7 Best Dog Breeds for Men

Some of the best moments spent in a man’s life can be with his dog. These creatures have been called man’s best friend for centuries because of the compassion and loyalty they show in regard to their owner. Dogs are a great symbol of responsibility and protection within the home and generally make life go by easier. If you're a single man or if you’re a father looking to introduce your son to their first canine companion, then look no further than our list below for some great companions to get you started as a dog lover. From dogs that love the outdoors to pooches that will just want to sit indoors with you while you read a book with; we have 7 great suggestions for every type of man.

Top 7 Best Dog Breeds for Men

1. Basset Hound

Basset Hound

This sporty dog is great for men who love the outdoors and take part in hunting sports. This breed of dog has long been hailed for its ability to fetch ducks or other small prey during hunting trips. This breed also has an extra sensitive nose that can pick up and easily follow a scent that has been given to them. This accompanied with their powerful bark makes them an amazing hunting buddy that won’t fight you for a shot at a prized buck.


  • They get lonely easily and enjoy company of other dogs because they were bred to hunt in packs
  • Can live up to 10-14 years
  • Their name, Basset, refers to how low to the ground they are due to their short legs

If you find yourself in the market for a Basset Hound, be sure to take into account the amount of time you can spend at home with your dog. Due to the above-mentioned pack mentality, this breed may not do well with an owner that works long hours or likes to stay out late with friends. If you have a lot of time to spend with your dog and need a new hunting buddy, then this just might be the breed for you.

2. Bulldog


This hardy breed of dog has always been painted in media with a masculine image. Bulldogs are often portrayed as a muscle counterpart that ferociously protects that home they’ve been brought into to guard. While this breed may not turn out to be the mean dogs they are pictured as in media, they certainly can live up to the hype. This breed makes a great guard dog as well as a great support system. This dog also falls more into a medium-sized range, making an indoor living as well as outdoor living an easy possibility.


  • Can live up to 8-10 years
  • Is an easygoing dog that likes to lounge
  • Are overall athletic dogs and have naturally strong muscles
  • Are prone to overheating

If you are looking for a more relaxed pet, this dog is a great pick but for those of us who are more athletic, however, the Bulldogs lounging might prove to be a bit much. The dog also will need a shaded yard or to live indoors during the summer heat in order to stay healthy and cool. This dog may have some trouble if you need an outside dog but you have a barren backyard that he can’t easily find shelter in.


3. Dalmatian


The Dalmatian is a hardy breed of dog generally pictured in heroic roles alongside firefighters. This breed is known for being top notch at rescue, along with being the face of fire safety in many places around the world. When the breed isn’t trying to save lives or put out a fire they make great at-home companions to keep you company. This dog is easy to recognize by just about anyone due to the speckled pattern across their bodies.


  • Are very intelligent and independent
  • They don't shed much
  • Are very energetic and require lots of space, not for indoors
  • They get lonely easily and require love and attention

Dalmatians are great if you're a neat freak and prefer a breed that won’t get hair all over your clothes before work. This dog, however, is prone to loneliness which can lead to depression if not given adequate attention and love. This may cause problems for the breed if you want a couch potato or a more independent pet. If you like snuggling and don’t mind spending time outdoors then this dog will make a great pet for you.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever


Golden Retrievers have long been a classic family companion popularized in the media. These dogs are easy to train and extremely loyal to their owners. This dog makes for an amazing starter pet for most young boys and is a great companion to grow up with throughout life. These dogs are extremely well tempered towards people and have a lot of patience as you teach your son how to properly handle him. On top of that, these dogs love to play and have even been known to enjoy going swimming with their owners at times.


  • Has a double layered coat that is waterproof
  • Can live up to 10-12 years
  • Their name, Retriever, comes from the fact that the breed is good for retrieving animals when hunting, it also makes them good dogs to play fetch with

This dog is another good pick for the hunters out there due to their ability to easily retrieve prey. Golden Retrievers make both great indoor and outdoor dogs, making them fit in with most types of homes. They also fall into the medium-sized category of dog and can adapt to apartment living if trained properly.

5. Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier

This tiny breed of dog may be looked over due to the small nature of its size but we promise you it has earned a place on this list. These cute companions may surprise you with their bite and are perfect for any man living in a constricted space. They are also relatively easy to care for and won’t run up a huge food bill if you have lower funds while building up your life. Best of all these dogs are known for playing dress up and look dapper with a flannel shirt. This dog also doubles as a great wingman when you're out at the park thanks to their small appearance, coupled with their adorable look.


  • Can live up to 12-15 years
  • They are hard-working dogs and are sometimes a little too hard-headed
  • They are very territorial and usually only bond with one or two people but are still considered good family dogs

These dogs may be a little hard to teach the most trick to them but that makes them an even more challenging pet for someone looking for a dog with spunk. These dogs will also be less inviting of strangers as they generally will only bond with you or others in your home; because of this, Scottish Terriers make amazing alert dogs.

6. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is the perfect excuse for a man to have a big fluffy dog in their home without ever worrying of judgment. These hardy dogs are bred to withstand cold conditions and even have a sport associated with their breed. They are strong, independent, and bond to their owners in a way that most other breeds don’t even come close to. While this dog may not be the best pet to choose for your son due to their independent nature, they make a great companion for a teenager or an adult who can keep on top of the canine’s antics. If you can get past their wild faze, then you might just find this may be the perfect dog for you if you enjoy doing things your own way in life.


  • Can live up to 12-15 years
  • They are very energetic and athletic and require lots of exercise
  • Huskies are very observant and can detect many subtle changes in a person’s body language.

While a Siberian Husky can be a little hard to control at first, they are great companions after you overcome the training hurdle. These dogs are wonderful once bonded to you and can help in emotional struggles thanks to their heightened senses. Be prepared for a workout though as Huskies are known for being overly energetic and require lots of exercise.

7. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are sleek, athletic dogs that are credited for their amazing ability to guard homes and property. These dogs are often depicted with men of power in media and are shown to have a sort of dark elegance attached to their character. While these dogs actually turn out to be severely more playful than their on-screen counterparts, they are great for an energetic owner. This dog breed comes packed with ample amounts of energy and won’t mind going with you in your neighborhood for a work out every morning.


  • Can live 10-13 years
  • They were originally bred in Germany to be guard dogs

Dobermans are very loyal and good family dogs, but they need to be treated fairly or they will become more aggressive.

While Doberman Pinschers aren’t the vicious dogs the media makes them out to be, they do have a complex thought process. Make sure to include your dog as part of your family and to make him feel valued, just like you would any good friend. If you can appreciate accepting this breed as an actual part of your family, he will be an amazing guard and companion for you to own.


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