood.

Design and User Experience

You need an air purifier that won’t take up a chunk of space in your room. Setup should be a breeze and its control panel should be user-friendly. The better if the unit has rolling casters or a carrying handle so you can take it from one room to another. It is also nice to have a remote control. Although it isn’t absolutely necessary, it does give the user added convenience.

pet air purifier.

Fan Speed

Multiple fan speeds lend flexibility and control so you achieve the cleanest air possible.

CADR Rating

CADR stands for the Clean Air Delivery Rate. It is a metric that was formulated as a method for measuring the performance of air purifiers. The CADR of a particular unit reflects the volume of air it is capable of purifying within a specific room size. It is measured in cubic feet per minute. Basically, the higher the CADR number of an air purifier, the more clean air it delivers. The highest CADR is 450.

Smart Features

Automatic Operating Mode

Cutting-edge air purifiers are equipped with Smart Sensors that gauge the air quality of your room and will automatically adjust the fan speed to achieve optimal air quality. Likewise, it will turn off automatically after running a few hours if you set it to. This feature makes the unit more expensive, but it is nice to have an air purifier that will shut itself off when you leave for work.

Service Indicator

A service indicator alerts you when the air purifier needs a filter replacement. Depending on the model, it gives a sound signal, an indicator light, or a notification on the LCD display.

Noise Level

Unless you love the whirring sound of a motor engine, choose a unit that is calibrated to operate at a much quieter level. We suggest that you get a larger unit and run it on a low speed rather than crank up a smaller unit.

Overall Cost

Consider the maintenance cost along with the upfront price of the unit if you are keen on a budget. If pet hair and stinky odors are your main concerns, you may want to skip the more expensive units with a HEPA filter. But if you want the freshest and cleanest air possible to avoid allergies, opt for an air purifier with three filtering systems including a True HEPA filter.

10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets


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