5 Signs Your Dog Loves You

When you have a pet dog, you know how it quickly takes a spot in your heart. They may not talk or emote like other human beings. But they constantly radiate a sense of universal love and happiness. As a pet owner in your care and daily upkeep of your dog, you may miss out on these signs that shows that your dog loves you. Dogs display love in a completely different way. They are pack animals with a deep love of family and individuals.

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When a dog truly loves you, it will go across the world to find you That is the truth about a dog’s love. You could give them showers, trim their nails and brush their teeth with the assurance that they won’t hurt you in any manner. Dogs also instinctively know the important people in your life. You might be surprised to find that your pet is being natural with a close friend or a relative despite never meeting them even once. Their sensitivity to those with disabilities, with the ability to calm down autistic children or even helping visually disabled people is noteworthy. Here are some points that prove your pet’s unrivalled love and devotion for you.

1. How your dog reacts to your arrival

Dogs are social animals like wolves and they form very strong bonds of loyalty and affection in their short lives. Consider your dog’s reaction whenever you come home either in a short while or in a long while. Dogs come running to see their favorite person, with their happy tail wagging and running you around in circles. They look at you expectantly waiting to be petted and held. Once you sit they immediately put their heads on your lap and expect you to cuddle them.


2. Where your dog sleeps

Canines usually sleep in packs to conserve body heat, since sleep is a vulnerable time they sleep near those they need to guard. When a dog sleeps next to you, you can be assured that you are its most beloved person. They would sleep near your feet or near your body to provide you protection and warmth. In this way they have marked you as their own and are ready to see you as their alpha. Dogs show their love by keeping an eye out since they do understand that we don’t have their superior sense of smell or senses. This is truly one of the best points of their love for you.

3. Does your dog follow you around?

Once you are established as the alpha, and the dog acknowledges you as a part of its pack. It then tries to be a part of your day. See what your dog’s response is when you call for them; do they come by immediately or do they ignore the call? When they acknowledge you, they rush over immediately. They also follow you around the house when you are cleaning, cooking and try to be around you all the time. They are so attuned to your scent that they can automatically find you anywhere around the house.

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4. Physical cues of affection

Dogs are animals that like to play around. If your dog tries to bite you gently and pulls the object in your hand it means he is in a mood to play. The more affectionate the dog is with you, the more it will try to play and be more playful with you. They will get that playful glint in their eye and run around with the objects in your hand expecting you to follow and engage in playful tumble. Their tails will also wag whenever you call or go towards them. Their eyes will also be in constant contact with you no matter what.

5. What your dog does when food is not in the equation

Dogs take food very seriously, and they eat as much as they can. Food has almost a ritualistic importance in their lives. So, a dog will be well behaved and friendly to get treats. But, it’s what happens when there is no food. Dogs coming close and sitting next to despite you not providing any food. They are simply coming close to enjoy your company, to be right next to you. If there is any doubt if your dog cares, this point here proves beyond a doubt your dog will be there for you no matter what.



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